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What are the names of the main arteries and valves?????????REALLY NEED ANSWERS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Main arteries: Aorta (oxygenated blood from heart to body), Pulmonary Artery (DEoxygenated blood from heart to lungs). Main Valves: Tricuspid valve (separated right atrium and ventricle to ensure correct flow of blood), Bicuspid Valve( separates left atrium and ventricle), Aortic Valve( ensures blood flow from left ventricle into aorta). hey sorry only saw ur question today:P hope it helps!
Ford Capri 2.8 injection. I need to adjust the valves, so need to know how to tell if the valves are tipping and at what exact time I need to adjust them.
valve tapping what is valve tipping search yahoo answers for valve tapping i saw a resolved question about how to fix this problem
I have a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT.I just replaced the EGR Valve yesterday, and disconnected the battery to reset the code.My old valve was nasty and loaded with carbon and the valve wasnt even opening.As soon as I drove it out of my driveway with the new valve I IMMEDIATELY noticed the difference, as it was back to normal and felt like the car moved quick again without the knocking. But after about 20 miles, the light came back on [the car is still running perfect].Today I went to Autozone and had it scanned, and sure enough, code P0403 came up as EGR Valve Circuit. He cleared the code out, and I drove to a nearby store, and when I came back out and turned my car on, the code was back AGAIN.What's the problem?If you have an idea of something else that I should check, please give me an idea of where it is located.Thank you.
if your valve was carboned up then you Dp sensor is probably clogged as well and that would cause the light to come on and it would give that code. You can more than likely take it off and clean it really well with something like LPS or brake cleaner...carb cleaner would work also
hi My Dad is 65 yrs old. he is very fit and healthy. He has had heart problems as long as i remmember! he has been under care for almost 2 years now and he has had to stents put in. Now the doctor has found out that his Mitral valve is leaking. They have told him tat he needs surgery to either have the valve replaced or repaired. i like to know if anyone out there has been through this and can help ease this a little as Ia really worried!! Thank you!
Doctorspecializing in mral valve repair
My brother is 32 years old.He has an enlarged heart ,a murmur,high blood pressure and heart regurgitation.He may be having the valve replacement surgery.I was wondering if anyone has had these things wrong with them and had the valve surgery and did well afterwards.Any information would be very much appreciated.
Which valve is getting replaced (there are 4 in the heart)? Will he be getting a man made one (which will require life long blood thinners but are also very durable) or a pig valve (no need for blood thinners but won't last as long) ? Many people get valve replacements and it makes them feel wonderful afterwards.... make sure you find out about exactly the surgery he's having so you know... but I'm sure he'll be fine.
And' the valve leaks......Can the valve be unscrewed from the tank for replacement? Or can the valve be serviced with a new gasket perhaps?
If it is a regular brass valve, you will have to drain the tank first, then replace the washer in the valve with one rated to be used for hot water. You replace the washer just as in any valve by removing the bonnet and stem. there you will see the washer. You may want to clean the area of any calcium carbonate that may had developed on the seat before putting it back together. If you decide to replace the valve, it is a 3/4 inch male NPT hose bib valve rated for hot water service. Personally, I've always thought that if I ever had to change one of those valves, that I would replace ti with a good ball valve that had a threaded hose end screwed into the discharge end for better drain flow. The whimpy valves that they put on water heaters is pathetic! If you use your favorite search engine and just search for water heater drain valve, you will find all kinds of cool replacement valves!
i recently adjusted my valves on my 01 civic with a 1.7 sohc vtec motor and i did it to the specs under the hood and i didnt have them too tight or too loose on the feeler gauge and they are pretty loud are these motors just that noisy? has anyone else adjusted them to something different that works better?
1.7 SOHC VTEC? I thought that used hydraulic lifters with the small flat plates under the lobes like a subaru or the DOHC older style hondas no? Otherwise i've never adjusted those valves unless they are the same as my old engine like a 1.6 SOHV ---V for valves Where you adjust the top screw and loosen the nut then adjust with the guage. Question are you useing the manual while adjusting from Honda? You can't just take the valve cover off and start sticking the feeler guage at every spot, Do know where each piston is at and at what stroke? also don't get the adjustment wrong for EX. and IN. side because that will just mess everything up even more. Is it high mileage also? and if you know you did it right and it still sounds loud you might have a bent valve or just engine damage like piston slap or something else. I've never had to adjust the valves for that vehicle in all the years i've worked on hondas or acuras, even though they say to adjust every 100k or something we've never had one that was really loud in that model plus those engines are dirt cheap and easy to swap if any engine damage is done... But ya, the honda manual is best for step by step instructions specially when you have to check certain ones at certain piston positions and after you can learn a trick to do it even faster and you can check a few at the same time then turn the engine and check the other ones but theres not enough space to explain in detail if you don't know.... Good luck though....( and do not leave the guage under the valve while your tightening the bolt down, you will squish the guage and then your specs will be off to )
Surly Pilots don't just switch the fuel selector valve of mid flight
It is standard procedure if you are going to crash to reduce risk of fire. Also, with the type of fuel system the Piper Saratoga has, the engine will run for six minutes with the selector in the off position and cannot be selected to off accidentally.