Stainless Steel Sanitary Union

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Product Description:


Sanitary Unions 

Material: SS304L/ 316L

Standards: DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO, IDF, RIT, AS, BS, BPE

Size: usually Dn25-100 & 1"-4", et


Sanitary Union: 

Material  SS304L/ 316L


Standards  DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO, IDF, RIT, AS, BS, BPE


Sanitary Butterfly Valve


Valve Body Material: SS304 or SS316L


Valve Handle Material: SS304


Seat: Silicone, EPDM and Viton is available


Operation: Available for pull handle and gripper handle


Size: usually Dn25-100 & 1"-4", or demanded by customer


Fittings Ends: Welding Ends, Male Ends, Clamp Ends, Liner Ends and Wafer Flange


Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, RJT, 3A etc.


Working Pressure: -0.9 to 20Bar


Working Temperature: -10deg. To 150 deg.


Used Field: Food Industry, Beer Industry, Dairy Products, Drink and Pharmaceutical  etc.

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We are a specialized manufacturer of carbon/stainless steel pipe fittings and flanges. Our products include almost all pipeline products, including all material fittings, flanges, hardware and tools. Our products have been used in many industries, including chemical and petrochemical plants, nuclear power stations, paper mills, shipyards, gas processing plants, water treatment plants and others.

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