Stainless Steel Sanitary Union

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Product Description:


Sanitary Unions 

Material: SS304L/ 316L

Standards: DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO, IDF, RIT, AS, BS, BPE

Size: usually Dn25-100 & 1"-4", et


Sanitary Union: 

Material  SS304L/ 316L


Standards  DIN, SMS, 3A, ISO, IDF, RIT, AS, BS, BPE


Sanitary Butterfly Valve


Valve Body Material: SS304 or SS316L


Valve Handle Material: SS304


Seat: Silicone, EPDM and Viton is available


Operation: Available for pull handle and gripper handle


Size: usually Dn25-100 & 1"-4", or demanded by customer


Fittings Ends: Welding Ends, Male Ends, Clamp Ends, Liner Ends and Wafer Flange


Standards: DIN, SMS, ISO, IDF, RJT, 3A etc.


Working Pressure: -0.9 to 20Bar


Working Temperature: -10deg. To 150 deg.


Used Field: Food Industry, Beer Industry, Dairy Products, Drink and Pharmaceutical  etc.

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In my experience the indication is: air is leaking into the impeller side from the suction tubing. Cracked housing, no pipe dope, cracked pipe or fittings. No easy repair, just replace the pipe and fittings, taking extra care to seal all joints, and let any glued joints dry for hours before handling.
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dont use poly pipe for mainline. it will leak on you. soon and it sucks really i have seen what happens. i repair sprinkler systems for aliving. use a 1in mainline PVC pipe and lateral lines then use 1.5 inch poly pipe for the heads. no more than 2 per poly pipe. dont listen to those online designs. a professionally installed system will not include poly pipe for mainline. it just will not work properly. edit you didnt say main line or lateral line you just said poly and supply line. supply line could be your houses water line. either way the 1in and 3/4 in poly lines are crap. seen it fail. many times. just trying to help you out. for residential the best way to do it is with a 1in main line and lateral lines and use 1/2 in poly pipe no more than 2 heads to three heads max per poly line. average 5-6 rotors per zone and 8 misters per zone. maybe 10 at most.
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Sure is a pipe joint of sleeve type is applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium, sealing pipe joint, with aluminum pipe specifications are flexible, and pipeline connection, has the characteristics of reliable connection, good sealing performance, which is widely used in chemical industry, oil refining light industry, textile, metallurgy, aviation, defense, and ship system; also suitable for hydraulic transmission of various mechanical engineering, machine tools and other equipment pipeline.
Q:Can the sleeve type pipe joint be disassembled and assembled several times?
The European and American card sleeve pipe joint is a standard part, it can be disassembled and assembled many times, but it is better to check the sealing cone into the pipe, whether the inner component has the wrong face, the pipe is better to choose the new connection.
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The easiest, and least expensive method would be to use white PVC plumbing pipe and fittings. You can use flange pieces to attach to a solid wood base, and assorted connectors to create shapes. Wood dowels can be inserted into the connectors, too. PVC is easy to cut and drill. It's so inexpensive, that you can experiment. The last time I bought PVC pipe, I believe that 10' sections were less than $2. Fittings are about .25 each or less. You would need PVC glue, also.just make sure that the glue is not exposed on the finished project, and totally cured before using. The other alternative is to hang a play fixture from the ceiling, and just lay a rug underneath. Then you wouldn't need a base. edit*** one other tipYou can weight down the base of the stand by filling the pvc pipe with sand before assembly.
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Mostly your struts goes bad for over the speed bumper. For turning..its might be your axle are bad if you hear a click. $800 is a rip off right there.
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These fittings come in numerous materials and pressure ratings. You need to specify what exactly you are interested in. You can then do a web search for the information you need.
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Yes they will. Just be sure to cut the pipe very straight and ensure a good grab from the shark-bite. I have used them on 3/4 poly piping and have had good results. Good luck
We are a specialized manufacturer of carbon/stainless steel pipe fittings and flanges. Our products include almost all pipeline products, including all material fittings, flanges, hardware and tools. Our products have been used in many industries, including chemical and petrochemical plants, nuclear power stations, paper mills, shipyards, gas processing plants, water treatment plants and others.

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