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Okay, so I am getting ready to have my first clutch of ball python eggs. I am going to buy a reptipro 6000 incubator, And my question was, If you have the eggs in a sealed container with moist vermiculite or whatever hatching substrate do you still need to add water into the incubator for humidity? Or is that only for if your going to do open containers? It seems like it might help to keep temps stable I guess. But is it necessary?
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our red eared slider turtles just layed eggs, 5, one the girl ate, the others we got out and now have in vermiculite soil [sp] cause that‘s how we read to do it. BUT, one of the eggs is darker than the others. what does this mean?
1. Darker egg by itself does not mean much. Over time, the eggs should darken. 2. Signs of a bad egg are shrinking or shrivelling, and smell. As long as the egg is not doing this, incubate it. 3. Just as an FYI- if the eggs were laid in water, they are probably infertile. Also, if the eggs were turned or disturbed much the embro might have detached- a common problem when moving the very sensitive eggs. 4. Often, the first few clutches from a female are not very productive- infertile, bad, etc. This is OK- that she laid eggs at all is usually a good sign and she'll probably do it again.
i need a reptile incubator but i cant afford a proper one so i need to make one. i cant afford a fish tank or things like that but i can afford heat mats and vermiculite can u tell me how to make one thx 5 stars for the best answer :)
Any good nursery should sell it, as it is used to overwinter bulbs indoors. Check with Lowe's, Home Depot and other big box stores, which are now laying in their fall merchandise.
A salesman at Loews told me I should remove all the old fluffy insulation with a powerful shop vac and just put the new faced batt insulation in the attic. What is your experience and advice on this matter to get the most energy efficiency and drop the heating and AC bills? The house was built in the 50's and I wouldn't be surprised if the insulation is that old too. I realize this old insulation may have vermiculite or asbestos but I plan to wear a mask and goggles. Any more advice you can offer?
ver·mic·u·lite [ v?r míky? l?t ] noun Definition: a compound used in growing plants: a hydrous silicate of aluminum, magnesium, or iron. Source: altered basic rocks. Use: insulation, lubricant, growing medium in horticulture. Etimology: [Early 19th century. < Latin vermiculus little worm (see vermicular), because of the way flakes of it expand and writhe in long shapes when heated]
I‘m looking for a good medium that includes everything (peat moss, sand, vermiculite, etc.) And that can be used as a substitute for potting soil. If anyone could also find a link to a website page containing the pre-mixed medium, that would be awsome.
with a solid amp and the right box, most likely. I can set them off with my 10W7 P
What vegetables or flowers is Sage good to grow next to and why?
it depends on what type of sage you want to use. here in NV, the sage isn't very attractive, but thrives in our desert soil. sage used for herbs cooking can be grown in containers of any size or in a garden. containing the plant is sometimes better as it tends to take off like a weed when well cared for and will choke off other plants.
I had an avocado tree in a large pot. It was about 10 years old, but small since it wasn't exactly in ideal growing conditions. It also had died down several times and quot;come back to life,quot; which also kept it small. In December, it died because I went on vacation and didn't leave the heat on. A couple months ago, I decided to use the soil from the pot for something else. It isn't very good soil anymore, but what I was planting, didn't need good soil. The weird thing is, it had tons of little shiny bits of stuff in it. It almost looked like little gold flakes. What are they really and why would I find them in potting soil? they weren't there when I potted the tree.
Any home center or nursery should carry it, and this time of year maybe even supermarkets. Typically any potting soil contains vermiculite.
i have a leopard gecko that will be laying eggs what kind of bedding should i use
In a moist egg box i would put in either moist ECO earth, which can be found at a local pet store, OR Moist Vermiculite. Which i think you can find at The Home Depot or Lowes. Keep it moist not saoked. But moist and any container will work. Just Cut a Circle on the lid of the container big enough for her to get in and out