Stainless Steel Tee

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1 Piece pc
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50 Tons per Week pc/month
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Product Description:


Stainless Steel Tee


First grade





Product name


    stainless steel tee








Stainless steel Carbon steel


Used in


Oil Field, Offshore, Gasoline, Water Systerm, Electrical factory, Building Construction



GB/T12459-2005 GB/T13401-2005 GB/T10752-2005

ASME B16.9 ASME B16.11 ASME B16.49 ASME B16.5 ASME B16.28

JIS B2311 JIS B2312 JIS B2313

DIN2633 DIN2605 DIN2615 DIN2616 DIN2617


Min order Quantity


1 piece or according to customer needs


Delivery Time


15---30days according to customer needs




First grade


Walk thickness


Sch10--- Sch160 XXS








Wooden cases or wooden pallet or as customers requirement

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Q:thereis a 1 foot long piece that comes out from a fitting in the masonry - I don't feel good abouit lighting a wood fire in teh fireplace with the black pipe in there. the end of the blackp pipe is open. Very rusty, can't get the elbow fittings loose. Thinking about cutting off the pipe, but howw to seal it against fireplace heat? Really want to use the fireplace for wood.
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Q:How do I distinguish the rigid clamp joint and the flexible clamp joint from the outward appearance?
Length and thickness of flexible clamps.Clamp itself difference:Flexible and rigid joints of the same specifications: width is different, flexibility is wider than rigidity 2MM (take 159 clamps as an example)
Q:Im doing this for a school project.. So if you could please answer this I need your opinions!
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Q:Land lord now. We have nasty old singe pane windows. Can we request to replace them with double pane windows and would it resolve the mold issue?
If they aren't welded, they don't count. If any are threaded and will be seal-welded later, they do count. If they have weld-neck flanges they do count. If there is no weld, why would they be counted?
Q:What are the types of hydraulic couplings?
The main domestic A, B, C and H, A type is most common,
Q:When i open my truck manually the alarm goes off and i have to put the key in the ignition for it to stop. I would like to know if there is someway to remove the alarm system or stop it from alarming whenever i open it manually
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Spray raid in the hole, then plug the hole with something (cork works good). Kills the bees in there, and prevents reuse of the nest. Do this at night just before it gets dark to avoid being stung.
Q:How was the pipe joint named?
Hydraulic hose, high pressure ball valve, special quick joint, clip type pipe joint, welded pipe joint, high pressure hose. Transition type pipe joint, clamp type pipe joint, three type pipe joint, non-standard pipe joint, flared pipe joint, right angle pipe joint, rotary pipe joint, quick joint, stainless steel pipe joint and copper joint.Welded pipe jointPipe welding with nozzles. The sealing surface of the O sealing ring is sealed between the joint body and the pipe. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, good tightness and low requirement for the dimension precision of the pipe. High welding quality, inconvenient assembly and disassembly. The working pressure is up to 31.5MPa and the working temperature is -25 to 80 DEG C. It is suitable for the piping system with oil as the medium. Table 6~14 JB966 to 1003-1977
Presently, we have advanced production equipment including hot forming elbow machines, cold drawn tee machines, beveling machines, sandblasting machines, air hammers, CNC lathes, drilling machines, etc. Moreover, we have advanced testing equipment such as metallurgical analysis experiment, physical experiment, chemical analysis experiment, X-ray testing experiment, ultrasonic testing experiment and other testing equipment.

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