Carbon Steel Flange

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Product Description:

Package Of Carbon Steel Flange:



Painting Of Carbon Steel Flange:



Marking Of Carbon Steel Flange:



Shipping Marks Of Carbon Steel Flange:




Specification Of Carbon Steel Flange:

 Carbon Steel Flange


Carbon Steel Flange Slip On Flange, Plate Flange, Blind Flange, Welding Neck Flange, Socket Welded Flange, Thread Flange, Lap Joint Flange, Long Welding Neck Flange

Size : 1/2"-48"

Wall Thickness.: SCH10-SCH160, SGP , XS, XXS, DIN ,STD


Name Carbon    Steel Flange
Size1/2"    - 48"
Wall thicknessSch5-Sch160    XXS,STD,XS, SGP
StandardASME B16.5, B16.47, BS4504, JIS B2220, API 6A, 11Detc.
We can also produce according to drawing and standards provided    by customers.
MaterialASTM A105, A350 LF1, LF2, F11, F12, St35.8, St45.8, 15Mo3etc,
PackagingWooden Cases, wooden    pallet , or carton box , or nylog bag and then in wooden cases
Surface TreatmentPaintting    black or yellow color, or Anti-rust Oil
Delivery Time20-30    days, after received advance payment.
Quality100% Heat Treatment, No Welding repair
Others1.Special    design available according to your drawing.
2.anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant with black    painting
3. All the production process are made under the ISO9001:2000    strictly.
4. A conformity rate of ex-factory inspection of products.
5. we have export right , offering FOB , CNF CIF price




STAMDARD Of Carbon Steel Flange

European StandardEN 1092-1Class PN6 ~ PN100DN10 ~ DN4000
American StandardASME B16.5Class 150 ~ 25001/2" ~ 24"
 ASME B16.47AClass 150 ~ 90026" ~ 60"
 ASME B16.47BClass 75 ~ 90026" ~ 60"
German StandardDIN 2527,2566,2573, 2576, 2627-2638,2641,2642,2655,2656PN6~PN100DN10 ~ DN4000
Australian StandardAS2129Table: T/A, T/D, T/E, T/F, T/H, T/J, T/K, T/R, T/S, T/TDN15 ~ DN3000
 AS4087PN16 ~ PN35DN50 ~ DN1200
British StandardBS4504PN2.5 ~ PN40DN10 ~ DN4000
 BS10T/A, T/D, T/E, T/F, T/H1/2" ~ 48"
Japanese StandardJIS B22205K ~ 30KDN10 ~ DN1500
API StandardAPI 6A, 11D2000 PSI ~ 20000 PSI1 13/16" ~ 30"
French StandardNFE 29203PN2.5 ~ PN420DN10 ~ DN600


MATERIAL  Of Carbon Steel Flange

Carbon Steel
 Material StandardMaterial Grade
ASTMASTM A105A105, A105N
ASTM A350A350 LF1, LF2
ASTM A182F11, F12, F22
ASTM A106A, B, C
DIN ENDIN17175St35.8, St45.8, 15Mo3
EN10216-2195GH,P235GH, P265GH, 20MnNb6
JISJIS G3461STB340,410,510
JIS G3462STBA12, 13, 20, 22, 23, 24
JIS G3454,G3455,G3456STPG 370, STB410, STS370,410, 510
 STPT 370, 410, 480


Carbon Steel Flange YELLOW PAINTING



carbon steel flange yellow painting


Carbon Steel Flange rolling shape

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