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What is called a flange hole?
You can choose the answer to "I love Tieguanyin"!! The last sentence should be "those holes" instead of "that hole"".
CAXA2011 machine version, the big flange bolt hole evenly distributed, how to give the centerline?
Draw the main body first, then confirm the center line of the bolt, draw the inner hole, draw the height, and distribute the cloth evenly
In the heat treatment, "flange" and "oxidation" there is a difference? Or is it just a different name?
Flange? You should refer to the blue, blue is the surface oxidation of iron and steel materials to achieve a process known as corrosion, because this process surface is blue, also called black, that is black surface. The truth is the formation of the magnetite layer is dense (just because this layer of Baidu is not the same, showing different colors), in order to achieve the corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance of general corrosion, and the best surface antirust oil.And this oxidation, if it is heat treatment, it generally refers to the metal surface oxidation, corrosion resistance and surface modification role. Yes, oxidation is a more specialized statement, not only for iron and steel parts, but also for aluminum alloys.So in general, blue is a surface treatment process of steel and iron determination, and oxidation is quite broad, if it is oxidation of steel bluing.Of course, the above is only in general circumstances, if there are special circumstances, such as soft nitriding, oxidation before and after oxidation of soft nitriding, that is the process specific, not the general situation.
There are two flanges at each end of the pipe, one of which is marked as below. What is the standard flange?
This kind of flange is used in high pressure pipes
Where is the flange used in the pump?
Where the inlet and outlet and the valve are located, where the sensor flowmeter is located, flanges are used where the pipe and other equipment are joined
What are the specifications and dimensions of flanges?
The specifications and specifications of flanges are as follows:1, GB flange standard by the People's Republic of China State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the China National Standardization Management Committee jointly issued in 2011-01-10, from 2011-10-01 implementation of the recommended standards.GB/T 9112~9124-2010 includes the following 13 criteria:Instead of national standard GB/T9112-2000, GB/T10745-1989 standardTypes and parameters of GB/T 9112-2010 steel pipe flangesGB/T 9113-2010 overall steel pipe flangesGB/T 9114-2010 steel pipe flanges with neck threadGB/T 9115-2010 butt welded steel pipe flangesGB/T 9116-2010 hubbed steel pipe flangesGB/T 9117-2010 socket welded steel pipe flangesGB/T, 9118-2010, welded, ring, neck, loose, steel pipe flangesGB/T 9119-2010 plate welding steel pipe flangesGB/T 9120-2010 welded ring plate type loose steel pipe flangesGB/T 9121-2010 flat ring loose plate steel pipe flangesGB/T 9122-2010 flange ring type loose steel pipe flangesGB/T 9123-2010 steel pipe flange capGB/T 9124-2010 steel pipe flanges2, technical conditionsThe pressure markers specified in this standard are classified into PN and Class markers.The PN mark has 12 pressure levelsThey are: PN2.5; PN6; PN10; PN16; PN25; PN40; PN63;; PN100; PN160; PN250; PN320; PN400The Class mark has 6 pressure levelsThey are: Class 150; Class 300; Class 600; Class 900; Class 1500; Class 2500
What's the flange?
[connecting (sealing) parts]It may be the connection between pipes and pipes, equipment and equipment, pipes and equipment.
Consult the flange connection standard GB/T9119-200 20-16 and HG 20592~205635-97 difference.
Hello, 9119 with the previous use and 81-94, was called the new label and old label in the industry. 9119 is the national standard, there is no theoretical weight, and the chemical standard 20592, the European standard, is theoretical weight.To be sure, 9119 and 20592 are the same. Interchangeable.