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The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

Product Description

carbon steel pipe flange

1.standard:ANSI, DIN, JIS, GB, GOST

5.Material:Carbon Steel



 Packaging Details: in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.



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Q:What's the difference between cast iron flanges and steel flanges?
Not much difference. We usually have carbon steel instead of cast iron
Q:What does DN32 flange mean?
According to American Standard B36.10M 1-1/4 "is 42.2mm diameter is connected to the pipe is 42.2mm, the hole to see the pressure level or wall thickness determine the size
Q:About flange 5
ND refers to nominal diameter, approximate pipe internal reference dimension.Nominal diameter is not equal to outer diameter -2 times double thickness
Q:What does the 6 11/4 mark on the flange face mean?
6 inches, 1 right, 4 inches, 3 inches, 2 inches, 1, 2 inches of right.
Q:What is the maximum pressure of the flanges RF and RTJ?
RF is generally maximum 15.0MPa, RTJ maximum 42.0MPa.The concave convex flange is usually used in the German standard GB and PN4.0, PN6.4MPa level, is mainly decided by the pressure rating, concave convex flange sealing convex flange ordinary (RF) better, but not easy to replace the gasket.
Q:RJ what flange is the sealing surface?
RJ is the flange ring connection surface.Flange sealing surface type:Full plane FFProjection RFConvex MConcave FTenon face TGroove surface GRing joint surface RJGeneral concave convex MFTongue and groove face TG
Q:What are the specifications of orifice flanges? Be comprehensive
There is no standard flange hole is 6, in order to install the need, mainly to avoid directional (plus or minus 90 degrees, plus or minus 180 degrees), flange holes are 4 multiples
Q:About the difference between valve flanges RTJ, RF
Two, flange (Flange), also known as flange, flange plate or edge. A flange is a part that is connected between the pipe and the pipe, used for the connection between the ends of the pipe. It is also used for the flange on the entrance and exit of the equipment. It is used for the connection between the two devices, such as the reducer flange. Flange connection or flange joint means that the flange, the shim and the bolt are mutually connected as a group of three detachable sealing structures. Pipe flanges are flanges used for piping in pipe installations. They are used on equipment and refer to the entrance and exit flanges of the equipment. The flange is lined with bolts to secure the two flanges. Gaskets for gaskets between flanges. Sub threaded flange connection (threaded connection), flange welding flange and flange clamp. Flanges are used in pairs. Low pressure pipes can be made of wire flanges and welded flanges with pressures of more than four kilograms. Add a gasket between the two flanges and secure with bolts.
Q:Taiwan version Ma flange effect, okay?
As far as I know, the medicine can be obtained except the Hongkong Edward pharmacy, and no other pharmacies can get it
Q:SolidWorks 2012 border flange profile editor cannot drag boundary line 20 ahSolid
2 methods, the first step to select 1 line, second generation flange flange contours drag select Edit flange vertical edge contour add size constraints. complete2 first generate the side flange directly, modify the sketch below the edge flange, and add dimensional constraints

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