ASTM TP304,316 sch40 concentric/eccentric reducer pipe fitting

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ASTM sch40 TP304,316 concentric/eccentric reducer
1.material:ss as cs


concentric/eccentric reducer


stainless steel,alloy steel,carbon steel








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petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy,,water and nuclear power etc.


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7-30 days according to the quantity

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ISO9001:2008 ,ISO 14001 OHSAS18001 , API,etc  

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Q:What are the common materials and grades of aluminum alloy flanges?
The aluminum alloy flange is a connecting part between the pipe and the pipe, used for the connection between the ends of the pipe. It is also used in the flange of the equipment entrance and exit. It is used for the connection between the two equipments, such as the reducer flange. Flange connection or flange joint means that the flange, the shim and the bolt are mutually connected as a group of three detachable sealing structures.
Q:What do you mean by flange?
1. flange flange connection flange (flange) connection is an important connection pipeline construction. Flange connection is the two pipes, fittings or equipment, each first fixed on a flange on the flange between the two, and flange pad, fastened together with bolts, completed some fittings and connected. Equipment have built flange, flange connection also belongs. Sub threaded flange connection (wire) flange and welding flange. Low voltage and small diameter wire flange, high pressure and low pressure are the use of large diameter welded flange, different pressure flange thickness and bolt diameter and the number is different according to different levels of pressure. The flange pad also has a variety of materials, from the low pressure and high pressure asbestos asbestos pad pad to the metal pads are flanged. Easy to use, able to withstand greater pressure. In the industrial pipeline, flange connection is very wide Pan. Within the family, the small diameter of the pipe and low pressure, see flange connection. If a boiler room or a production site, everywhere is the flange connection of pipes and equipment. Also called flange or flange. The pipe and pipe interconnected parts. The holes are connected to the pipe end. Flange wear, bolt, so that the two flange abuts. The flange gasket seal. Flanged fittings (flanged pipe fittings) with a flange (flanged or disk) pipe. It can be cast into a (figure not available), may also be threaded or welded flange connection (flange,. Joint) composed of a pair of flanges, a gasket and a plurality of bolts and nuts. Gasket on the flange sealing surface between the two, tighten the nut, the gasket on the surface pressure reaches a certain value after the deformation, and fill uneven sealing surface, so that does not leak tight connection. The flange connection is a removable contact Answer.
Q:What is the output flange? What's the function?
Low pressure small diameter wire connecting flange, high pressure and low pressure big diameter all use welding flange, different pressure flange thickness and connection bolt diameter and quantity are different.According to the different grades of pressure, the flange pad also has different materials, from low pressure asbestos pad, high pressure asbestos pad to metal pad.
Q:About flange 5
ND refers to nominal diameter, approximate pipe internal reference dimension.Nominal diameter is not equal to outer diameter -2 times double thickness
Q:Mechanical flange problems,
Matching flange, tapping a face is threaded M23, and its matching flange is bolt free access, that is, the smooth surface, must be 24 diameter. Otherwise, it can't be tightened.
Q:Hole is a through hole on the flange surface?
Flanges in the narrow senseFlange (Flange), also called flange or flange plate. The flange is the part that connects the pipe to the pipe and is connected to the end of the pipe.
Q:Is it a flange or a Flange?
Flange classification method:1, according to the chemical industry standard (HG): integral flange (IF), (Th), threaded flange welding plate flange (PL), neck flange (WN), hubbed flange (SO), socket welding flange, butt welding (SW) ring loose flange (PJ/SE), flat loose flange ring lining flange (PJ/RJ), (BL (S)), flange (BL).2, according to the petrochemical industry standard (SH): (PT), threaded flange welding flange flange (WN), (SO), socket welding flange (SW), loose flange, flange cover (LJ) (not note).
Q:Is the flange fitted with a flange?
However, this connection is only part of a device, such as flanges and pumps connected, it is not good to call the water pump flange parts". Relatively small, such as valves, can be called flanges".The movable flange is sheathed on the end of the pipe by using a flange, a steel ring, etc., and the flange can be moved on the pipe end. Steel ring or flanging is the sealing surface, the role of the flange is to compress them. Thus, because of the steel ring or flange block, the live flange is not contact with the media. Because the flange is movable, not directly connected to the pipe, so it is called "live flange", there is another statement called loose flange.
Q:In the heat exchanger calculation, the actual bolt section area of the cylinder flange is smaller than the required cross-sectional area. What's the matter?
2, increase the number of bolts3. Increase the bolt diameter without increasing the number of bolts, such as changing from M20 to M24...4, both increase the number of bolts, and increase the number of bolts...
Q:What's the DN100 flange?
DN100 flange refers to the nominal diameter of 100mm flange.Flange connection or flange joint means that the flange, the shim and the bolt are mutually connected as a group of three detachable sealing structures. Pipe flanges are flanges used for piping in pipe installations. They are used on equipment and refer to the entrance and exit flanges of the equipment. The flange is lined with bolts to secure the two flanges. Gaskets for gaskets between flanges. Sub threaded flange connection (threaded connection), flange welding flange and flange clamp. Flanges are used in pairs. Low pressure pipes can be made of wire flanges and welded flanges with pressures of more than four kilograms. Add a gasket between the two flanges and secure with bolts. Different pressure flange thickness is different, they use the bolt is also different. Water pump and valve, and in the pipe connection, these equipment parts of the equipment also made corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection. Any connecting parts that are bolted and closed in the vicinity of the two planes are generally referred to as flanges, such as the connections of the ventilation ducts, which can be called flanges". However, this connection is only part of a device, such as flanges and pumps connected, it is not good to call the water pump flange parts". Relatively small, such as valves, can be called flanges".

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