BHGH threaded hub flange flange stainless steel

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· Size: DN1000

· Material: Carbon Steel

· Standard: GOST

· Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

· Model Number: GOST,DIN,ASME,GB

· Brand Name: CNBM-CMAX

· use: for valve and connection

Packaging & Delivery

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wooden case and pallet

Delivery Detail:

shorter time


2.material: CT.20.12X13.10X17H13M2T
3.size: DN15-1800

we can produce flange GOST12820,12821.

our company has been engaged in the pipe fittings for many years,

We have rich experience to help you solve your needs in pipe fitting.

we can provide pipe fitting to all countries,including the United States, Germany, Russia etc.

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Q:What are the application technologies of welding flanges?
3, the ring should be used in full penetration weld butt weld; 4, the ring should be post weld heat treatment, and 100% X-ray or ultrasonic inspection and radiographic inspection conforms to the II class JB4730 requirements, ultrasonic detection with JB4730 I request. Three. The outer slope of the neck of the butt weld flange shall not be greater than 7O. The welding flange strictly controls the technical parameters during production and welding, and ensures the full function and value of the welding flange in production and use.
Q:Works2012 of the body flange buttons? As shown in the diagram, this is the tutorial. Which expert to point out, thank you! TenWhy I can not find the SolidWorks2012 of the body flange buttons? As shown in the diagram, this is the tutorial. Which expert to point out, thank you!
The sheet metal commands are uniformly arranged in the sheet metal function menu, as on the left of your screenshot,How can I find out?First of all, in your screenshot of green hook, red X above: features, sketches, evaluation and other columns,Right click on the mouse, you can find the sheet metal function menu, tick on it.For reference only, thank you!
Q:CF, ICF, is the flange the same?
The ICF flange (ConFlat Flange) has a raised sharp edge inside it. It is made of all metal sealing parts by squeezing the copper gasket to deform it to achieve the purpose of sealing vacuum. Widely used in ultra high vacuum field equipment.
Q:you can use PN10 with PN16I mean DN flange is less than or equal to 200, PN10 and PN16, their diameter, thickness, diameter of bolt hole and the bolt is equal to the number of PN16, I read only one more than the PN10 break, can not directly make a groove in the PN10 flange, when PN16. They look exactly the same after the beveling
PN is the pressure grade, PN10 indicates pressure of 10 kg, and PN16 indicates 16 kg of pressure.No, you can use PN16 as PN10 instead of PN10 as PN16You write very clearly,
Q:In building engineering, what is called "flange" means detailed point?
Flange connection is the two pipes, pipe fittings or equipment, first fixed on a flange, between the two flanges, plus flange pad, bolted together, completed the connection. Some pipe fittings and equipment have their own flange, but also belong to flange connection.Flange, threaded connection (wire), flange and welding flange.
Q:What is blind through flange?
The through flange is used to connect the two pipe fittings, and the two flanges are connected together by bolts.
Q:Flange SO40-2.
M represents the sealing surface is convex.HG/T20592-97 is invalid. The current standard should be HG20592-2009.
Q:what is the difference between this, and when what form of connection ah?
The clamp valve is not connected to its own way, rely on the pipe on the two flanges to clamp the valve, which is suitable for low pressure pipeline; flange valve, the valve itself with flanges, and the pipe flange butt
Q:How to set the bending coefficient of SolidWorks sheet metal base flange?
The sheet metal we use everyday is actually a lower plate.That is to say, if you want to expand automatically, you can record these places.Bend radius 0.01Bending coefficient 0.52When you bend more, choose the gap 0.2Lapped bending, select shear side bending.Release slot type select tear.After setting up the above parameters, you can use them directly.This expansion dimension is the actual processing size of the lower plate.
Q:What does "-150# SO/FF" mean by flange 4?
This is a American Standard flange, corresponding to the standard ANSI B16.5, pressure 150LBS, varieties of SO (SLIP-ON, namely hubbed flange), FF refers to the sealing surface of the flange, from RF, RTJ and so on, size is 4 ", also called DN100.. Thank you.

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