slip blind flange 1/2

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The most professional flange manufacturer.We offer steel pipes and pipe fittings with high quality and low price.

Product Description

carbon steel pipe flange

1.standard:ANSI, DIN, JIS, GB, GOST

5.Material:Carbon Steel


 Packaging Details: in wooden case or pallet or according to customers requirement.



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Q:To set the price
The cheapest is more than 100, and the most expensive is five hundred
Q:Flange "WN100 (B) -16RF S=6" and "SO50 (B) -16RF", "PL200 (B) -16RF" represent what kind of flange,
Two, PL200 (B) -16RFPL is the welding plate flange, 200 is the nominal diameter of 200mm (B) is the use of metric tube (also known as GB tube), 16 is the nominal pressure is 16MPa, RF is a prominent surface seal seal type.Specific flange parameters are not clear, this is HG20592-20635 "steel pipe flange" standard flange. You can search and download the standard PDF format files via thunderbolt.
Q:How should we get to know the flange?
For example, such as a long distance transport pipeline, it is necessary to lower the pipes into the pipeline in the pipeline, but install valve, mirror, telescopic device and so on, which can be used in welding welded it up, but after the maintenance is not split off is not? Therefore, most of the pipeline will choose flange joint, so as to facilitate future maintenance and replacement.The flanges are soldered to one end or joined together in other ways, and the two opposite flanges are secured with fasteners (bolts), which form a complete conduit. Pipes and valves, mirrors and so on are basically connected in this way.
Q:Flange diameter 190, diameter 80 is a few inches of 5
It's 3 inches.A 1 inch, 3 inch is equal to 25.4mm, 80mmTwo, flange diameter of 190 diameter 80 in diameter diameter corresponding to 80 mark, is 3 inches.Turn left and turn right |
Q:Flange valve Q41F-16C/P/R mark, specific meaning?
This is standard regulation, according to "JB/T 308 - 2004 valve type programming method" regulation:Q= ball valve4= connection type: flange1= structure: floating ball direct flow channelF= sealing surface material: fluoroplastic-16= nominal pressure: 1.6MPaC= body material: carbon steelP= body material: chrome nickel stainless steel, such as: 304R= body material: chromium, nickel, molybdenum stainless steel, such as: 316
Q:What does the 25*3 of flange material specification (angle steel) mean?
Angle steel definition:Angle called angle, the steel strip is perpendicular to each other on both sides into the corner. There are equal angles and unequal angles. The two sides of an equal angle steel are equal in width. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of edge width * edge width * edge thickness. Such as "/ 30 x 30 x 3", that is 30 mm width equal angle, edge thickness of 3 mm. Also available models that model is the number of centimeters wide, such as angle 3#.
Q:Who knows, the difference between plate flange and hubbed flange in the application.
Welding plate flange for general medium.Hubbed flange suitable for the inflammable and explosive, corrosive, toxic high placesThe sealing surface of flange plate are raised face (RF), hubbed flange sealing surface can be used from surface, convex surface, tongue and groove face.The two structures are different, the sealing effect is not the same, the strength is not the same.
Q:60 seamless steel tubes with 50 flanges, right?
The problem should be this, 60mm seamless steel tubes with DN50 flanges, right?Normally; diameter seamless pipe DN50 welding flange is 57mm, if it is seamless and DN50 matched flange 60mm, seamless processing thread, flange hole machining internal thread, so just.In the form of welding, the DN50 flanges need to be machined and they are also available.
Q:What are metric tubes and British tubes? What's the difference between them? How do you choose flanges?
It should be the metric tube and the British tube, that is to say, the B series and the A series.According to the flange diameter of the steel pipe, the flange diameter should be chosen according to the outer diameter of the steel pipe.The national standard flanges sold on the market are generally B series, and the A series shall be noted.My company website has flange standard, and corresponding steel pipe size. If necessary, please: Hebei, Mengcun Hao elbow elbow pipe manufacturers, station search,
Q:What does the bottom flange mean?
Flange flanges are widely used in industrial piping. In the home, the pipe diameter is small, and it is low pressure and can not see the flange connection. In a boiler room or production site, flanges are connected to pipes and equipment.2. flangesThe flange (Falam), now called the "planet" (Phalam). A city of Western Burma, the state capital. East of the Chindwin River right bank tributary river of Manipur (Manipur), West Rankean Lanshan (Ram Kalan). The road east of Mandalay, north into the territory of India through Imphal, South by the new Haka - Gangaw Road, across the south to Burma.

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