Oil Pipe Elbow 45 Degree

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China Main Port
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1 Piece pc
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25000 Tons per Year pc/month

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45 Degree Oil Pipe Elbow

1.high quality and the competitive price 

2.from 1/2' to 72'


4.ISO 9001:2000,SGS,BV,etc

5.the very short delivery



1. Material: stainless steel,alloy steel,carbon steel

2. Size range: FROM 1/2" TO 72"

3.Pressure: Sch5--Sch160,XXS


5. CE and certification: ISO9001:2000, API, BV, SGS, LOIYD

6. Applications range: "Petroleum, chemical, power, gas, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, water and nuclear power etc.”

7.Quality high lever

8. The third party inspection:  BV, SGS, LOIYD, TUV, and other party alloyed by clients.

9. Remark:   Also can supply IBR fittings and Specialized NACE & HIC Fittings.

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Q:What are the specifications and models of metal hose couplings?
Mainly used for connecting metal hose and steel pipe, snap joint without installation on the steel pipe threading, the joint in the pipe end, a card that is solid, sleeve type joint has the characteristics of easy installation of the Songjiang group.
Q:The difference between the reducer joint and the strengthening pipe joint
The reinforcing pipe joint essentially is that when the branch pipe is connected to the supervisor, the pipe joint is enlarged by the reinforcing pipe, which is beneficial to welding, and then the other end is connected with the branch pipe and can be welded by socket welding,
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Or 1 inch single (head) card sleeve and 1 inch double (head) card sleeve
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Q:Hydraulic pipe quick coupling principle of hydraulic pipe joint
High degree. Piping systems for oil, gas and general corrosive media 15~26GB3733.1 to 3765-1983 flared pipe joints are sealed using the end expansion of the pipe, without the need for other seals. The utility model has simple structure and is suitable for the connection of thin-wall pipe fittingsA low pressure piping system for oil and gas, allowing pressure to be used in table 41, table 27~41GB5625.1 ~ 5653-1985 insert welded pipe joints will need to the length of the pipe is inserted into the pipe end and the pipe connector until the connector end of the contact, the pipe and the pipe joint are welded together, can save over, but the pipe size is strictly applicable to oil and gas as the medium pipeline system table 43 ~ 49JB3878-1985 cone seal welded pipe joint pipe end is an external cone surface, plus O shape sealing ring, and the connector body cone surface matching, screwed with screw. The working pressure is 16 ~ 31.5MPa, the temperature to 80 DEG C - 25Piping system for oil medium 50~62
We are a professional pipeline equipment service company specializing in the production and sales of metal materials such as stainless steel, duplex stainlesssteel, low-temperature steel, carbon steel and alloy steel, which can be used in petrochemical, natural gas,chemical, electric power, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, coal industry and other projects.

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