PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

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China main port
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1000 pc
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100000 pc/month

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Item specifice:

color: grey&green&white Sdandard: IS9001 Brand: SPT

Product Description:

Ppr Pipes


It is used in industrial fields, agriculture and garden irrigation 2. Beauty appearance.3.Thermal insulation and energy saving.4. Easy installation 5.excellent heat resistance and pressure resistance 6. affordable price

Quick Details

Material: PP-R

Technics: Forged

Type: Elbow

Model Number: DSE901-902

Connection: Welding

Shape: Equal


Standard: DIN8077/8078
Material: R200P from Korea
Size: DN20~25
Color: Green, White, Grey, Blue

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: PE bag + carton

Delivery Detail: 15 Days


Product Applications:

Distribution for cool and hot water
Duct for drinkable water system
Pipes for kinds of high-temperature and low-temperature heating system
Pipes for heating and coolling settings in solar energy system
Connecting pipe for air conditioners


Product Advantages:

1) Healthy, bacteriological neutral, conforming to drinking water standards
2) Resistant to high temperatures, good impact strength

3) Convenient and reliable installation, low construction expenses
4) Excellent heat-insulation property from minimum thermal conductivity
5) Lightweight, convenient to transport and handle, good for labor-saving.
6) Smooth inner walls reduce pressure loss and increase flow speed
7) Sound insulation (reduced by 40% compared to galvanized steel pipes)
8) Light colors and excellent design ensure suitability for both exposed and hidden installation
9) Recyclable, environment-friendly, accords with GBM standards


Main Product Features:

Large drum hub to maximize cable life

Self-activating automatic brake hold the load securely when crank handle is released

With cable or strap

Safety guard cover available

Top quality with competitive price

Widely used in the double beam bridge crane and gantry crane

Easy to install and high quality

Compact structure and reasonable design

Could be mounted on t he ground or wall!

Double drum!!


Q1How Can I Get A Sample?

A1:You can get samples by communicate with our export sales.

Q2:How Long Is Delivery?

A2:Delivery time will be30-45days according to order quantity.

Q3:What Is The MOQ?

A3:MOQ depends on different items.

Q4:What Is Our Normal Payments Terms?

A4:Our normal payment terms now is: T/T, L/C or western union,paypal


Product Pictures

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale


Work Shop Pictures

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale


PPR 45 Degree Elbow High Quality Fittings Pipe Fitting On Sale

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Q:Is the pipe seat a pipe joint or a standard connection?
It is used more and more widely, especially in high pressure, high temperature, large diameter and thick wall pipes. It replaces the traditional method of branch pipe connection. The main body of the branch pipe is made of high quality forgings. The material is the same as the pipe material. Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and so on. The branch pipe and the head adopts a welding, pipe seat and branch pipe or other pipe (such as tube plug, etc.), instruments and valves connected with butt welding, socket welding, threaded types.
Q:What is the size of the PVC pipe joint?
The molecular weight of PVC in industrial production is generally in the range of 5~12 million, with great polydispersity, and the molecular weight increases with the decrease of polymerization temperature. Without fixed melting point, 80~85 began to soften at 130 degrees C and became viscoelastic at 160~180. Its tensile strength is about 60MPa, the impact strength is 5~10kJ/m2, and it has excellent dielectric properties. The stability of the light and heat is poor, at 100 degrees above or after a long time of sunlight exposure, it will be decomposed and hydrogen chloride, and automatically catalytic decomposition, causing discoloration
Q:Consult the problem of the pressure at the entrance and exit of the pipe joint
Assuming that your 3 oil outlet, load is infinite, as follows, three load (cylinder or motor) are not action, three outlet pressure is 2MPa, three outlet pressure gauge pressure is 2MPa
Q:How tight is the gas pipe joint?
For a fixed gas pipeline, it should be installed by a professional Gas Co, and the individual shall not change the sealing of the joint. It should be sealed by special sealant. Plastic pipes should not be too long, should be far away from the electrical circuit, and the high temperature area of the hearth.
Q:Reinforced pipe joint,Used in chemical pipes
DN means the inner diameter, 25 is 25mm, and DN25 is "25 mm in diameter", length 300mm.
Q:If a combo CO 2 smoke detector unit goes off without notice, what is generally the cause?
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Q:Any suggestions..?
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