IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

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1. IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump descriptions

IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump is single stage, single-suction, cantilevered centrifugal pump.

Use a metal shell lining fluoride plastic pump body, impeller and the pump cover uses the fluorine plastic forming technology. 

Meet the international standards of ISO2858. The product structure is reasonable, stable and reliable performance. is widely used in automobile picking, acid alkali production, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry. smelting, etc. Can transport acid and alkali, chlorine water, waste water, pesticides.

Applicable temperature:-20C~120° C

2.Structure and mateiral

IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

•1 Casing Pump body

•2 Impeller

•3 Gasket ring

•4 Pump cover

•5 Mechanical seal

•6 Adapter frame

•7 Bearing block

•8 Pump shaft

3. Performance Curve Diagramm of different models

IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

4.Model and technical data

5.Install size / flange size

IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

IHF series fluorine plastic centrifugal pump

6. Service

- Provide solutions according to customer requirements

- Product performance test before use

- Provide product knowledge and operation instructions

Q:Double floor sewage pump circuit diagram of a small problem
Question 3 when the water level is low, when the 1KA is connected, the pump will run depending on where your SS selector switch is located. Its left and right position, running pump and standby pump definition is different, left position is 1#, running 2# standby, right position is 2# running, 1# standby. Only inIn case the high level switch 2KA is connected, the standby pump may work at the same time.
Q:What are the main performance parameters of hydraulic pumps?
Main performance parameters of hydraulic pump:1. Hydraulic pump pressureHydraulic pump operating pressure is the pump (or motor) in actual work output (or input) oil pressure, determined by the external load.Rated pressure refers to the maximum pressure under continuous running in accordance with the test standards under normal working conditions. The size of the pump is limited by the service life, and the service life of the pump (or motor) will be shorter than the design life if it exceeds the rated pressure. When the work pressure is greater than the rated pressure, it is called overload.
Q:When the water pump is started, why should it start when the outlet valve is closed? Thank you
And the pump at the start, if the valve opening pump, then the pump outlet pressure (head) is very small, so the pump flow will be great, the pump power is very large, causing the start-up current is very large. In addition, the starting current of the motor itself is also very large. These two factors add up to the possibility of overloading the motor, resulting in failure to start or even burn the motor.
Q:Hydraulic pump displacement refers to the pump shaft what?
Displacement of the hydraulic pump refers to the axis of each turn, the volume discharged, called displacement, the unit is ml (ML),
Q:Is the vacuum pump air compressor?
No, both work in the opposite way. Air compressor, referred to as an air compressor, is a machine that produces compressed air (positive pressure). The vacuum pump is just the opposite.
Q:What is a positive displacement pump? He Weizheng displacement?
The principle and structure of displacement pumps are similar to those of hydraulic motors. Positive displacement is the pump outward to provide flow and pressure, that is, conventional pumps. A negative displacement pump is a hydraulic motor that rotates by external pressure and flow
Q:Roots pump and dry pumpRecently involved in the work of the vacuum pump, don't understand this, is a ads602 vacuum pump, composed of roots pump and dry pump, is pre pumped to the 500mtorr equipment, the main pumping vacuum continues to 10mtorr, where the roots pump and dry pumps must be used? What role they play respectively. The so-called dry pump? Is refers to one kind of the pump, the pump is many dry pump? Also do not understand how the work of automatic switching system for pre pumping, the main pump, pump work alone did not connect system ah (of course there are even a butterfly) teach?
Different working conditions, our company does dry claw pump alone can also achieve the vacuum of 133 PA.
Q:Significance of water pump model ISO50-160
A pump is a machine that transports liquids or pumps liquids. It will be the prime mover of the mechanical energy or other external energy transfer to the liquid, the liquid energy increase, mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, alkali liquid, emulsion, suspension emulsion and liquid metal, but also transport liquid, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids. Pump performance parameters include flow, suction, lift, shaft power, water power, efficiency and so on;
Q:What is the difference between an air pump and a water pump?
The air pump (Q. B ng air pump), namely "air pump", a device for removing air or add air from the enclosed space from a closed space. The air pump is mainly divided into an electric air pump and a manual air pump. Electric air pump. An electric pump powered by electricity; produces air pressure by constantly compressing the air through electricity. Mainly used in pneumatic rubber, car inflatable, etc..
Q:Centrifugal pumps for normal operation, is it reasonable to install valves on their inlet lines? Why?
Reasonable, no valve, how to debug, overhaulGenerally installed on imports of valves of relatively large Cv value

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