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For a Dodge Ram 1500 pick-up. Not taking it to a mechanic.Already got the new pump. Got part of the engine off.Dont exactly have the right tools to make the job go fast but would like some tips on how to make it go faster..
If you've got the fan off you have the hardest part done on that vehicle,follow the manuals and line the parts up as you remove them.Be sure to put the bolts with the part they belong to and install them in the reverse order you took them off.
Water Pump Removal Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain cooling system. Remove air cleaner (if necessary). Loosen water pump pulley bolts. Remove serpentine drive belt. Remove water pump pulley bolts and pulley. Note position of locate tab on top of water pump for installation reference. Remove bolts, water pump and gasket. Installation Apply thread sealant to water pump bolts. To complete installation, reverse removal procedure. Fill and bleed cooling system (fill reservoir and radiator, run engine until upper rad hose starts to become hot. Top off and replace cap) Torque Specs Water pump bolt................89 Inch Pounds Water pump pulley bolt .....18 Foot Pounds
Pump performance parameters have three sets of data, how to understand the flow, lift, flow speed
The middle parameter is the rated value. The lower limit is the maximum. General use of valve control.
2000 Jetta GLX VR6Problems:- AC is no longer working- The Reader said quot;STOP!quot;CHECK COOLANTI pulled over and checked the Coolant and it was full- The Car will overheat to about 260 whenever I am sitting with the Engine Running- When I start the car its on Zero Degrees and then Slowly makes it way to 190 degrees which is in the middle quot;Normalquot;- Oil Seems to be fine---- What does this sound like to you??--- Also, The VW Dealer said I needed to be without my Car for Two days so I will drop it off Friday Night and leave it until Wednesday. Do you think it will last until Friday driving 60miles a day??-- If it is the Water Pump... How much do you *think* I am looking at paying? I am taking it to the VW Dealer b/c I have a Recall they need to fix too.
Don't think it is the water pump. A water pump will leak coolant from a weep hole first. Then it will slowly get worse until it throws coolant all over the place.. I think you have a stuck thermostat. It's a very cheep part and can be put in place within 15 minutes. The part about your AC not working is just another problem. Can't figure that out. If you drive your car overheated you can blow the engine fast. Do not drive it overheated!
I am trying to areting my pond but air pump cost too much. I have an extra water pump available if I make two intake opening, one for water the other for air, would it work? or will it blow up the pump and kill all of my koi because it is made for pump water.
If you use a fountain spray you can add air by spraying water up in the air and letting it fall back into the pond. The best solution is to buy a pond aerator. They are available on line and at some garden centers. .
i have a 1996 camaro rs v6 that needs a new water pump, the old one is leaking from a failsafe type hole.i know that im probably not gonna get one but its simply the perfect time to so if i am so... but should i consider getting an electric water pump instead of the $50 origional replacement? the car has no 'real' mods and i know the electric water pump would be a two horse difference, and that it is a mostly race type modification. so i had to ask because if i was to do this mod, now is the time. so what do you think? things like average cost of a good name like meziere , how hard to wire, etc.thanks
Get.the.normal hose then think bout what you need to do
I just replaced my water pump.fixed.. A week later I've been noticing he might of over filled it because.were the coolant goes.steam comes.out.the little.while plus water.. And.before.I.started my.car I noticed.it was all empty now and my.engine sounds like a mini diesel when it runs.. What's the deal? And I.already filled it up with coolant again
if it is low you still have a problem
Hello! Can someone please tell me where the water pump is located on this vehicle? Or where I might find the answer to this question?Thanks!
You see the big hose that enters your rad on the top well follow that hose and see were it comes from the engine..and that's the water pump..pretty simple thing to find my friend..good luck