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I have oil all over my water pump. I investigated when I saw a few drops of oil in the garage that showed up every few days. I then saw a drop of clean radiator fluid. Does oil come near or through the water pump? I have a 96 nissan maxima if that helps.
STUPID ANSWERS, these answers sound like ****, something a rip off shop would say. 1- buy engine degreaser, and go to the car wash or in the drive if you want to. 2- let the car warm ou, then turn it off and spray the degreaser every where theres oil and dirt. 3- Let stand about 10mins 4- turn the engine back one and use the pressured water (CAR WASH) to wash off the cleaner. You might have to repeat the soaking a few times depending on how long its been leaking. 5- once clean, you can either just let it idle in the drive way or go drive around alittle to see if you can get the oil leak to start again to see where its coming from. Once you find the leak either fix it or just take it to a respectable shop and get a quote for the repair. Dont start assuming that theres a huge problem. It sounds like its just the valve covers, but theres afew possible things that could leak on it. Do this and it will help you find any possible leaks.
Car is ford taurus 98.The car had some problems including overheating as thermostat was bad so was was not working. i drove it 25 miles to garage (i had to stop once because too hot to let it cool), i brought it to Ford who replaced the thermostat. Now they tell me some bits of thermostat broke and they need to replace the waterpump and want $620 for it. The other repair were also extremely expensive and i want to bring it to another garage 1.3 miles away on flat road.-1- is it safe to drive 1.3 mile with no water pump or should iget it towed?-2- should i have to pay for the water pump or is it ford's fault if they did not remove the bits of broken thermostat before reconnecting new thermostat to hose ? Can i prove that the pump was working when i came in if i drove 25 miles with it ?Thanks for your help.
Ford people are boneheads for making you pay for something THEY broke. And what does the thermostat breaking have to do with the water pump? All they want to do is suck you in for every penny. All services are warrantied for X months/X miles. If they broke it, they are responsible for it. As for driving 1.3 miles without a coolant, I would not reccomend it unless you wanna cook eggs on your engine. Seriously though, You'll do more damage to the engine running without a coolant. Then you'll need new pistons, fry the oil in the engine and probably need a whole new engine. Have it towed, it's cheaper in the long run. Don't take it to Ford ever again. They're sufering and in the red, they need to make money some way, screwing people is the way to go.
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Im an SHO fan looking to get another one. The car I'm looking at is a 1991 Taurus SHO. Price is pretty cheap and nothing wrong with it except he said the water pump will need replaced soon. Ive looked at water pumps and Im aware of cost. Im decently savvy with car repair but there are a few things ive never learned. How easy is it to replace a water pump? Should I have a go at it myself or is it better to be done professionally? What is the general cost for a garage to switch out the water pump?
that will depend on the type
My car is over heating.the hose that goes to the thermostat is swollen.i wanted to open the radiator to release the pressure but it was too hot ,and too much pressure. is this a sign that the water pump is good?
First let me say the GOOD LORD was watching over you. You NEVER NEVER NEVER open a radiator cap when it is hot. Had a friend do that and he now has scars on his chest where the water sculled him. Yes it is working. What you need to do is change the thermostat. But please wait until the engine is cool to the touch.
ive just replaced my water pump as i know it wasnt in good shape and was a big cause of my problems. but the new water pump also seems to make a noise once in a while like its dry and there isnt anywater or its having a hard time. the head is good and has an extra thick headgasket on it. my guess is i have a clogged radiator and it would sound reasonable as i have used head gasked sealant in the radiator and it has prob clogged parts of it. the other symptom is afater about 4 hrs of continuous driving it starts to over heat if im doing 70 bor more but if i drop back down to 65 it seems to stable out or in many cases go down all together. anyone else had thes symptoms. and will a water pump make noise if there isnt anywater to pump.
what is the 22r fitted in as most run a thermo fan assy which is fitted to the front of the water pump if you have this then most likely the thermo is either just about to seize or it's still turn's then its in freewheel mode the best way to check is when the motor is cold check and se if you have a thermo fan fitted if so out one blade at 12 oclock and spin with one hand if the blade goes down past 3 oclock then you will need to open the coupling this is a simple job you will see 8 phillips head screws remove all and crack open the coupling but before this is done go to your local toyota dealer and purchase 1x 08816 10001 silicone empty this into the coupling and close this will fix your problem