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What's so good about having a water pump on my stand alone ice maker?What exactly does it do?
How should the discharge hose be routed to the drain of the ice maker?
I have a slight idea but I would like to see what steps other people have taken. I have a 1992 ford escort that needs a new water pump, what steps have you taken to replace it?
I got mine replaced at Evans Tires. They did it very fast same day. You can call them in advance to have them order the part so it can be there when you take your car in. I would not risk having someone who says they know what they are doing start fixing things a shop is best and try to go to the same auto shop for all your needs. Don't drive your car much you can blow your engine on a bad water-pump.
Ok, so I was driving the other day when I heard this quot; AC went out (stopped blowing cold), and power steering went out. I pulled over and one of the wheels where the serpentine belt goes on was off and obviously the belt was off too. I got it towed to a shop where they showed me I needed a new belt - it was ripped, and told me I need a new water pump...all together a 400 dollar job after labor and parts. I was hoping I would just need a new belt and they could bolt back on the wheel...From a chic standpoint, this seemed logical. I know nothing about cars and I'm always very skeptical when I take my car anywhere to get it worked on bc I could be told anything and wouldn't know the difference...Has anyone had a similar experience or does this sound like the problem? I have a 07 honda civic...around 80,000 miles.
to make it simple what it sound like that they are saying is that the water pump is broken and when this happens in some case one can not turn the pulley of the water pump so the belt would slip on it so long until it overheats and melts leading it to rip. if u don't trust your mechanic have another mechanic look at it and if they tell you the exact same thing chances are they are both right.
2001 buick centurywater runs down at area of crank shaft
on the very bottom of the pump there is a weep hole. This leaks the coolant once the pump bearing seal deteriorates and pours coolant over the area of the
What motor with Grundfos pumps
Grundfos pumps with the motor Grundfos own.
water pump went out how do we find it where would it be located?
2001 Chevy Malibu Water Pump
To get at the timing belt on a Toyota 3.4L V6, does the water pump first need to be removed?If so, is there a way to tell how worn a water pump with 85,000 miles is? Like a loose bearing feel, etc?
does the water pump first need to be removed? no. but is exposed during the procedure. ----- If so, is there a way to tell how worn a water pump with 85,000 miles is? Like a loose bearing feel, etc? you can check for pulley noise, pulley wobble and coolant condition as a precursor to it's failure, but even if it passes that inspection, it may fail in 1000 miles (example). that's the nature of consumable components. ------ since it costs 300-400 in labor to do those individually, it behooves one to put them both on the same maint schedule. replace both at same time. needed or not. every 90,000 miles. and this is a non interference type engine. no engine damage will occur as a result of belt failure alone. FYI, since it's not an interference engine, if this be an autotrans, you could go longer between belt changes as autotrans have smoother torque apps. purdy much constant torque. my V6 has over 200,000 miles on the belt. water pump too. and i have pristine coolant and no pulley noise. and i'm pushing my luck. i run the risk of a towing bill.
Hi. This car is 66 chevy but the motor is a 1984 chevy 350 4bolt main stroked to 383. I think its an '84, might be an '85. I need to replace fan clutch and water pump.... the fan clutch is bad but manufacturer of the replacement parts says you must do water pump and fan clutch together. Is the pump a 66 chevy pump or a 350 small block pump? What about the fan clutch? Ok, and please help with motor mounts. do I use mounts specific for 66 model or specific to the motor?
The pump is whatever fits the ENGINE. End of story.