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What is the details of the ginning machine in the textile printing and dyeing industry?
Glass Washing Machine Brush Roller LCD Cleaning Spring Brush Roller Sponge Suction Roller Polyurethane Rubber Roller Nylon Gear Aluminum Block Grinder Brush Brush Ceramic Press Plate Brush Press Brush Roller Glaze Line Disc Brush Dust Brush Brush Dust removal hand sweep. Textile printing and dyeing industry:
What is the textile handmade textile?
The original loom has two types of hanging and tiled, and the two shafts of the tiled loom are fixed on the ground with four stakes. Egypt unearthed in 4000 BC pottery dish painted with this kind of image of the loom. There is also a weaving with your feet through the axis of the tile loom, and the axis tied to the waist, is the original waist machine.
What is a photosensitive discoloration?
Photosensitive color change is the use of microcapsule technology, fabric colorless and variable color, blue variable blue and purple and so on.
How is China's textile and textile market prospects?
Prospective Industry Research Institute released the "China Textile Machinery Manufacturing Industry demand and investment forecast analysis report" shows that China's textile machinery manufacturing industry in recent years to maintain rapid development momentum. As of the end of 2010, the industry total assets reached 77.613 billion yuan, an increase of 27.78%; industry sales revenue 815.65 billion yuan, an increase of 42.13%. Overall, after experiencing the decline in industry growth in 2008, the industry scale expansion rate significantly accelerated, the overall development trend is good.
What is luminous printing?
Through a certain amount of light, the flower-type afterglow time up to 8-12 hours
What is used textile machinery import clearance process ?
If it is necessary to pre-shipment inspection and quarantine, do the pre-shipment inspection and quarantine after the import, the current pre-shipment inspection and quarantine of China is the operation of the Chinese company, it is recommended to find their nearest branch.
What is the distribution of China's textile industry in developed areas?
As the country's largest textile industry cluster, Shaoxing County, the textile industry has the most complete industrial chain, the county textile industry characteristics of distinctive, concentrated distribution, the formation of a number of characteristics of the town. At present, we take the state-controlled textile city as an opportunity to put forward the second venture to market-driven industrial development
What is the difference between the textile industry and the cotton industry?
Textile industry in China is a labor-intensive and relatively large dependence on foreign industries. China is the world's largest textile and garment production and exporting countries, textile and garment exports sustained and stable growth to ensure that China's foreign exchange reserves, balance of payments, the RMB exchange rate stability, to solve social employment and the sustainable development of the textile industry is essential.