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Summer that it melted the window insert in the steel door so it doesnt fit tightly. What to do now? Also is it better to paint the steel door a darker shade? Its now white and if so what type of paint to use that can take the heat.
switch to a solid door, those inserts are cheap plastic trash and they come loose and leak from old age not just heat. white is the coolest color and any other color will make it hotter. the bottom of the door has room so adjust it to leave a gap for fresh air to get in and you can peel the weather stripping off of the door at the top so it lets some of the heat out. the best solution is to tint the glass with a reflective (mirror look) light smoke window tint so its not dark but it blocks out a lot of the heat
Balcony of the aluminum alloy door how to install it?
There are many types of balcony doors, the mainstream of hanging doors, sliding doors, folding doors, Pingkai Men, etc., choose what type of door need to take into account the home environment and decoration style, the general use of large sliding doors, small space can be Choose a folding door or open the door.
Will the aluminum doors and windows 11.2mm and 1.4mm how to identify? Profile 828,888,757,898, what does that mean? What is the thickness requirement?
To see the sample! General production and processing have samples! GB also has provisions! Aluminum alloy wall thickness is generally greater than 1.4mm, wall thickness greater than 2mm measuring box ruler!
I bought new doors for my bedrooms and bathroom, the doors I bought came with the holes already in them for the new door handles. My problem is I already painted the doors then realized that the handles on the existing doors are higher then the news. I have metal door frames and I am just wondering if it is possible to put new holes in the frame so that these doors will work. I really do not want to replace the door frames. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!
I believe the other two answerers are misunderstanding your question. You do not want to re- drill the doors.... you want to relocate the latch on the Jamb/ frame, is that correct? If that is the case, simply hang the door and install the lockset. Close the door almost completely and mark where the bolt will strike the latch on the jamb. Measure the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the bolt. (this is usually just the center of the door) Transfer this measurement to the Jamb, measuring in from the edge of the jamb. Make an X at the point where the two lines intersect. Use a center punch to dimple that point and use a 7/8 or 1 holesaw to drill for the bolt to enter the jamb. To help hide the old holes in the jamb, you can stuff news paper or steel wool in it and use auto body filler, and then paint over. I guess this goes without saying, as you have learned the hard way.... but ALWAYS check measurements before painting.... you may have been able to return the doors for the correct hole spacing...OR bought blanks, and had the holes bored at the proper height.
Titanium-magnesium alloy door profiles 1.0 and 1.2 how to distinguish?
1.0 is 1 mm 1.2 is 1.2 mm two a comparison can be compared out
Aluminum alloy door with stainless steel door that is better?
Not much. Aluminum can be beautiful
Aluminum alloy doors and windows in which part of what
Hello in the very means that the way, that is, the vertical non-border of the material
This is a metal framed glass swinging door with some miles. It has an adjustment screw which I cannot figure out. Right now the door does not want to close centered on the jam, but instead wants to finish 6 inches off center. Does anyone know how to adjust this kind of door?I cannot identify a brand name on the door anywhere.
you have to back the adjustment screw out to allow the center pin to 'float freely ' then with the door in place lift up on it enough to twist the pin where you want it and retighten the set screw it is a trial and error process but really doesnt take long once you figure out how much you are having to compensate for on a couple tries