Automatic sliding door operator

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KS series sliding door Operator possess leadingtechnologies, multi- function, dependable performance while being costefficient. The best selling models called KS1000/3000, consisting of high-techcomponents, provides our customers with most steady and favorite choice.


1. TheRadars are all worldwide famous brands, such as BEA from Belgium, OPTEX fromJapan, which are more sensitive, make people safe when they go through thedoor.

2. Thesafety beam which installed in the fix-door frame, keep people safe fromsqueezing.

3. UPSbackup battery ensures the door operates 30 minutes normally if power fails.

4.Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door be locked more safely.

5. Thethickness of supporting rail was 5mm, which is much stronger than the industryaverage 3 to 4mm .


1.Maximum Door Weight ( Single Parting ) :  1 ×150kg.

2.Maximum Door Weight ( Bi - Parting )  :  2 x 120 kg.

3.Opening Speed Range:  0.4 - 0.7m / s (adjustable).

4. ClosingSpeed Range:  0.3 - 0.6m / s (adjustable).

5. KeepOpening Time Adjustable Range :  5~10s (5s, Standard) .

6. Powersupply:  220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A .

7. Ratedpower:  100W .

8. power (static):  150N .

9. UPSbackup battery:  30min .

10.Ambient temperature:  -30 degree – 50degree .

11. Max.relative humidity:  90% .

12.Protection level:  IP23 .


Door width (DW)


Opening width (W)


Opening height (H)


Length of operator

2500mm - 8000mm


1. Maincontrol unit : PHILIPS from Netherlands

2. Motor: Dunkermotoren from Germany

3. Radar :BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4.Durable rail : Special nylon, durable, quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSAcontrol Panel : 37 parameters could be set.

6.Supporting rails : High strength, 5mm thickness

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Q:Automatic garage door won't operate?
The motor could have failed or the door could be jammed. Release the trolley to see if the door will close manually then try to activate the opener with no load to see if it will move. If not, carefully try to move the mechanism by hand while the motor is humming to make sure the chain or belt isn't bound. Those tests should narrow your search for the exact problem.
Q:automatic door locks dont work no more?
I have a copy of the Chilton repair manual I'll sell you for $10 if you're interested. I had a '96, the book is good through '98 and is in almost new condition. Hard to tell if it's your switch or actuator without testing both.
Q:How do I set the automatic door to open the door automatically?
Automatic door power does not work, but you can buy a ups backup power Ups standby power after the power can continue for several hours after the operation, the price is generally about 1300. In the normal operation of the process, it will automatically charge, power will be automatically enabled, compared to the price of automatic doors More than a thousand dollars is nothing, I suggest you buy one, the installation is also convenient, fast.
Q:how do cold temps affect older automatic garage door openers?
cold temps really don't affect the openers as much as it does the garage door, which in turns makes the opener work harder. I usually try to tell my customers to make sure that they oil (not grease or any type of spray grease because it gets stiffer as the temp gets colder) with an oil can and regular motor oil. oil all the rollers pulley wheels and or bearings twice a year, right before winter and right after winter because the cold temps make everything on the door work harder. disconnect your door from your opener and see how it works buy hand, it should be rather easy to lift - not heavy. if so, it may need some tension added to the springs. with the door unhooked oil all rollers and pulley wheels. open and close your door 5-6 times to work in the oil. give them all another little shot of oil. open/close your door couple more times. your door should be running smoothly now. check for worn out roller and pulley wheels. if bad replace them. hook your door back up to the opener and see how it works now. the rule of thumb - the easier the door works the longer the opener will last.
Q:Buy automatic entry into what subjects?
Automatic doors, if it is a separate price can be included in the fixed assets, if it is completed with the plant with the installation, then included in the construction project in the future together into the fixed assets - plant is no exception. Tools and equipment will depend on what kind of accounting policy you have developed, if it is an amortization law, and are used to build factories, can be included in the management costs, can also be included in the cost of capital construction projects; if Is the five amortization method, will have to be included in the low value of consumables, and so on, to see which department is used. If it is the management department, it is included in the management fee, if the workshop is used, it is included in the manufacturing cost. If it is built, it can also be capitalized into the construction in progress.
Q:got a 94 eclipse base model and i want to put in automatic doors and windows?
The doors, bolt holes, and mounting is the same between the base model manual windows and locks and the upper models automatic windows and automatic locks. Basically, you have to get the motors, panels, and components and do a straight swap. If you're not into tearing apart your doors, then you can still swap out for the upper model's doors as they bolt right on. You will still have to run the wiring though.
Q:Can I put automatic door locks in a manual lock truck ?
If your year of truck came with electric locks as an option, the plug will be in the door. All you have to do is add the hardware, change out the door panels to fit the buttons.
Q:spilled coke on automatic door locks, now they stick. HELP?
Carefully take the door apart. The rods and the pivot point, if you have one, that connects another rod to the servo, you need to clean. You should be able to visibly see the sugary substance known as dried coke. WD-40 it or use water. If you boil water, and spray it from a squirt bottle, in a mist, this often gets into crevases that you really couldnt get a Q-Tip into or rag, and will help dissolve some of the dried sugar. Did you Spill it on the locks? or did you Pour it down the locks? This advice is assuming that you mean the auto-knob for your locks, located at the top edge of your door.
Q:I think that the US science fiction film in the spacecraft on the automatic door now there?
(Infrared is also a kind of light, but our eyes can not see, it works is the light reflection, when there is no moving object it has been received to reflect the light back is the same When there is a moving item that blocks its light, the degree of reflection of the light changes, it will react to the control of the system to make the action will also automatically open the door.
Q:What is the motor of the automatic door motor?
Can be on the yuan-hing automatic door company website for a detailed understanding of your help

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