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What's going on with the needle top sensor in the injection molding machine?
Determine not induction switch above the metal foreign body, cause the induction switch work, that is, the induction switch is broken, change a can, pay attention to the type and wiring, three lines can not be connected, to the line
The mould is used for transformer skeleton, pin needle used in mould and some small, I have seen a small circular needle 0.5mm; there are square or flat, is also very small, only 0.3 x 0.7mm. The accuracy of these needles is very strict, and the tolerance is only 0.002mm. Take the round needle as an example, 0.5mm needle, needle body diameter 0.8mm, needle diameter 1.2mm, 0.8mm and 1.2...
Directly to buy, you have to cough up, there is such a buy, mold hardware there is slightly.
What material is thimble? Does anyone know it?
The general mold ejector using high speed steel made after heat treatment is necessary. At present, many brands, commonly used with SKD61, SKH51. in 50--55. The hardness of surface hardening and nitriding. There is also a common high speed steel made thimble, used in less demanding places. Thimble market prices vary greatly. Famous manufacturers the price is higher.
Injection molding machine, Haitian, touch, positioning, what does it mean? The thimble doesn't come out
Most of the spool card... Give it a try
Die casting die thimble often broken, who knows what a good way to solve it?
Breaking the needle shows that the resistance is too great when the top is pulled out, the hardware is checked and there is no strain in the deformation, so the slope of the die is properly improved.Die casting die is a method of casting liquid die forging, a process in a special die casting die forging machine. Its basic process is: first cavity liquid metal in low speed or high speed casting filling into the mold, mold cavity surface activity, it is with the metal liquid cooling process pressure forging, can eliminate the blank of shrinkage cavity shrinkage, also make the blank internal organization of forging state of crushing grain. The comprehensive mechanical properties of rough parts have been remarkably improved.
What is the handset thimble?
Mobile phone card slot into the thimble is used to stamp out SIM card or SIM card, like Apple's mobile phone has a mobile phone with a thimble, open the SIM card slot or Cato thimble.
Charm Blue Note SIM card thimble can not find, and what method to open the card slot?
As long as it is fine, you can open it, or you can use apples around them
What's the use of the two thimble of the BlackBerry Z10 rear shell?
The contact point of the back cover NFC at that time. Oh, thanks. Oh, thanks.