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Mobile 4G can play video calls
Otherwise, the operator can only in their own internal video, this service is meaningless.
I live in some shady apartments and drive a pretty nice car. I use to run outside every time my car alarm went off, but it goes off like 3 times a week from peoples exhaust and stuff. Lately, when my car alarm goes off I just tap my alarm to make sure it'a still there do you guys going running outside every time u hear your alarm?
This was a bad school program. Do you know how many bad school performances there are in this country? ALL OF THEM. You can not go to a school performance (plays, pageants, productions, etc) without getting a little creeped out. Look for a Christian school in your area, and go to their next Christmas or Thanksgiving program, and try to find something that isn't either a little silly, stupid, or scary. Now stop harassing school employees, and go back to criticizing Obama's policies.
I am thinking of getting a purple 405nm wavelength laser pointer 5mw. I have seen the cool pictures of green lasers at night and was wondering if purple lasers can also be seen at night or dim light conditions.
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I was using my oven, and my smoke detector went off, I pushed the little button and it finally quited down, but now, every 5 min it does a single little beep noise, I've tried disconnecting and it, and it just won't work, I don't know what to do; can anybody please help me?!
Hey, First of all i know you are in a horrible situation at the moment but you do need to take a deep breath, in out, in, out. Okay now that you have done that i think what you and your daughter needs is counceilling. Not together but seperatley. It must be hard for you and especially your daughter and what you both are going through but if you talk to a counceillor they will and can help you find the bright side of this situation. Yes, the police are correct, they can not file an injunction as she has no physically done anything to you. What i suggest is that you just need to lock all the doors, windows and you'll be fine. You could even ask the police just to drive past occasionally just to check that everything is okay and seek some proffesional advice from a lawyer. I hope i helped and i wish you and your daughter the best of luck and i hope you both find some peace in all this )
i have an old impala with 50 spoke rims. i dont want my car to get jacked since you can hot wire and even tow these cars. so i wanted to get a tire lock. but when i saw some on the internet, the bar for the lock part was pretty thick and didnt look like it could fit. any suggestions?
Pro wrestling moves, video game codes and cheats I haven't used in to use watercolor pencils since they aren't on the market for sale anymore. How to play *anything* on a cheap plastic recorder (a.k.a. the Flute-o-Phone). How to unlock the car door on an AMC Gremlin if you've locked your keys inside. How A Wrinkle In Time ended. How rotary dialing sounded on phones, back when yes, you had to *dial them*. The fact that someone could call a video game system a Fairchild Channel F and not have any porno games on it. That sort of stuff. There's a lot more in there.possibly more crud than brain at this late stage. ^__^
What is system file checker?What does it do?Why does it need windows xp service pack 2 installation disk?
I caught mine trying to sneak out the back door with the dishwasher the other night. I've now installed a video surveillance system in my kitchen.
I have a neighbor who continues to speed up and down our road despite multiple encounters and asking them to slow down. We have posted slow child ahead signs, and they ignore everything. Last month it escalated to a new level, we confronted our neighbor on our road and asked him to please slow down because he is creating a lot of dust (it is a gravel road, probably 100 yards long) and it is unnecessary to be going that fast. The neighbor gave us the finger and peeled out, throwing gravel everywhere. Multiple of our surrounding neighbors witnessed the incident and couldn't believe what they had witnessed. What are my choices here? I am contemplating installing speed bumps. Is there any way to get the law involved?
the best way to do it is to go up to her and simply give her a compliment. right after that, you just walk away. dont say anything else. she might see that you wanted to give her a compliment instead of asking her out. she will feel bad and might ask you out
Nearest fire hydrant from 3337 Lamont dr in charleston wv on big Tyler road?
If you search the net for Kerala Backwaters, you will find hundreds of sites with breath-taking photographs with tour packages and other information. However, if you do a Google search on Kuttanad you will get the info that you are looking for. pedia would be a good source.