Home Automation Security Alarmas System

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Product Description:


1.home automation
2 Android APP Control
3 smart gsm SMShome security alarm system with alarm control keypad

home automation French  wireless gsm funk laser fence magnetic   house security alarmas system  with LCD display and Touch keypad(SZ-188E).


Model NO.:


Working Principle:

Electronic Security Equipment


home security

Sensor Type:

Electric Alarm

Working Mode:


Signal Transmission:

Wireless Alarm


Anti-Theft Alarm



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Additional Info.




Gift Box




Shen Zhen/China

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Product Description

Host size: 170*112*30mm
Gift box size: 320*263*63mm G. W.: 984G

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Q:My smoke detector has gone off three times in the last 24 hours. It makes the usual ear shattering beep for about 5 minutes and stops. I tripped the breaker, unplugged unnecessary units, felt the walls for heat and sniffed for any smoke or burning smell, Should I call the FD to have them check it out? It has been extremetly humid lately and my windows are up. Could moisture play a role in the malfunctionif that is what it is?
There also offers free lifetime support for the products so if you need help installing it you can call them up. The best part is that neither package has a monthly fee. You monitor your own shop at any time via an internet browser or smartphone app. You are correct in that most security camera systems can alert your smartphone but the system has to be attached to the internet to do so. This may be an issue in your shop if you don't have an internet line you can run to the Security DVR. This is the same issue with a wireless system. They must be connected to a network in order to work so you must have a wireless network already installed for the Wi-Fi cameras to work. Wireless is also way more expensive whereas a wired system doesn't need a network installed in order to work (unless you want to view the video remotely from your phone or internet). If you have any more questions don't hesitate to send me a PM.
Q:I see lightning rods on top of sky scrapers and buildings etccan we apply this concept for all homes and use the thousands of watts-volts and trap it into something and convert it into energy etc? is this possible? Or is this already being applied and used around the world?
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Q:Right now I don't have smoke detectors or a carbon monoxide detectors. I have been dragging my feet on buying em. Would it really matter though? Don't a lot of people die in house fires anyways even if they have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors? My main heating power source is gas. Can a carbon monoxide leak happen if it everything is shut off?
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Q:Can Apple 6 call the video?
Yes ah Apple phone has a FaceTime this software can video call
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i'm no longer for my section attentive to any intercom structures different than the 'door bell' varieties, yet i'm optimistic you need to apply that device for you abode. yet is your place that huge which you extremely prefer an intercom? extremely overkill, in case you inquire from me.
Q:So my door doesnt have a lock and i dont want anybody coming in when i ya know So how can you make a homemade one?
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Q:I removed the radioactive americium 241 from my smoke detector. Now what should I do with it?
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