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i am going paintballing for the first time. what safety gear and clothes should i wear beacuse i dont havesuit
Get a better vacuum cleaner. Kirbys are awesome. If you can't afford one of those try one of those new vacuum cleaners made especially for people who have pets. Dirt Devil has one, and so does Bissell. We have a Bissell Power Force Bagless, and it does a pretty good job of getting the dog hair out of our carpets.
Disturbed by speeding cars outside his workplace, Nobel laureate Arthur Holly Compton designed a speed bump (called the Holly hump) and had it installed. Suppose a 1 800-kg car passes over a hump in a roadway that follows the arc of a circle of radius 20.2 m. (a) If the car travels at 30.5 km/h what force does the road exert on the car as the car passes the highest point of the hump? magnitude direction (b) What is the maximum speed the car can have without losing contact with the road as it passes this highest point?
You can get a new one for around 5 or 6 dollars. If you're loosing sleep over it, just replace it. They're easy to stop - just a tad harder than before. Now they won't close or fit without a 9 volt battery installed, so you have to install a dead one now. Too many people were removing the batteries and not replacing them. Actually, if it is beeping - and even though it went off after it stared beeping - it's likely that is the designed behavior. They would design it to warn you a little bit ahead of time and not when it would stop functioning in 12 hours. You know the battery is fine - how? By pushing the test button on the detector. That only checks that the detector works, which it will - even for a month or two - maybe even 3. After the battery low starts beeping. Buy a brand new name brand 9 volt battery and try that. Miscellaneous: Somebody told me on some A/C ones I have that the 1/2 life of the radioactive element that's used to detect the smoke only lasts so long and (well, yes it would) anyway making it almost useless after 10 years or so. I had another one near the bathroom that beeped whenever someone opened the door after a shower and the steam came out. Wow! A bunch of people here who never inhaled that's for sure! If cigarettes don't set them off, pot smoke sure isn't going to unless you're blowing it right into the detector or it's a party and you can't see across the room for the pot smoke.
That's what I heard. I maybe wrong on this.If I'm right, what's the difference between covertly videotaping someone and audio taping them?
Home Depot sells cooper to PVC fittings they work very well and easy to use.
is there an easy way to remove blood and scalp from a car ceiling?
1) It depends on how close you wanna be to the stage. ATL fans are pretty insane and some will be waiting all day to get to the front (like me lol) 2) Meet and Greets with ATL are pre-show for members of The Hustler Club only. There is a good chance they'll be out after the show, but they'll just be around the merch table and what not. They're always up to talk and take pictures. 3) You will be able to take pictures. Most venues don't care as long as they're little normal digital ones and yes no flash. 4) Shorts or jeans (it'll get really really hot in there probably with all the people) and a t shirt or tank top. And if you really want, some girls just take off their shirts and go in bras. Whatever floats your boat. But definitely no flip flops. Your toes will get crushed. 5) Make up will probably be sweat off if it isn't the right type unless you don't jump around with everyone (which isn't really any fun. The guys don't care what you look like anyway). 6) Camera phones are allowed for sure, no flash again, but you can bring your regular one as well. 7) It gets very pushy. Just get there early and be prepared to hold your ground. Don't push if you don't need to because it gets annoying for everyone. You'll all get inside. 8) It's really hard to get their attention because they're wearing earplugs so their ears don't get damaged. If you have your shirt off, they might say something. Have funn! I'm going to the Cincinnati date :D I'm sooo sooo excited!
Mobile phone to play video phone calls how to count?
1. 3G users, 2. Mobile phone support 3G video call, not all 3G mobile phone can video call, nor is there a front camera can be such as IPhone4 Andrews most of the (a small number of machine support.)
There is a video, how to change the video inside the phone number?
The key is you will edit the software? Not the words, and can not be equal to not ah, like PR software like?
How to invite a machine to capture the lightning directly from the atmosphere
Joe P is right. But also, pvc is generally white - the direct bury kind can be green or blue - but houshold pvc is white. Generally, drain pipes are ABS which is black. Basically, you have to cut out the damaged section and put in a new piece. The good news is that you can cut PVC or ABS with any hand saw and glueing in a new piece is a piece of cake. Often, there is enough play in the line that you can use two glue in unions to connect your new piece to your old piece on each end. If not, use a glue in connector on one end and a rubber connector which slips down the pipe and which is held in place with clamps ( commonly called a fernco - use this name at the hardware store, it will get you some respect ;) ) on the other end. Have fun.
i would pay about 150 dollars max and would like quite a large gear ratio thanks fo helping
Where's the camera in relation to you and the mirror? Let's see if I'm getting this straight. are you are in front of the mirror, but the camera is off to one side?? You can see your refection, but the camera can't. The only way to get round that is for you you be on the opposite side of the mirror, in the mirror image position of the camera. So if the camera's 1ft to the left of centre, you stand 1ft to the right.