Gas Boiler For Home Floor Heating System

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Model Number: JLG23-B800


1. QS, ISO9001:2008 approve 

2. Microcomputer control 

3. Heating&Hot water 

4. Hot water Prior 

5. Anti-freeze protection

Two heating models to select, they can change each other easily through "Model changer" on the bottom.

    Floor heating: 30~55°C;

    Radiator: 30~80°C,

   it is free to set up the temperature.

   Anti-freeze protection measure.  

 - When the room temperature drop to below 7°C the circulating water pump operate and modulating gas valve allows to warm the water

 to 30°C then boiler stop working.

Above operation also be controled automatically by Microcomputer inside boiler.

Pressure release valve.  

 - When the Heating system pressure reach to 3 bar the safety valve will be opened to relief the high pressure automatically


Gas Boiler  For Home Floor Heating  System


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Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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Q:Hello, may I ask Daikin LMX + EEHS = Multi-function VRV? Which configuration is better! Home just can use LMXS41U machine!
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Q:Do you have a brand name?
Should have it, this you can go to the Internet query, in fact, only online inquiries, because they do not know where the 粻 笭 Gang locusts Hao Hao Tong Jun Kun. But to warm the tube also has the brand of St. Lawrence, before the main to do the radiator, and now warm to do is also good.
Q:What kind of heater? Home electric heater how to choose
Home heating or the use of electric heating is good, like a small sun to the fast, but no heat.
Q:Heating equipment have what kind of
Air conditioning, to warm, electric heater, fireplace, warm handbag is also considered it
Q:Solar water heater mixing valve pressure balance
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Q:To warm the company which installed the best
To warm the installation to consider a lot of factors, or please warm the company to warm it
Q:To warm which brand the best
You want to good point, then I recommend you to import it
Q:To warm the water back to the water is not hot
Agree with the views of the S-Jun always, first check the pipeline, the valve is smooth, if no problem to put a breath. To warm the heat in addition to blocking the gas is blocked, no other problems.
Q:PE-RT II oxygen-resistant heating tube custom specifications manufacturers where?
The installation of the warm pipe in the use of metal components to meet, such as switch valves and other metal knot bones buried in the body of the machine, in the plastic pipe during the hot water cycle of these metal parts can easily be corroded, which Will be detrimental to the long-term use of the floor heating system. But the warm system is for a long time to use, and its parts are difficult to replace, which caused the use of heating system inconvenience. Why is hot water circulation in plastic pipes accelerating corrosion of metal parts? After a foreign expert survey concluded that: because the pipe after heating oxygen more easily penetrate the plastic pipe into the hot water, resulting in corrosion of metal parts. Oxygen infiltration is a slow effect, but the corrosion of parts is indeed very obvious, while the heating system is limited to the maintenance and replacement of inconvenient parts, so the impact is not as simple as imagined. Heating plastic pipe is highly resistant to corrosion and high temperature resistance, other materials are difficult to replace, and even if it is possible to replace the metal may not be the role of corrosion, so the key issue is how to solve the oxygen permeation. After research and testing, some foreign experts found that an oxygen-resistant plastic pipe can effectively solve this problem. As the name implies, the oxygen barrier has a good barrier to oxygen permeation, which will greatly reduce the corrosion rate of metal parts. The result of using it is that the average life of the warm system can often be extended, usually over 10 years.
Q:The working principle of the heat transfer station
A heat source through the pipeline to the heat transfer station, and into the heat exchanger, heat exchanger through the heat exchanger, the primary heat exchange to the secondary heating pipe, the secondary heating pipe leads to hot users.

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