air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm

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Product Description:

Specification of Air Diffuser


Supplying Air Diffusers 
-Frame Thickness: 1.0mm /0.8mm
-Any Size be customed 
-Powder Coated RAL 9010/9016


Usage of Air Diffuser


The grille is suitable for ceilling  sidewall, soffit or cill mounting and may be used for supply or extract applications. 

Typical installations include offices, shops, hotels and most commercial or industrial buildings.

Available as standard in white polyester powder coat finish. 

Other polyester powder  coat finishes are also available as an option.


air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm

air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm

air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm

air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm

air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm

air diffusers air flow vent for HVAC systerm


FAQ of Air Diffuser:


1, What's size do u have for round type diffuser?

A: We have face size from 150mm to 550mm,neck size from 250mm to 400mm


2, Do u still have other types ?

A: Yes, we have round diffuser/ rectangle diffuser/ linear grilles/ baseboard diffusers,etc


3, What's the most early delivery time?

A: Within 25 days for each 40'fcl


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Q:Electricity to warm and water to warm contrast
Before the water is warm, it is electric to warm. The first is because the gas costs continue to rise, and electricity began to appear electricity peak and trough, the second is because the water can not be closed after the warm, can not be laid single room, and now warm home warm, warm floor, According to the time, the district of different ways of the switch, power consumption is also low, so what is better and worse than the factory to determine Yao Deng witnessed super cunning, landlord should understand....
Q:Since the heating is good or good warm
Both have their own advantages, need to combine their own practical situation carefully chosen. 1, to warm the ground laying under the ground, do not take up indoor space, will not form indoor air convection, to keep the indoor environment clean and tidy will not play a destructive effect; 2, warm heat conduction uniform, heat fast, the ground as a whole fever, comfort 3, to warm the use of low temperature hot water heating, the water temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, the ground temperature at 18 ℃ or so, high security; 4, to warm the system in each of the warmth of the system, The room is equipped with temperature control system, can be individually controlled to warm the temperature, energy saving convenience; 5, to warm long life, in the absence of damage to the situation, the service life of 50 years. Warming because of easy installation, but also the family heating in the hot products. Have the following advantages: 1, Warm water supply pipeline buried directly with the concrete, do not take up the layer; 2, heating warm heating faster. Warming is the use of heat sink cooling, do not need to heat the cement layer and the floor, the initial increase in indoor temperature quickly; 3, hanging warm installation is simple, easy maintenance later. Warming is divided into two kinds of Ming and concealed, the decoration of the family can choose to install warm, does not affect the interior decoration.
Q:To warm the warranty period from when to count
Specific requirements may be required in accordance with the provisions of the warranty book.
Q:How to use the Beretta boiler
Any boiler before starting the machine to pay the water to see if the water pressure gauge pointer is between 1 - 1.5bar. If the water pressure in the above range, open the gas pipe valve, power on, set the machine in the winter position, set the heating temperature, usually the upper limit of the floor heating temperature can be set to 55- -60 degrees Celsius, radiator heating up to 75-85 degrees Celsius (if the radiator is not anti-hot protection, it is best to set the temperature a little lower). After normal ignition do not have to ignore it. Bath: see the water pressure gauge pressure is normal, open the gas valve, power on, set the machine in the summer position (if it is winter, that is set in the winter position), the hot water temperature is set at 42-45 degrees Celsius Between, open the hot water head, until the water temperature is appropriate and stable after you can start bathing. Antifreeze: water pressure gauge pressure is normal, the machine power plug (do not boot), the gas path open (must ensure that the gas source) can be. The above operation applies to Faroe, Haas, Ariston, Bosch, Squirrel, Beretta and other brands of boiler
Q:To use the function
Q:To the advantages and disadvantages of warm
Advantages of the above said, I talk about the shortcomings of warming, warming slowly, taking up the layers of high.
Q:Toshiba home central air conditioning how?
Toshiba how to sell after, Toshiba has sold it? I am the first manufacturing power, in addition to multi-axis lathe and other high-precision processing and Japan have a gap, the other basic rolling, the other is the first to build a large number of manufacturers, Not domestic can not make high-quality products, but do not come out the price is too high you do not buy, there is Toshiba where the production of compressors? Native or Thai? You have broken the machine Mody, know 8 into parts is made in China Mody, the machine is my beautiful production how nobody said, was the acquisition of the United States how nobody said, Toshiba air conditioning in Japan is really good, do not come Foreign brands feel great; Daikin's quality is not as good as before, but the price is cheap, whatever the outcome, he has the country's first sales, the central air-conditioning field of the most complete after-sales, Daikin done publicity? Are we all fool, not out of the use of domestic Gree, although the late start, but the quality is not worse than Toshiba, the United States basically won the Toshiba, believe that Gree will soon force
Q:To warm the system main material and auxiliary materials which include what
1, to warm the main material parts are: wall-hung boilers, heating the main channel, sub-catchment, to warm pipe, such as temperature control. Large houses are also equipped with heating circulating water pump (from the pressurized effect), constant temperature mixing valve (energy saving and good comfort) and so on. These devices are the main part of the warm floor, but also to warm the main supplies, especially the boiler and to warm the tube, the basic occupation of the vast majority of the warmth of the ridge to bogey Yao Xu surprised only super-fee; Some are: reflective film, extruded board (insulation board), steel wire mesh, the border insulation strips, to warm the staples, insulation casing, raw materials, such as ball valve. The price of these auxiliary materials is not high, more varieties, the market is complex, but these accessories are warm to install the important details of the heating system to the energy-saving effect and insulation effect is to warm the auxiliary materials are inseparable.
Q:To warm the winter can not live without water can be frozen to warm it?
Too cold, if the indoor temperature below 5 ℃ will crack. If you do not need to do some maintenance. Maintenance methods: 1, the winter should not pay attention to heating, watertight parts should be prevented from cracking and heating pipe in the water clogging the pipeline. 2, not to be activated when the watertight parts to prevent cracking, the system is not installed after the winter that year, such as indoor temperature below 5 ℃, the system should be all the air with air compressor blowing, to prevent the system by freezing. Winter should not be enabled when the geothermal heating system should pay attention to protection, to prevent the water diversion components or heating pipe in the water icing.
Q:110 level two-story to warm the boiler heating and living hot water with much model
24KW boiler can be used for the whole family .....

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