Floor Heating Cable for Floor Heating System

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Floor Heating Cable for Floor Heating  System


· Insulation:silicone rubber fiberglass

· Conductor:tinned copper,nickel plated copper

· Rated voltage:300~600V

· Rated temperature:150~250°C


Floor  Heating Cable for Floor Heating  System


Floor  Heating Cable for Floor Heating  System


① why from okorder?

Okorder is a qualified supplier of all kinds of building matierials in China. All products have been showed in Okorder website are under well controlled by okorder QC team.

All products had been produced under a clear quality standard and the quality is consistence among the shipments.

Okorder has already setted up more than 20 warehouses in different markets to show the products. You are convenient to know the products from your local place and it will help you to make decision easyly.  

②How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We have established a perfect quality management system,as for raw material and semi parts all are under strict quality test and we have a IQC system to control the purchases.

QC on site is very strict and all steps of process are measured per drawings. Before delivery, we set a OQC system to make sure each piece meet the standard of order.from design to delivery, 

③How long can we receive the product after purchase?

Lead time depending on order quanity, The normal order can be deliveried with 3 weeks.

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