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I have bought a 9800 gt it comes wid only 1 cable and i dont knw where to connect it.
To me, that looks like an S/PDIF cable. It's an optional audio cable for HDMI. Once your video card is in the slot, try connecting it to the audio card, or the audio region of your motherboard. If you don't have a spot, don't worry; it's not necessary.
I had bought a new stereo for my Dodge Neon, had installed it, and everything worked great for a couple days. Later my stereo was no longer getting power, I took it out to try to find out the problem. The power cable from the battery to the stereo is no longer intact. The little metal pin in the middle(no, I don't know exactly what it's called) broke off! I have no idea how, or even where it is, all I know is that it's gone and I don't know what to do! Is this a replaceable car part? If so, where do I find a new part, or where would I take my car to get the best help and possible answers? Would it be better to take it to a mechanic or to a stereo installation shop?
the cables are not a life and run away from the dash , that never happends, and if the cable is there its not broken the power comes from the ignition switch not the battery , so you have a bad fuse or bad ignition switch most likely it is only a fuse, did you know there are 2 boxes ? check both
What is the difference between rubber insulation and paper insulated power cables?
When the cable is laid on the multi-layer bracket, the cables are arranged from top to bottom, the first layer is the high voltage cable, followed by the low voltage power cable. The control cable is placed on the lower part of the power cable. At the bottom of the instrument cable, when the low voltage power cable With the instrument cable in the same layer of laying, should be added partition isolation. Computer communication coaxial cable, full length are required to shield the use of closed trunking.
Can i make the CAT 5 speaker cable, explained on many websites, as a 4 gauge power wire from my battery to my amp?
dude just go get 2 gauge speaker wire and hook up a fuse block b4 the amp and ur set
all i found was four power cables and 1 was for the floppy and the other 3 were the 4 color cable how can i power this 3rd hd with unplugging my cd drive?
You can go out and find a splitter or remove your floppy drive and get an usb floppy drive if uyou really need it
The power supply I have has 8 Peripheral cables. I need just a few more than that. Is there a cable splitter I can get? Or what can I do? I have the power, just need the extra connectors.
capability furnish cables - no situation. USB cable, ensure you employ the comparable style of cable. HDD cable, you need to purchase longer ones, it rather is a extra efficient option than attempting to enhance the single you have. There are some sign themes in case you attempt to enhance the cable.
types of computer cables and where they are being used?
For communication between devices in the computer, such as the hard drive and the motherboard, either IDE or SATA cables are used. For power, Its either a 3 or 4-pin power connector, though some things have two pins (like fan connections to the mother board). Also, the SATA devices use SATA power cables.
im upgrading amps from 200 to 1000 and i was wondering if the cables will restrict the current at all? right now i have a 225 watt cord set
The first consideration is how much power can your speakers handle without self destructing? My opinion is that few can productively handle more than a couple of hundred, and that would be for very brief peaks. The average listening level in a domestic situation is on the order of a few watts - 10 or less. If you really have speakers that can handle that amount of power, and you want to deliver it efficiently, then you need to keep the 2-way resistance of the wires from the amps to the speakers at less than 10% of the speaker impedance. So for 4 ohm speakers (worst case) you want the line resistance to be below 0.4 ohms. For a 50 ft (100 ft 2-way) cable run, that suggests 16 AWG minimum wire gauge for each speaker. Your existing RCA cables should be OK assuming they only carry low level signals. If your present power service and grounding are on a 15 or 20 Amp branch circuit (US) , and no other heavy appliance loads (refrigerator, washer, airconditioner) are on that branch, then it is OK for the new amps.