• 19/33kV XLPE/PVC Power Cable  with a good price System 1
  • 19/33kV XLPE/PVC Power Cable  with a good price System 2
19/33kV XLPE/PVC Power Cable  with a good price

19/33kV XLPE/PVC Power Cable with a good price

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19/33kV XLPE/PVC Power Cable

19/33kV XLPE/PVC Power Cable  with a good price


Construction: stranded circular copper conductor, extruded semi-conducting compound as conductor screen, cross-linked polyethylene(XLPE) insulation, semi-conducting compound as insulation screen, copper tape or combination of copper wire and tape as metallic screen, three cores assembled together with non-hygroscopic polypropylene filler, wrapped with binder tape, PVC or PE outer sheath.


Rated voltage U0/U(Um): 19/33(36)kV

U0 is the rated power frequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic screen for which the cable is designed;

U is the rated power frequency voltage between conductors for which the cable is designed;

Um is the maximum value of the “highest system voltage” for which the equipment may be used.

Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 90 ℃;

Max. temperature of conductor during short-circuit (5s max. duration) shall not exceed: 250 ℃;

The ambient temperature under installation should not be lower than: 0 ℃;

The bending radius of cable is recommended as following:

For single core cable: not less than 20 times of the diameter of cable;

For three core cable: not less than 15 times of the diameter of cable.


The cable is used for fixed installations such as electric power distribution networks or industrial installations, which is laid indoors, outdoors, in tunnel or in cable trench, unable to bear external mechanical force. Single core cable in magnetic duct is not permissible.

Manufacturing Standards

GB/T 12706-2008, IEC 60502-2

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Our company is a professional China Wire and Cable Manufacturers, mainly supply Aerial bundled cable,House Electric Wire, Insulated Overhead Cable,Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced, PVC Control Cables,XLPE Power Cables,BV Electric Wires,Nylon Sheathed Cable,Buried Cable,High Voltage Cable,House Electric Wire,Single Core Flexible Copper Cable,Civil Wire And Cable etc. series of wire and cable products, sincerely welcome everyone to visit.

Q:The difference between a fire resistant cable and a general power cable
The domestic general by the following parts in order, some parts can be omitted: 1: category, use the first letter with the Chinese alphabet, such as K on behalf of the control cable, C on behalf of the marine cable Q car ignition line D power cable Y Mobile rubber sheathed cable H welding machine cable 2: conductor with the first letter of the Chinese alphabet said: such as T for the copper, L for the aluminum LG for the ACSR 3: Insulation material with the letter code, such as V for the PVCY Polyethylene 4: Sheath with the letter of the letter code with 35: feature code used in the first letter of Chinese spells, such as the circle with R, soft R, flat B, flat with B6: outer sheath with the number that: 22 the first representative of the steel armor, the second representative of the PVC jacket 7: derived code with a number or symbol, such as BV-withered Sichuan Fen boil let go wind sand dust 90 said temperature 90 degrees BV line can be omitted Generally have: D power cable T copper R round like VV. you control the order of the above carefully understand, which omitted the 1.2.5 three, you should see clearly.
Q:I'm trying to find out whether a laptop computer can be powered by an adapter via USB cable.Is it possible? Feasible? Available?Thanks!
Good question, however I don't think there is a way at this time. I am a Computer Engineer and coming from an electrical point of view it would be very difficult for the USB cable to send enough power to the battery to be able to charge it significantly. You have to understand that the laptop battery is very large and has to be significantly more powerful than a battery like say the iPod that can be charged via USB. Power consumption and load means the world to batteries. A load like a laptop would use on a USB cable would fry the cable in my opinion. Take care, Chad
Q:I recently switched to cable tv ,internet telephone. i now have 2 tv converter boxes + modem box(?) on 24/7. i did not have that equipment before.my electric use is up 1.5 kw a day vs last year since the change. at first i blamed it on a warmer summer. but the last few weeks have been mild and the new bill today is still higher.did changing and the new equipment cause the extra electric use ?
look at the back of each device. it will show you a current rating and usage, exmple 45 watts. Add em up Whats strange is that they draw power even when turned off.some even more when off. use a power strip with an on off switch so you can turn them all off when not in use. Turn them all on watch your electric meter spin. Unplug them and watch it spin. The difference is your savings.
Q:I found some cable online that I can use, but haven't had any experience with any of this.
Years ago, Belden made the best RG59, but that may have changed by now. I can't imagine anyone using RG59 any more, unless they are co-phasing mobile CB antennas... or setting up CCTV systems. Cable and satellite TV providers long ago changed to RG56, and then to RG6, because RG59 has excessive losses at some of the frequencies used for these services. As to prices, compare the cost of the same thing from at least five different sources.
Q:Explain why a bird sitting on a 400 kV power transmission cable is not electrocuted?
2)Explain why a bird sitting on a 400 kV power transmission cable is not electrocutedmany thanks for your answerPepe
Q:I just bought a new power supply and it doesn't have the cables for my CD drives, how do I know when I buy a PSU if it will have all the cables I need? How do I know if its compatible with my motherb?
Do your research.
Q:just asking if its atleast 5 feet.
The included cables are the standard 6' in length. There's nothing special about the PS3's power cord, so you can buy a longer one if you need it. The PS3 can also use standard HDMI and optical audio cables, so finding those in various lengths is easy. However if you need a longer PS3 AV cable (for composite, svideo or component video) you'll have to buy one online. They exist, or you can use a simple cable extension.
Q:Hello,I recently bought a kotatsu and I really need some help. The power cable is of course Japanese And I need some type of converter.On the part of the cable that plugs into the radiotaor it says:PSE (It's in some square box)JET MR7A 250VOn the end that plugs into the wall it says:PSE (It's in some square box)JET MR7A 125VI''m not sure if a simple small converter to let me put the Japanese cable into my wall is enough, I think I need something extra to make sure nothing goes into flames.Inside the Japanese instruction manual I found some info However, I'm not really sure if it is related to the power supply or notAC100V 50-60Hz400W3.1 (Probably the length of the cable) 1.3 (Same here I think)140Wh 60 Wh55C 37CPlease help me, what should I get to be able to use the cable in Europe. Any links at all will be helpfulThanks.
Don't worry too much about what the cord says. Worry about the power requirements on the appliance label, and making sure you are feeding it with the voltage required, with a capacity within the range. In your instance, you will need a converter transformer that converts your outlet voltage to 100V, and has 550 or larger watt capacity.
Q:This is in terms of military property acocuntability.
Yes it depends, are we talking about a power cable for a piece of radio equipment? Then yes. Are we talking about a power cable for a government computer? Then no. What I can tell you is that if it's a power cable for a piece of radio/communications equipment then its Class 9 expendable. As far as other cables, maybe you could try looking on Army Property Book or FED Log; you may have more luck there.
Q:Can I connect a single HDD and a DVD drive to the same SATA cable or will that draw too much power? I have 3 sata cables and a modular 850W PSU so I could use another cable if I needed to.
Power cables YES Data cables YES *but not recommended. (you would require additional hardware.) Normally the 7 pin DATA cables are considered 1 to 1. BUT with some hardware its possible to change that. Power cables are dependent on your power supply being big enough - 850W certainly sounds big enough but you need to know what is being used, such as is it powering hungry graphics cards etc?

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