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Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel WPC Cladding

Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel WPC Cladding

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10000 g/m²/month

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1> What is WPC?


WPC, simply for wood plastic composite.

Wood Plastic Composite is made from a unique combination of plant fiber and recycled plastic

according to high-tech formula.

It offers the best advantages of plastic and wood. The plastic shields the wood from moisture and

insect damage, and the wood protects the plastic from UV damage and gives you a natural feel.

It has characteristics of high strength and rigidity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistant

and without formaldehyde, it is a real green environment protection building material.


2> What’s WPC used for?


WPC can be used for military equipment, urban utilities and landscaping, architecture,

gymnasiums, outdoor decking, fencing, pallets, indoor and outdoor decoration.









3> Why choose WPC decking?

 *Natural colour 
 *Slip resistant 
 *Resistance to water, rot and crack 
 *Guaranteed to last 
 *Low maintenance 
 *Beautiful and broad range of finish


4> What are the main kinds of WPC currently?

 *WPC decking board 
 *DIY decking board 
 *WPC wall panel (wall cladding) 
 *Garden fence (railing) 
 *WPC outdoor furniture (gazebo, pavilion, outdoor desk&chair, dustbin, pet house…)

5> Ingredients of WPC?


30% HDPE+60% bamboo/wood fiber+10% Chemical additives.


6> How’s WPC made?

 Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel WPC Cladding

7> Specification of WPC?


A. Weatherability 
suitable from -40° C to +60° C, UV resistance 


B. Test Data

Testing Item Technical RequirementsValue of Test
Water Content % ≤2  0.4

Rockwell Hardness (HRR)


Thickness Swelling after

Water Absorption (%)

≤1 0.2 

Screw Holding 
Capability (N)

Surface of board ≥13003870 

End of board ≥12003460

Static Bending 


Bending Elastic 




Hammer falling impact in low

temperature, broken (pcs)


State after Heating

No babbles, cracks and pockmarks


Rate of Size Change with Heating (%)


Report Number: 201107126 
Type of sample: 90x25x820mm, Solid 


C. Surface treatment

Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel WPC Cladding

D. Main colors available:

landscape use wpc CMAX H150H25C

charcoal-black; classic-white; rinforest-canopy;sand-castle; stepping-stone; tree-house; vintage-lantern .


E. How to install


 Wood Plastic Composite Wall Panel WPC Cladding



Company Information



8> About CNBM and It’s WPC products


China National Building Material Corporation (CNBM), long history since 1984 is one of the top 
fortune 500 corporation and central enterprise with total assets of more than $20 billion and 
120,000 staff. 

Our unique advantages: 

* Preferential payment terms 
* Good and reasonable price 
* Quality guarantee -- CNBM won't let a single small deal ruin our reputation and brand, so quality is

our lifetime. 
* Professional team for CRM order processing & QA & logistics 
*Global logistic database, originated from Dubai

Q:there is yellowing on my bathroom floor how can i get this up ? what do i buy it might be from the wetness/ rugs
If you think about how you worded your question, it's kinda nasty. Yellowing on the bathroom floor? eeewwww
Q:I removed my carpet and put in laminate floor. Do you have to put a sealer for laminate floors. What products can i use to clean laminate floors??
You do not need to seal laminate flooring. Just scrub it with a mild soap solution and warm water. Laminate flooring is one of the easiest floors to take care of. A Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner works well also.
Q:The floor is buckling up in one spot even though the floor is brand new. I believe the pieces may not be staggared enough to give it the strength to keep it from buckling up. I believe I can re-use alot of the pieces. I think I may have to pull up the floor and reinstall. any other suggestions?
Sounds like someone didn't have the 1/4 spacing around the perimeter of the room.
Q:Yea so ive been reading reviews on the floor seats at MSG and people say they arent good cause its hard to see. Well i paid a lot of money for the concert tickets I got to a Justin Bieber concert this month for section F. It looks pretty good but are floor seats good? People were saying its better to sit in the 10 section =(
Floor seats are good as long as you aren't too short, because everybody stands up during the concert!
Q:When you replace carpet in a room because you want to install hardwood... do you need to replace the subflooring? Do you replace sub flooring every time you replace flooring?
Usually as R T said if it's in good condition you can leave it like that which should be under normal use, but I do suggest you to seal it if it is not and depending on how many years since it was originally install that carpet, maybe reapply seal is it has it.
Q:Flooring paved, but the place where the wall is seated, how to solve the dust
Flooring paved, but the place where the wall is seated, how to solve the dust
Q:pine floor has a scratch ....how can I hide the scratch
sometimes if the spot was pushed into the wood and not as much the wood being actually scraped away you can soak the spot and steam the wood back out with an iron using caution to keep checking so you dont scorch the wood then lightly sand the wood with 150 or finer paper and re stain. the bad/hardest part will be matching the stain the first time cuz usally thats all you get is once.
Q:What brand floor did you go with? Are you satisfied with your floor?Most importantly for me is, how does your floor withstand spills, frequent mopping, & pet accidents?I want to install a floating vinyl-plank floor which has a natural wood look and feel, yet can withstand the abuse only a young puppy can provide.
No, I wouldn't install vinyl flooring outside. Besides being expensive once you calculate the cost of the vinyl and adhesive, if it gets wet it will be EXTREMELY slippery and you could ultimately be opening yourself up to lawsuits if anyone is hurt (just think of how many people might be walking on it while looking at your house)....OR you or a family member could end up being badly hurt... And as others have mentioned, the vinyl will crack, fade and look really nasty in a short amount of time and removing vinyl adhesive from concrete is NOT a fun job, and because vinyl doesn't belong outdoors, you don't want possible home buyers deducting $$ because they are calculating how long it will take to remove, or if they will have to replace the patio because of the vinyl. Since you're selling the house, use a powerwasher and get as much of the paint off as you can, then go to Lowe's or Home Depot and for less than 20.00, buy a gallon of concrete paint. Not exterior paint, or paint made for porches, or left over interior paint...You want concrete paint. It comes in lots of colors, is designed to bond with concrete and when you paint, make sure it's a neutral color or something that coordinates with the house. If you're feeling especially creative, you can faux paint slate etc., but personally, I would just paint the patio one color and let it go at that. Hope this is helpful
Q:for both ceiling and floor functions, how do you evaluate each for different values of x?also, is there a relationship between them?
ceiling: Round up to nearest integer floor: Round down to nearest integer floor or ceiling of an integer simply gives the same integer you started out with. Examples: floor(4.5) = 4 ceil(4.5) = 5 floor(4) = 4 ceil(4) = 4 floor(4.1) = floor(4.9) = 4 ceil(4.1) = ceil(4.9) = 5 floor(x) <= ceil(x) where <= means less than or equal to For integers n, m with m 0: ceil(n/m) = floor((n+m-1)/m)

1. Manufacturer Overview

Year Established
Annual Output Value
Main Markets
Company Certifications

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
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Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
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