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What kind of machinery does a plastic product factory need?
See what you want to do, there are blown film, tape casting, calendering, molding, injection molding...... A great deal of
Which plastic is suitable for processing 3mm threaded holes and is best resistant to corrosion?
Nylon plastic is suitable for processing 3mm thread hole, nylon is widely used in chemical machinery, corrosion protection equipment, gear and parts, broken material.
What's the price? How much does it cost to run a processing plant? What's better about that one?
You deserve MakinoAskIs this imported? Thank you. What about the price?Chasing the answerDemargi generally 5 axis about 200000German import
Every time I look for work on the Internet, I am confused. What kind of industry does the plastic belong to?..
Plastic processing industry, China Standard Classification Number: Y28, ICS, classification number: 83.140.
In Shengze where you can find what rags processed into a plastic factory
You mean it woven rags! Use a plastic granulator.
Are the fragrance of poisonous substances poisonous in plastic products?
Poisonous, smelling, and dying so fast, so many people with mechanical hand out, we repair the manufacture of mechanical hand
Is it gear oil or general oil?Inside the old oil is relatively thin, the new gear oil is relatively thick. Can you add?.Please point out.Should we add "ordinary gear oil" or "hyperbolic"?
Gear oil should be added, and the old one may be flooded or originally not gear oil.Regular is ok.
Is there a difference in melt index before and after processing?
If no additives are added during processing, the melt index is the same as that before processing.