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I'm 22 married with no children. Just received my bachelors in february. Currently working in a salaried sales position, ben there 9 months, about 100 miles from my home and im completely miserable. I really want to pursue my dream of being a real estate agent. I love the independence of the career. I'm wondering, though, if I could even make money as an agent now? Im young but I still have bills that need to be paid so I cant pursue something that won't bring us money.
Stay with the job that you are at and start your real estate career part time. That way you will still be able to afford to pay your bills because when you first start out as an agent it may take you 90 days before your first transaction. The time is excellent to go to real estate school now so that when the market starts to climb you will be able to get out there right away. If you wait until the market is good, you'll be in school while everyone else will be hitting the ground. Do not take online real estate classes if you want the expertise of an agent who may be teaching a course at your local college or an independent real estate school.
I am a real estate investors in california. How self directed IRA helps me?? Also I know 2 companies, PENSCO TRUST, AND Equity Trust Company in OHIO, which is better?? Any experiences?
So rock on and go make a ton of money and open up a Roth. It's a great question and you are going to do great things. Good luck.
real-estate investor
Put some money together and learn the business inside and out. Read everything you can get your hands on, including information on local price levels, finance/financing, real estate and contract law, risk assessment, renovation/maintenance, operations and operating expenses, zoning, and building systems. The less you know, the more you should be prepared to pay someone who does know.
What is the real purpose of real estate agencies? In what way these agnecies work as a medium between a tenant the property owner? Why do people deal with agencies while they could just rent their own homes by themselves? Do these agencies take a percentage from the rental after getting control over the property?
Several real estate entrepreneurs live quite far away from your property they own. They hire local administrators to deal with the day today procedures of residential real estate like preservation and demonstrating available units. The tenants never get the manager's contact info, and so the owner does not need to offer specifically with tenants. The administration business transmits rent and repair costs to the owner, and manages everything.
Would like a professional opinion on when the texas real estate market will improve
Based on the real estate bubbles of the early 1990's and mid to late 2000's, I'd say 15 -20 years; 2023-2028 for the max value at the end of the next real estate bubble that is already forming....
I was thinking of getting my real estate license but i want to to know whats better what and gets more money?
The terminology used to identify real estate professionals differs a little from state to state. Brokers are usually required to have more education and experience than real estate agents. The person you normally deal with is a real estate agent. The salesperson is licensed by the state, but must work for a broker. All listings are placed in the broker's name, not the real estate agents.
I became licensed over a month ago. Since then I have worked constantly to get my name out there and gain a client. I've knocked on doors in my neighborhood, held open houses almost every weekend (and knocked on those neighbors doors), sent out letters and cards, talk to everything I can at PTA meetings, parades, Girl Scouts, in line at the store, etc... I've talked to at least 500+ people. I've had not one solid lead. I'm starting to feel hopeless and extremely discouraged. Is this a normal feeling in real estate? If so, what did you do about it? Could you give a new agent advice on the best way/place to find a client?
I'm not a big fan of what you're doing to drum up business. I assume you talked to your broker and he advised you to do all those things. (If you haven't talked to him, you should.) The problem is that you're not offering anything that people want. You perhaps can snag a few potential buyers at open houses, but you have to handle it right and you have to follow up with people. As for networking at PTA meetings--that's not productive. Do they want to buy or sell a house? Same with Girl Scouts. I've actually had some success with strangers--lines at stores, etc. But not by just smiling and saying: Hi. I'm Suzie, a real estate agent. Do you want to buy a house? Though it can be frustrating, you can try going after expired listings and FSBOs. At least you know that they're both motivated to sell. Network with other professions that might be aware of people getting their homes ready to sell: Plumbers, electricians, etc. Also, mail carriers are supposed to be an excellent resource, though I've never tried that. You also might consider formal networking groups like BNI. The problem there is that virtually all BNI groups already have a real estate agent as a member, and BNI only allows one person from any one profession. But you never know; there might be an opening. And there are lots of other business networking groups, from your local Chamber of Commerce on down. Also, be persistent in farming a neighborhood. You've only been licensed for a month. So maybe you've done one mailing? If you're even farming a neighborhood. Repetition is key. One mailing a month for 6-8 months to the same folks should produce some leads. And, again, speak to your broker. Hope that helps.
I'm student at the university and we have a part of project assignment about a real estate company wants to put mission for the Customer Care DepartmentCan any one give me some points for Customer Care Department in real estate????
Or you could be referring to Property Management. Are you sure they are asking for Customer Care? What suggestions did they give you to search this out?