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I was lying in bed halfway sleep this morning and i over heard a infomercial about how regular everday people where making big money in real estate buying and saleing foreclosed homes. They sounded genuine . I never realy considered doing this and don't know the first thing about it. Can anyone tell me how i get into it step by step?
Real estate is good if we use it in proper manner and with your soft skills which are very helpful while dealing with customers.And also it depends upon various factors as economy.financial crisis geography etc.So we can't assure to own only profits sometimes we will have to face huge loss.
When a real estate ad reads investors property, are other eligible buyers permitted to obtain financing on these homes?
This is just the newest way for Realtors to try and sell homes. I would be very wary of anyone saying this is a good investment. Really, if it were so good why isn't the agent buying it and making the money? Can also mean that the house is trashed and it will require tons of money to get it livable. Run. That is my two cents worth.
what is the best real estate school for a business student in michigan (metro detroit area) ? (not really interested in online courses)
Wow, is your timing terrible. Whether or now not you've gotten knowledge as a realtor, and I'm definite you may also, MIchigan's truly property marketplace proper now is also the worst within the nation. Think of all of the jobs and industries being misplaced to your field and the volume of empty housing and business estate within the neighborhood. Unless you are in Ann Arbor, wherein I'm definite there are already a glut of realtors, I'd uncover an extra field or state to paintings from.
I was going to focus more on coarses at some real estate institution.But can you major specifically in real estate at colleges? If so, is it better to just go with that than go to a real estate institution?Does my plan on going to college part time with general ed work? Or do I have to major in real estate AND go to a real estate institution?
Its depends upon you that what you want to become in the future. If you are looking for the Real Estate Business then you have to go for the Real estate institution for better knowledge of the market.
Is becoming a Real Estate Agent difficult?
Becoming a realtor isn't really that difficult. I am a licensed Broker Associate in Indiana. Which Indiana actually has some of the hardest testing for Real Estate. I personally went to a class instead of doing an online course. Like SoCal Realtor wrote you are not actually a Realtor until you join NAR. There are fee's in doing this but once you pass the class and the state exam it shouldn't be that hard. Here in Indiana you are under a lot of the same guidelines as California now. Really you will want to go talk with a Managing Broker of a company you see a lot of. They can guide you through the reins and possibly pay for some of your schooling as long as you sign with them once you are licensed. Here in Indiana I think start to finish it was about a $2000 total investment to get started.
Am I too young to start business as a real estate agent? I know a local place where I can take a course to become an agent and everything. If I like it, I'd like to become a broker eventually. Is it necessary that I have a college degree to do well? (2 or 4 year and what kind) Thanks.
Necessary Skills Real estate employers are looking for people with a combination of strong deal-making and interpersonal skills. The skills involved include: People skills: High Sales skills: Very High Communication skills: High Analytical skills: Medium Ability to synthesize: Low Creative ability: Medium Initiative: High Work hours: 20-70/week Real Estate Career and Job Overview In the United States Alone there are currently 5 million plus individuals working in the various parts of the real estate industry, including mortgage banking, construction, title insurance, appraising, property management, brokerage and leasing, and real estate development. In addition to that number are the thousands of people working as commercial banking lenders, corporate real estate agents, savings and loan officers, and insurance companies who aren’t officially part of the real estate industry. Because real estate serves as a guarantee for mortgages and the foundation for mass amounts of capital, more than 33% of global financial assets are connected to real estate. Real estate is an exciting and essential part of the global society. Those who work in real estate provide a service that affects each of our lives, and they contribute to development that will impact society for generations. A career in the dynamic field of real estate will provide fulfilling opportunities to stretch your abilities and expand your experience. No Wrong Way to Get into the Business If you want to get into real estate, there are a lot of ways to do it. If you want to become a real estate agent, you first have to earn your real estate license, and then you have to sign on with a brokerage. But if you’re more interested in analysis and property acquisition, you’ll need a graduate degree focused in real estate. Then you can put your skills to use at a large property management firm. Corporate real estate departments, governments, and banks also employ real estate specialists
i am looking at buying some real estate as investment in Hawaii. which area has the best deals now? Kauai, Honolulu, Kalaheo or kilauea?
If you're buying property as an investment you have to ask yourself - What is the purpose of this investment and does the payoff justify the risk? In order to determine where the best deal can be found you have to decide what purpose the property is to serve. I would suggest that the property fulfill multiple purposes instead of just a pure investment. As a pure investment you are totally at the whim of the real estate market. Ask yourself, 1) Do you want to use the property as a vacation home? 2) Are your goals long term? 3) Can you cover any monthly shortfall if the rent does not cover all the expenses? 4) Can you manage the property from a distance? If not, what are the expenses associated with a local management company? We purchased property in Hawaii 2 years ago with the intention of renting it out and eventually to become our retirement home. We lucked out in that the property included a transient vacation rental permit. No new permits have been issued since the late 1980's so we're grandfathered in. This allows us to use it as an investment, vacation home and eventually a retirement home. There's no better investment than buying property and having someone else pay for it. Typically long term rent in Hawaii, although very high by mainland standards does not cover the mortgage and other expenses. So there will be a monthly shortfall to cover. This may or may not be offset by an increase in market value, but you only realize that when you sell. In the meantime you have to cover that monthly shortfall. A transient vacation rental requires a lot more work but comes closer to paying for itself. Where to invest depends in large part on what you intend to get out of the property.
Do they have any specific educational requirements? I know in the US you usually need to take a written exam and college courses, but I believe in some EU countries(UK, Spain) you don't need any requirements(besides good communication skills). And is there a website for real estate agent requirements? I looked but couldn't find anything.
You will have to be in a position to comprise the phrases right into a hire contract. Be transparent approximately how so much hire goes towards the down cost and the way lengthy they have got to make their transfer. You may even have got to component in what in the event that they make a decision to simply hire and you have got any person who wishes to shop for later. Real property legislation range state to state, you would desire to get a truly property legal professional to aid you with a agreement so you already know you're inside the state legislation in your subject.