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How can I remove the reflective strip?
Try using a household detergent at a temperature of about 40 degrees C for a slight wash. Do not use a brush so that the glass beads of the reflective material will not fall off.
My dad inhaled fire extinguisher smoke in the car and the windows werent open, my brother just took him to the hospital will he be okay?
I'd suggest a larger box, you can still use cardboard, but completely lined with Styrofoam sheeting (you can get this at Home Depot), followed by a lining with heat-reflective material like Mylar. Then for the bottom I would add to your blanket several inches of compressible fluffy stuff for the cat to burrow into. You could shred old wool sweaters to tiny bits. After this put the pieces of the box back together, seal well all around with tape, leaving him an opening about 6 inches. I would add one more additional bed outside the box or right on top of it for when your cat doesn't desire so much warmth.
This old house is really getting to me. There is a copper pipe feeding the washing machine supply faucet. The pipe is corroded and torn. I am going to cut it off and attach a new pipe with a faucet. I have no way to weld a connection, so I plan to use an easier type of pipe. What would be the best pipe to use (with faucet on one end and connection to copper pipe on other end.) Also, how do I connect it so it will not leak? Please tell me step by step, I am not much of a handyman.
If you're using a softbox, try putting the light over-head and tilted slightly away from the background. You'll have to play with the angles to find good light. Also, keep the subject as far away from the backdrop as possible, which keeps the light as far away from the backdrop. So stretch out the paper as far as you can, while keeping only the black background in the frame.
I have three kids and we just keep getting sick.. I have been sick for more then a week.. And now the kids and I do not like it..
I work at a party supply store, and we work with both mylar balloons and mylar sheets, and they are easy to work with. Aluminum foil has a really high risk of tearing, but mylar is pretty sturdy is terms of its thin-ness. Also, mylar comes in many different colors that reflect differently.
A chemistry student must separate solid barium sulfate, a precipitate, from an aqueous solution, equipment and glassware normally found in the chemistry classroom are available to the student.Describe how the student could separate the solid barium sulfate from the aqueous solution. What kind of lab equipments would be needed for this procedure and how are they used? Any safety equipments needed and why? How could this procedure be used in a solution outside the chemistry classroom?
This is variable depending on the material. The property of a material's ability to reflect light is measured as a percentage of reflection called albedo. A mirror reflects almost 100% of the light that hits it and has an albedo near 100%. A highly reflective material, such as white sand, will have a high albedo, while black velvet has a very low albedo near zero.
I drive a kia optima (03 or 02) and when I try to use the key in the lock on the door the alarm sounds when it unlocks the door. what can I do without disabling the alarm.
Is Monster Hunter Ultimate for the WiiU shiny? I don't think so :! Are you talking about the disc? Well discs are made of certain materials! Are you talking about how games look. That differs! Nintendo uses a cell shades look that is easy on the hardware. It is how they can make things look nice without having to push to for to much details. That would tax that hardware to much. The WiiU has allot of 1080p games some even at 60fps. But many of those indeed use graphic styles that use less power to make. Look at screenshots of Monster Hunter Ultimate though and things get different! It looks allot worse. Nature of the beast. So the common look in Nintendo games is just because it is so darn easy to render it. And it looks cute, few Nintendo WiiU owners complain about that.
I just want some help. My handball gloves are dirty, and i want somebody to tell me what i should do to clean it up. My friends says water would mess up the glove i didnt trust em. and just for safety i wanna ask someone to tell me what i do. Please and Thank you D
when temperature of any body is increased, atoms of that body get excited they loose some of their atomic energy or some of mass part or chemical energy to get converted into forth stage of matter plasma . This state is heat emitting we call it as fire good luck.
dont know specicifics on the table or anything.
Balsa's probably a fair insulator as wood goes, but you might want to line your box with styrofoam, or just use a styrofoam cooler. Additionally, line the interior with material from one of those reflective space blankets- available from camping supply or military stores. Make the container as small as you can, minimizing any free space between the beaker and the walls. It would be awesome if you could pull a vacuum on the system, but that would probably be over-engineering your basic experiment.