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I live in Guatemala and I want to import stuff from the USA to sell here. Need help to find a cheap product that: 1. Can be brought in a normal flight without having to do the entire process for importing products and pay taxes (just put it inside your baggage).2. Nice gadget that would sell itself without publicity.3. High profit from selling it here.4. Small.5. Very popular.I would appreciate good answers please, really need money now. The situation in this country is very difficult right now. I thought in things like cell phones, video games, laptops, etc.
If someone wants your motorcycle, they will get it. alarm or not. My security system is a sticker that says this bike is protected by .45
Is it legal to drive a gator on the road? It has no signals, no studded tires but does have light on the hood front and back.
I thought the sought after temp was 6500K. A lot of that color temp is going to come from your projector and can normally be adjusted. The screen can change it, but again you can compensate from within the projector. By low gain do you mean 1 or less than 1 (non reflective). Something like Stuart Filmscreens SnoMatte 100 would be suitable. Drapers M1300 or Matt White screens are good also. Da-Lite's Matte White or Da-Mat would be OK too. Other materials you might want to consider would be Wilson Art designer White laminate or paint.
they're a gift for a woman, and i'm hoping you can look at the catalog i've included, and tell me what's cool- cause i have no clue. what do you like:there's about 120 pairs, and here's the website:
Just about anything interacts with light: any visible object both reflects some light and absorbs some. I'm not sure what you mean by types. There are many ways to classify materials that interact with light. Maybe one way is: transparent materials that slow the speed of and bend light, opaque materials that at least partially absorb light, and reflective materials that cause light to bounce off them and change direction.
When assembling longboard trucks and wheels, is there a specific direction the bearings should face?
It's kind of crazy that the lock of your door would be left in worse condition after a professional locksmith had handled it. I would just call up the company and calmly explain what happened; in all likelihood they will fix it for free, since it was their error. If not, then take your business elsewhere. Hopefully this just happened, because if you wait a few days before contacting them about a problem, they will assume you messed up the lock yourself and are just trying to get free services out of them by blaming them. In other words, act fast.
I need hydrochloric acid for a school science fair project by Tuesday(yes it is approved by the teachers). Does anyone know where I can find some IN STORE I don't have any means of ordering it. It also has to be pretty cheap, cost-wise. The hydrochloric acid can also just be a main ingredient in a different product but I would prefer it alone. I would also prefer a generally low concentration around 15-20%, enough that it will affect common metals in a timely manner(THIS ISN'T NECESSARY THOUGH). And a small amount too, maybe at most a gallon.This may be a lot to ask for but I'll appreciate any and all recommendations.
Well, first of all, you definitely need water conditioner if you are using tap water. Tap water contains all sorts of metals and chemicals in it that are toxic to your betta. There are a few reasons your betta may have holes in its fins: 1) It may be because of a strong filter (if you have a bowl filter) strong current can sometime damage their fins. 2) Your plants may be too sharp do the pantyhose test, if a plant in your tank snags a pantyhose and rips it, it will also rip your beta's delicate fins. It's best to remove these. (Though, in my experience, live plants are usually soft.) 3) Excessive flaring might be a problem. If you have any bit of reflective material near your betta's tank (such as a mirror) he may be flaring so much that he is hurting himself. This is called a blowout. If you want to prevent stress, then limit him seeing a reflection for 10 minuets a day. And lastly, 4, the most likely problem a fungal infection. A hole usually means there is some kind of fungus, due mainly to poor water conditions. In a bowl larger than 2 gallons, at least the water must be changed twice a week due to built up of ammonia which can easily poison your betta and make it susceptible of disease. In addition, if your bowl temperature is not in the range of 78-82 degrees, he can get sick very fast as well. The way to cure this is to raise the temperature (assuming you have a heater since he is a tropical fish), 1 degree every day until the water is set at 80 degrees (waiting everyday before turning it up a degree is a must, if not he will die from temperature shock), do complete water changes everyday for 3 days, and add a 1/2 tablespoon of diluted aquarium salt to his water. If in three days the hole hasn't healed, treat him with antibiotic (ask your local fish store about what antibiotic is right for your betta.) Hope this helped!
where to find table showing centroids of pipes & fittings?
Contact the manufacturer. Without a make and model number it's not even possible to make a wild guess. (And with it, unless someone from the manufacturer is reading your question, you probably won't get an answer. This section is mainly about programs in personal computers, not programs in vinyl cutters.)
watch polar bears falling from the sky,arm shake and turn bright red when eating dirt,can count potato, nostrils whispering to him ,always ask if elephants have 3 balls,chase some pineapples,mouth full of drop-kicking astronauts,can kill a goat by just staring at it,likes to put a sock in a toaster,eat forbidden fire-hydrants,can X-ray through peanut butterwhich one?
we have a smoke detector (it doesn't have a brand name or anything, and was in the apartment when we moved in) that is on the ceiling outside our bathroom doorif we take a hot shower with the door open, or even open the door AFTER the shower is over, the detect will beep once every few minutes until the steam dissipatesit sounds more like the low battery beep though, not a constant beep like it does when there is smokeif you submerged a smoke detector in water it would stop working as soon as the battery was submergedit would cause the whole device to short out, and it may beep for a few moments after being submerged but it would just as quickly cease to functionI am curious why you would want to put one under water?
instead of rollers using bobby pins this is before my time but my sisters who are 12 and 13 years older did
I don't know if they crack but it can't be good for them. Temperature changes from night to day, and the plastic will contract and expand. The plastic may look all right, but look at the reflective material inside. You may see pinholes. In a good CD player, there may be no effect in the playback. When it comes to selling your CDs to a used buyer/seller, they may offer you a low buying price or they may reject your CD outright. I have had CDs that I kept in a drawer in my bedroom and I played only tape copies or burned copies. I still had pinholes.