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How much is the size of tables and chairs?
Square table sizeSquare table size according to the number of seats vary, the common table size are usually rectangular table 760mm x 760mm and 1070mm x 760mm table. 760mm table width is a standard size, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise the family sitting easily because the table is too narrow and the feet touch each other. Table height is usually 710mm, with 415mm height of the chair. The size of the table for two persons is 700*850 mm (length * width). The table size of four persons is 1350*850 millimeter, and the size of table for eight persons is 2250*850 mm. Consumers in the purchase, according to their own area to choose the right size of the table.
U furniture which has several commonly used size
If the chair can reach the bottom of the table, even a very small corner, you can also place a table with six seats. When dining, just pull out the table. The 760mm chair size is standard size width, at least not less than 700mm, otherwise, when the sitting chair is too narrow and feet touch each other. The foot of the table chair should be shrunk in the middle, and it will be very inconvenient if the four feet are arranged at four corners. The height of table and chair is usually 710mm, with 415mm height table and chair. The table is lower and you can see the food clearly on the table when you are eating.
Ask the chair, practical?
I think it is absolutely necessary, recommend, must give the baby chair, could save a lot, the baby's eating habits will be much better. This is the prior to a mother, now the baby age copied, pro reference my baby is now 18 months, will sit down from his chair, I feel that this thing is very practical, definitely do not regret buying.
What materials do you choose for dining table chairs?
Wooden table from the nature, with a strong local flavor. Affinity, and environmental protection, conducive to human health.
The size of the table for 6, as long as three people, the length of the minimum, how much is enough?
The sitting chair is about 420-450, if your table is the middle column of the foot feet, so if your chair seat width is 420 words, you can also do 1800 long
The chair is wood, or plastic.
Children at home, it is recommended to temporarily select plastic, so as not to knock into the children! The baby is big, if you love woodmensal, can change!
We help to give suggestions, what color the baby chair for baby boy?
Blue: full of fantastic colors, and always maintain clear, romantic feeling, baby chair, is pure and lovely, provoking speculation. Blue in the shade of nature, more fresh and elegant, rich in decorative flavor, especially for children, so that the noise of the heart into the quiet harbor. In addition, plain and clear blue; dark blue modern avant-garde.
What brand of good children's chairs
If it were made of wood, we would choose those natural solid wood, such as teak and rosewood. Wooden without burr; if the children do not recommend buying that wood split, children will fall down, the following 10 months of the baby does not recommend the use of wooden chair, to 6 months baby sitting, the process of growth and development from turning to the sitting is the process of the spine is not fully seated the baby the spine are still very weak needs good protection.