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Feature of Plastic Chair

Material: PP Plastic seat and back, wooden legs


Color: red,black, white, yellow etc

Plastic Injection Mould


modern design and beautiful shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

Q:The armrest of computer chair is broken, what adhesive is best with?
You can take a chair to decorate the house and ask him to fix it for you. I have had that experience.
Q:Highchairs above the plastic plates containing formaldehyde do
No manufacturer will use POM. It's too expensive. So, there is no formaldehyde.
Q:Summer plastic chairs and leather chair which is easily rash
Look at this! The ratio of plastic to leather is almost the same as in hot weather. It's not particularly breathable. Plastic chairs are bad, poisonous, and leather is airtight
Q:Imitation rattan plastic rattan rocking chair quality is good, or anti-corrosion wood shake rocking chair quality is good, which durable?
The wooden rocking rocking chair has good quality and durability, and the rattan like plastic rattan rocking chair is easy to aging.
Q:Plastic seats for a long time, discoloration, how to brush into primary colors?
Plastic fading may be aging, considering safety, it is recommended to buy new!
Q:How is a car seat made?
Chemistry is seat material back to the gas content, the skeleton to comply with engineering mechanics, foam to meet DV, PV, TVOC, surface set to beautiful and chemical reaction gas standards.
Q:What chair is the most comfortable?
Different materials, different shapes, different functions of the chair have their own advantages, can not be simply summed up, can only say that under certain conditions, what kind of chair to sit more comfortable. For example, hot summer, cool sitting chair, chair, chair of wood, stone chair to chair, Bibb leather chair comfortable; when the cold winter, cloth chair, sofa than stone chair, sitting chair, chair, comfortable cool. In addition, according to the needs of users, for example, when drinking tea, chat and sit chair; sit wooden andrattan chair; use a chair, this is your daily experience.
Q:Is the plastic stool with leather skin harmful to the body?
There are many kinds of plastics, polyethylene, PE and polystyrene. PS is only two of them, and PS is more toxic than the two.If you eat into the abdomen, if it can be excreted with feces, it will not cause harm to the human body, unless it is hard plastic, easy to scratch the stomach wall and intestinal tract.
Q:Choose the chair for baby, good solid wood or plastic?
The edge is not sharp, the safety belt to adjust the tightness, and hot water after washing will not be deformed, without burr, including across the thighs and legs of the baby through the seat belt buckle and strong; if the tray and other accessories are plastic products, which will exercise the baby hands, enough to do good, baby. The use of the baby chair, if it is made of wood, on the market by the majority of consumers concerned about the children's dining brand, good children and Dragons ha he get the most attention, dragons Peter kazakhstan. The mother who gave the baby to pick children's chairs should pay attention to the following points from the sound, and each time the regulation, the qualified woodmensal can, as long as it is non-toxic and tasteless; the baby seat depth is appropriate, each must be used to the baby safety equipment, baby sitting above can have the moving space, good children. Parents do not have too much pursuit of brand in the purchase of children's chairs; equipped with safety equipment, wheels should be lockable, wide, master, Combi.
Q:Does a plastic chair catch a cold?
This looks at me. It's autumn. If it's hot, I can't put an ice cube on it. In autumn and winter, we can consider putting some mats and so on

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