Stackable Banquet Chairs

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Feature of Stackable Banquet Chairs

Material:Steel and Fabric



Package of Stackable Modern Banquet Chairs

Inside packing: glass and leather parts are covered with foam or plastic bag, chromed and spraying parts are enwind with fabric outside packing cartons.Or as requesed.

Normally 15pcs per stack. 820pcs for 1x20'GP while 2000pcs for 1x40'GP.

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Q:What does the depth of the wardrobe mean?
Like the summer clothes. Just as wide. The width of the hanger like this suit of clothes, shoulder is slightly larger. Any cabinet depth is this meaning, that is their thickness, our line width. Many laymen mostly called will be mistaken for the wardrobe of one side to the other this is the edge width, we call the length of the height, needless to say. You can go to the Sophia Museum and see the online experience!
Q:How to calculate the size of a customized wardrobe
The wardrobe door plate width: single sliding doors suggest that the width should not exceed 1200mm, high in 2400mm.Solid wood wardrobe door width: single sliding doors suggest the width should not exceed 1500mm, high in 2600mm.
Q:Assembly steps of wardrobe
After installing the bottom of the wardrobe, and then install the back board, should pay attention to let the backplane and the bottom board to maintain ninety degrees right angle, can not tilt, it is best to use measuring tools to carefully measure, to avoid errors. After installing the backplane to side plates and roof mounted combined wardrobe, side side connecting backplane side is connected with the bottom plate, between the board and the board has a ninety degree angle, roof mounted on the top of the wardrobe, should pay attention to the stability of the interface, is fixed on the top of.
Q:How to wash the black pen on the closet
Solid wood furniture, then, because there are painted, there are varnish, there are logs, should be handled as appropriate, if the furniture is more expensive, specific consultation furniture manufacturers better.
Q:Do you use the eco board or the big core board for the wardrobe?
Eco board and blockboard, good and bad:1. Blockboard process more, many carpenters in order to respect the owners recommend eco board, the general owners believe that carpentry. In fact, this is a misunderstanding, decoration was originally exquisite is an effect, using Blockboard do wardrobe general procedures: Blockboard affixed to decorative panels, painted on the paint. Using eco board wardrobe and blockboard produced wardrobe, from the feel of the comparison, blockboard do wardrobe feel better, better light protection performance.2., wood: Blockboard do the wardrobe, the surface for the bark (decorative panels). The surface of the eco board is melamine paper. From the moisture-proof, mildew, and friction resistance, blockboard are much better than the ecological board. High-grade furniture, the surface is generally used to paste bark!3. appearance: Eco board wardrobe used with screws together, and above do not do a closed primer! Therefore, every time the moisture regain or air humidity is relatively large, it is easy to air the water into the ecological board, thereby affecting the service life of the eco board, and so on, careful look will leave a big screw in it. Blockboard do not screw printed, generally painted nails can not be seen.Therefore: Blockboard consumers more choice is more, just on the plate ecological board did not understand, on the choice of ecological board, really know expert, also need to do the wardrobe will choose blockboard.
Q:Cable Invensys wardrobe?
Any commodity has a modern brand, many relative to no awareness of the whole wardrobe, rather than choose a higher visibility of the whole wardrobe, so in terms of quality is more reliable, the higher the visibility of the wardrobe brand, the attention is also higher, which in terms of quality control is quite strict, so it is best to choose well-known brand wardrobe.
Q:Paint wardrobe knocked off paint how to do?
If you want to be more convenient, faster and less expensive, you can use some decorative environmental stickers;
Q:3 meters long wardrobe is not a cabinet, a cabinet to do?
Do a big shelf, wardrobe must be done separately, hope to adopt
Q:Can the wardrobe of 1 meters and 2 width make sliding door?
Of course, you can do it.The advantage of a sliding door for a wardrobe is that it saves space in front of the cabinet
Q:How do you calculate the price of the cabinet made of MDF?
High density board according to projection area, no door of 500 yuan per flat, open the door of 700 yuan per square. (times by height) the thickness is 600. Height is recommended within 2400mm, length 2400mm.Finished doors in the price of 400 yuan per square metre above.If custom-made finished wardrobe, usually in accordance with the expansion area of the plate, 200 yuan per square.The end result is the price is close. Custom made looks and workmanship are better. By the way, the hardware is extra.

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