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What are the advantages of cement tile machine?
A machine multi-purpose, tile mode switch fast, fool-type operation, low power, CNC molding. Unique design, multi-functional hydraulic molding, user-friendly interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, to fill the gaps in the domestic.
The processing method of the tile machine
The billet is soft. Filter cloth part of the paste was dead, the next model of the local filter hole blocked, clean up. System without pressure, pump reversal: wiring error, adjust the steering. Insufficient power: motor failure or low voltage, power supply or repair motor. Oil pump temperature is too high: oil viscosity is too low, the pump is damaged, the cooling is insufficient or interrupted.
What steps are required during the installation of the cement tile machine?
Host installation: the user in accordance with the size of the foundation map dug the foundation, according to the requirements of the drawings for the foot of the embedded hole or under the embedded iron with concrete pouring, for the installation of embedded holes into the anchor bolts (M24 × 360) and then Grouting, embedded iron can be a one-time cast into the installation and direct welding with the host, based on the plane must be level, the smaller the better the better.
Analysis on the Problems of Cement Shade Machine
construction process to meet the requirements. Discoloration of the substrate in the humidity is too high, water-soluble salt crystals in the surface weathering; substrate containing alkaline, infiltration of alkaline weak paint or paint film;