Folding Metal Single Bed

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Product Description:

Specification of Folding Bed

Material:steel tube


Leg:50mm round tube

Main Beam:25*50mm square tube

Branch Tube:25*25mm square tube

Production technique:

cold compression,

high-temperature painting

phosphating,deoiling, derusting,

Package of Folding Bed:

Plastic bag or standard exporting packing-5 layers carton.or according to customer's require. Packing:1set/ctn,

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Q:What does the depth of the wardrobe mean?
Refers to the outside to the inside of the closet as empty.. the width of 55~60 cm. Now mostly in the 60 cm wide, but there is no space as much as 60 cm, to get rid of the position of the door, about 55~58 centimeters. Because the clothes while suspended in the width of 52~55.
Q:What size is suitable for simplified wardrobe?
Bedroom, wardrobe, open style design is popular in recent years. The size of this wardrobe in general size is 2200*600*2200mm., these wardrobe sizes are generally more common, just to give you a choice of wardrobe when there is a size comparison. Specific depends on their own family space, as well as other circumstances, so as to choose their own wardrobe.
Q:The length of the wardrobe, the long dress area and the short clothing area, and also the size of the wardrobe
The clothing is usually used to hang shirts, suits, T-Shirts, jackets, etc. nowadays commonly used wrinkle coat, custom closet, coat wardrobe with a number of areas can be according to the multi interval design (design two tops, area) of this design, the main consideration from the owner of height. On the other hand, in life, the owner can quickly find his clothes through the classification of users. The coat area dimensions suggest high in 100cm-120cm, but not less than 90cm, the clothes pole height is in accordance with the owner to set the height, specific measure, homeowners can in the custom wardrobe process and practical experience. The width of the coat area is distributed according to the clothes that the owner usually uses. Generally, men have less clothes and more ladies, so the lady's coat area is wider than the man's height, and the height is also the same.
Q:Custom wardrobe is a particle board, multilayer board, finger board, as well as solid wood board, which is good?
Is the particleboard, various branches, small logs, wood, wood and other fast-growing material cutting into a certain size pieces, dried and mixed with glue, curing agent, waterproofing agent, a man-made board is pressed on a certain temperature and pressure, because of its profile similar to a honeycomb, so called for particleboard.In addition the particleboard internal moisture factor "or" moistureproof agent "and other raw materials, has become the people usually speak moistureproof particieboard, referred to as the moisture-proof board, a moisture barrier function is itself because particleboard moisture resistant, small coefficient of expansion after the moisture absorption, is widely used for cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environment. But in reality, has become many inferior particleboard more impurities cover internal tools. Green pigment is added to the shaving board to form the green particleboard, so many manufacturers use it to mislead the green board. In fact, there is no scientific basis. Particleboard of top brands both at home and abroad is actually the base material of natural color.
Q:What about the squeaky door?
Check carefully to see if the friction is made by the hinges. If so, sew oil or oil on the hinges.
Q:What is the difference between a custom-made wardrobe and a carpenter's wardrobe?
Carpentry wardrobe: the use of space is very large, especially for the special shape (Xie Po) processing advantages are obvious.The whole wardrobe: a lot of people think the whole wardrobe space rate is very small, in fact this somewhat biased, in addition to the slope, the whole wardrobe on the beam column is quite perfect, usually designed according to the actual situation, is not affected.
Q:What is the size of 4 doors of ordinary solid wood?
The whole wardrobe depth is generally between 550-600mm, remove the backboard and the wardrobe closet door, the whole wardrobe depth is between 530-580mm, the depth is more suitable for hanging clothes, not because of the shallow depth caused by her clothing.
Q:Why does the wardrobe have to be moldy in summer? How can we prevent it?
Furniture is the most necessary moisture wood furniture, wood furniture itself because of the automatic adjustment of humidity function, it is not recommended to often dehumidification, usually a month dehumidification can. But if there is a humid area near the house, the interval and frequency of dehumidification should be increased so as to avoid moldy furniture.
Q:What size and height do you need for a wardrobe?
The size of the wardrobe and pants rack is mainly affected by the depth and width inside the wardrobe. Wardrobe depth is generally between 600MM - 650MM, width is not strictly limited, as long as the wardrobe to ensure the strength of the wardrobe balance of force on it.
Q:3 meters long wardrobe is not a cabinet, a cabinet to do?
No matter how big the cabinet is composed of a small cabinet, each cabinet is composed of different sizes of small cabinets, 3M cabinets are generally composed of 4-5 group of small cabinets, do not believe it, can Home Furnishing 100 ask designer will know

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