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Description  Product Size (mm) Package Volume (CBM)
Bed 1.8m           2100*2200*1470 0.752
Night Stand      650*460*685 0.093x2
Desser+Mirror  1642*485*785/1060*80*1100 0.361

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Q:What materials should I buy to find a carpenter's wardrobe?
Clothing and accessories: installed in the wardrobe, clothes hanging with matching settingsShut up: kasanuiDrawer slide: installation of drawersDrawer lock: installation of drawersHandle: the door must be openedCabinet feet: it can be used to raise the distance between the wardrobe and the ground.Mirror: need to install it to the mirrorPaint: solid wood can be painted manuallyPipe hinge installation: pull door mustOther hardware and accessories: nails, nails, screws, white
Q:How to buy wardrobe? What kind of wardrobe is good
The quality of the wardrobe is mainly to see whether the thickness of the plate is full, thick and high enough. If the wardrobe is used in three ammonia board, the best choice of 18 mm thick sheet, high quality materials in order to lay the foundation for the wardrobe, wardrobe on the market nowadays materials include: wood, glass, mirror, metal containing material door is the avant-garde fashion, the most practical one is made with mirror the door.
Q:Big wardrobe sliding door two open, or three open good?
The two door is good.Basically do two fan, size of only 2 meters 3, note: it depends on the cabinet when design is the design of several two and three fan fan fan; difference; if there is a gate, a gate should do 2 fan, 3 fan if two classified, it can only open 1/3; two gate, only 3 or two fan, fan, the middle of the lattice can only open 1/2; if not in the gate, 32 can. Now cabinets are mostly two placed, so that three fans can only open 1/3; may ask why not three.
Q:Do the wardrobe first or the wooden floor first?
If your wardrobe is mobile, it is recommended to lay the floor first and put it directly on the wardrobe. If it can not be moved, you must first install the wardrobe and then put on the floor.
Q:Wardrobe installed, sliding doors, drawers are blocked,what is the reason?
Solution 1: change the drawer, the drawer width narrowed, in the right side of the cabinet plate plus 18 slats.Solution 2: change the door. Cut the two doors on each side by 20mm, and the width of a door in the middle increases by 40mm.
Q:What is the length and width of a sliding door in a wardrobe?
The glass closet door: single sliding doors suggest that the width should not exceed 950MM, height (length) in 2400MM.The wardrobe door plate: single sliding doors suggest that the width should not exceed 1200MM, height (length) within 2400MM, note the door core plate may be deformed.Consider the size of the push and pull, but also consider the wardrobe inside the structure and function of the division, so that the wardrobe is out of the appearance to the use of perfect.
Q:What board do you use for the wardrobe
The multilayer solid wood board is made of three or more layers of single board and thin board, which is made of wood glue sticking and high temperature and high pressure. The main material is plywood arranged in a crisscross pattern ordered based, supplemented by green polymer glue, the surface is made of high quality wood veneer for the fabric, after cold pressing, hot pressing, sanding and curing process to made. Because the multilayer solid wood board is pressed by the uniform plywood, the utility model has the advantages of small deformation, high strength, good internal quality, good flatness and strong stability. 5-40mm laminates with different thicknesses can be produced according to different requirements, and multilayer solid wood panels have the characteristics of easy deformation and good performance of regulating indoor temperature and humidity. After melamine finishes, the surface of the board has natural, real wood texture and tactility.Environmental protection: in the pressing process of multi-layer solid wood plate, is used for veneer bonding, high temperature and high pressure pressing aspect, not only has the advantages of structure stability, not easy to deformation and reduce the use of the adhesive, the production process is the use of polymer glue, after sealing the high temperature and high pressure, PVC around, reduce the formaldehyde content, let the release amount reaches the standard of environmental protection plate formaldehyde, green environmental protection.
Q:3 meters long wardrobe is not a cabinet, a cabinet to do?
No matter how big the cabinet is composed of a small cabinet, each cabinet is composed of different sizes of small cabinets, 3M cabinets are generally composed of 4-5 group of small cabinets, do not believe it, can Home Furnishing 100 ask designer will know
Q:Wardrobe door should use solid wood or molded door?
The moulded door is a wooden door made of moulded door panels, with concave and convex exterior or wood grain or no wood grain. The panel of pressing door is made of wood fiber and molded by high temperature and pressure. When the panel came out, it has led a transformation of the international interior door industry, and at the same time it has brought the stable quality. It has expressed the intense environmental protection idea: to protect the forest resources.Because the quoted price is more economical and safe than the solid wood wardrobe door, it is liked by most families. The molded wooden door is made of two pieces of high density fiber molded door with outer shape and simulated wood grain, and the door plate is mechanically bound. The shutter is hollow, the effect of natural sound relatively solid wood wardrobe door is to be, and not wet water and bump.Molded doors with wood veneer and brush "varnish" veneer board, adhere to the natural texture of wood decorative effect, but also with panel parquet, beautiful vivid and practical. The molded door cabinet also has the characteristics of moisture resistance, small expansion coefficient and deformation resistance. After a period of use, the surface cracks and oxidation discoloration will not occur.
Q:What is the iron pipe used for the wardrobe, please explain it to your professional friend. Thank you
Don't use iron pipes, it will rust. I suggest you use stainless steel pipe
Our company is a professional manufacturer that specialized in original modern leather sofa, leisure chairs, and coffee tables. Our products are well-positioned to European and American markets.. We focus on top-notch products at reasonable price as well as excellent after-sale services, whereby we gain reputation among the customers worldwide. Aiming to create a contemporary, coziness, elegance and prominence home atmosphere through our people-oriented principle.

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Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2003
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South America; Domestic Market
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