Hot Selling Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed with Stairs 707 From Fortune Global 500 Company

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1. Material: steel tubes, main tubes with 50*1.0mm,25*40*1.0mm,20*40*1.0mm

2. Size:80.3''*41.75''*65''

3. Finish: powder coating

4. Packing: by export brown carton,carton size 76''*45.3''*7.87'', 1pc/ctn

5. E2 MDF with PVC



1) Competitive price

2) attractive design

3) comfortable, elegant and durable

4) easy to assemble and maintain

5) OEM service is offered

6) Models can be customized

7) Punctual delivery







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Q:What is Optima's overall wardrobe?
The chest of Optima is cracked with a waistline, and feels very textured. The trellis, the hanging rod and the plywood are removable or fixed to facilitate everyday use. Wardrobe door adopts aluminum alloy coating way, long-term use will not lead to deformation, plate using solid wood particle board, play a very good moistureproof effect.
Q:What is the size of a child's wardrobe?
In the choice of wardrobe panels, we should try to select natural materials, and the less processing the better, so that a variety of chemicals can avoid indoor pollution. In addition, due to the delicate skin of children, viscera and organs in a high growth period, therefore, choose paint should be selected children's paint.
Q:What is the price of a general wardrobe?
And then look at where you customized, and each manufacturer's production process is not the same, the price is not the same.Secondly, according to the calculation method, the overall wardrobe price calculation method mainly has two kinds: one is projection calculation, and another is according to the expansion area calculation.
Q:How high does the wardrobe fit
I specialize in this, two layers, 0.6 meters above the cabinet. 2.18 high cabinets, with interior door shut
Q:What about the door and the door of the sliding door?
Look at the edge; wardrobe door edge is also an important factor affecting quality. Edge with good quality, smooth edge, natural, smoothness and compactness. At present, the main edge banding strips on the market include PVC rubber and silica gel. PVC fully automatic edge sealing, surface smooth, color material realistic, will not fall off deformation, and no collapse edge phenomenon, silica gel equally good effect, will not corrosion profiles, glass and core board damage to the door structure.
Q:How about the resurgence of wardrobe?
Air damp, easy to mildew, that can put some lime at home, not only can effectively prevent moisture, but also disinfection effect. If the moisture in the wardrobe is too heavy, you can put a tungsten filament bulb in the wardrobe. It opens during the wet period. It can effectively reduce moisture in the wardrobe and keep the wardrobe dry.
Q:What's the best way to mold the wardrobe?
Remove mildew from clothesThe smell of the clothes closet a musty, you can add two teaspoons of vinegar and half a bag of milk in a tub of water, put the clothes in the washing water soaked this specially formulated for 10 minutes, let the vinegar and milk adsorption on the clothes of musty, then dash, washed, rubbing the left and right rub, finally the use of water for washing clean, no smell.If you are in a hurry to go out, there is no time to use this method to remove mildew, you can also try the hair dryer to mildew:Hang up your clothes, leave the hair dryer in the cold air, blow the clothes for 10~15 minutes, let the wind take away the musty smell of the clothes, and then you can put it on the door safely.
Q:What's the standard size of a wardrobe?
Standard size of wardrobe is:According to China's national standard GB3327-82 regulations, the standard size of the wardrobe, including a few points: flat door, wardrobe depth550~600MM; sliding door wardrobe depth more than 626MM; the clothes hanging rod along the long distance to the bottom of 1350MM, Duanyi > > 900MM; stacking area depth > 450MM; top drawer along the ground is less than 1250MM, 60MM from the ground along the bottom drawer. The drawer is deep 400~500MM.
Q:Black wardrobe, want to add a little color, stickers what color looks good
Black wardrobe, want to add a little color, should stick yellow stickers look good.Black is the color of all-match, and many color collocation together have a certain degree of harmony and beauty;
Q:How to determine the picture size of wardrobe sliding door?
Long (3.6*1.7) that is your custom wardrobe, closet size is general GB 1200*650*20001600*650*20002000*650*2000, I recommend 3.6 made of the three door is good, highly recommended national standard 2M height, width 1.7 is too wide, can you suggest 80 cm!

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