Pu Leather Soft Bed with Strong Wood Frame

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Product Description:

Pu Leather Soft Bed with Strong Wood Frame

Structure of Soft Description

1. High quality fabric (or import top grain leather), so they can feel great comfortable when you lay on the bed.

2. High quality fire-resistant cotton, to make sure that all of our products are safe for you and your family.

3. High-resilience foam Sponges, to make sure our products can be used for long time.

4. Environmental medium density fiberboard (MDF), they are not harmful to your health.

5. Full dried solid hardwood frame, to make sure your bed are burly and firm.

6. Solid hard wooden legs or mental legs

Packaging & Delivery of Soft Bed 

Packaging Detail:

1.Inner layer: White pearl bag

   Middle layer: Carton pad

   Outer layer: Plastic bag

2.Foam and corrugated cardboard wrapping with corner protection

3.The legs are removed and packed separately

4.Outside are marked the formal handling labels, skin samples, models and specifications

Delivery Detail:New-production: 20~30 days after receiving the deposit

Main Features of Soft Bed

1. Full dried solid hardwood frame, undergone anti-worm and polish treatment Humidity control between 12%-15% (International ocean transport standard) 

2. Metal coil springs and fabric rubber with rust and moisture proofing treatment

3. High density elasticity foam: noted for its coziness and long durability

4. Spray-bonded cotton between the leather and foam, no sagging

5. High quality genuine leather buttoned sofas for 5-star hotels, high-end villas, lounge bars, with 5-year warranty, FR foam compliant to BS5852 & CAL117, Solid timber frame & legs, with fabric upholstery, ergonomics & comfort & aesthetics.

Soft Bed Images

Pu Leather Soft Bed with Strong Wood Frame

Pu Leather Soft Bed with Strong Wood Frame

Pu Leather Soft Bed with Strong Wood Frame

Soft Bed Specifiction

Size: 222*275*88cm

Package Volume: 1.7CBM

1*40HQ can carry 40sets

High density elasticity foam, D35~45 for cushions, D27~D30 for back

100% all sponge, non-recycle sponge.

FAQ of Soft Bed

Q: Which kind of soft bed do you have?

A: We have many kinds of soft bed with different design and style. We have our own design team, and we promote new design soft bed every month.

Q: What kind of material could you offer?

A: There is full aniline leather, half aniline leather, Italian imported top grade leather, and Thailand imported top grade leather, Chinese leather, bounded leather, PU, PVC, and fabric.


Q: What's your mail market?

A: AU, UK, US, and other Europe country.


Q: How can you ensure the quality of your soft bed?

A: In our company, quality is always at the first place, we have best QC team to make sure all of our products are in the best condition.


Q: We have our own design, could you make the sofa as to our design?

A: Yes, the best OEM service is offered to our service.


Q: How about the color?

A: All colors are available. Or you can tell us the suppliers when needed. Irregular colors order quantities are required.


Q: Before we place the order, we must check the material sample, could you offer it?

A: It's our pleasure to send the material sample by express to you. Could you offer the details address?


A: How many years do you guarantee the quality of sofa?

Q: It is based on the main material of sofa you request.

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