Wardrobe and bookcase depth of size should not be less than how much?
General plate is 1200 * 2400mm, to consider the size of the plate, do not waste oh...
What's the size of the four door wardrobe? What's the minimum size and maximum size?
The size of the wardrobe is only the depth is fixed to 600mm, width and height can be cust...
Is the wardrobe suitable for mirrors? Are you particular about it?
If the door is the wardrobe, it is necessary to consider the layout inside consider where ...
Wardrobe placed behind the wall, what is particular about?
Wardrobe placed behind the wall, nothing particular about it. Bedroom wardrobe placed: fir...
What do sliding door wardrobe plate affordable?
MDF: MDF also known as MDF, according to the density of different high-density panels are ...
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