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i have 2 parakeets and i have been told that they come from parakeets. today i saw 3 bed bugs on my bed! do they really come from parakeets? what can i do to get rid of the bed bugs? thanks!
Do bed bugs come from outside?
The home of the iron bedstead is broken, how to repair
If you want to use this bed again, you can only solve the problem with electric welding, but there is nothing else!!!
Personally I like a soft fluffy bed because I like to sink into it but firm beds help me sleep a lot better. I just like the feeling of being surrounded by fluff! lol
I've only been sleeping on those good for your back firm beds all my life so can not get any sleep on fluffy ones. Occasionally the floor is heaven after major work out =] Although would love to try a water bed lol am sure that would be fun :b
What's a bed control job? What do they do?
This position requires that you place patients in the proper beds according to illness and the adjoining beds illness. Medical knowledge is needed to assure you do not cross infect patients. There are specialty floors and patients need to be placed on proper floors. Responsibilities include code beds. You would be responsible for making sure that there are code beds for patients who require them such as CCU ICU. When patients are well they will also be need to be transferred to regular medical floors. Also Responsible for movement of patients or tranfers. This job really requires medical background and extensive training.
Everywhere I look, they only sell sizes for a twin bed. I'm getting frustrated!!
It okorder . They were more expensive than the one's at Wal-mart, but they are a MUCH better quality.....came with a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow case, and comforter. Hope you find what you are looking for!
Is it weird that ur gerbil eats bedding I'm using carefresh the soft bedding and my gerbil is eating it?
Are you sure s/he is really eating it? Gerbils will pick up their bedding in their mouth and then carry it back to make a nest/bed.
Do they tan you faster than your regular tanning bed? Thanks!
stand up tanning beds are the same thing as regular tanning beds they just even out your tan so that you don't have parts of your body that are more tan than another
I think that's what I want. I love my current bed but hate the foot board. No matter how pretty I make the bed the foot messes it up. I went to Macy's last night and was looking at their pretty beds. Well i noticed it's just a box with a mattress on top (no boxspring)I came home and tried to find out how to build such a box, and all I can find are these low to the ground beds. Am I looking up the wrong name?
Platform beds are basically boxes. Most are low to the ground, but if you are going to make one, there is nothing stopping you from making it higher! Platform beds usually do not have box springs, just the mattress, which is why they are lower. If you use a box spring also, it should be normal height. Look at captain's beds. They are the same design, but usually higher than platform beds.