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How much is it?
Also use the PVC board? Now the PVC board has been gradually eliminated. The reason is that the time is long and easy to change. Ageing. Do you do an integrated ceiling with an aluminum gusset or an aluminum plaque is not better?
I work in a retail store, and one of the fitting rooms (in the back corner of the store) has an open PVC pipe protruding a couple of inches from the wall. I don't know what it's for or where it goes to, but most days, there is a distinct rotten smell coming from the pipe. The smell tends to be stronger when it rains or snows. Is this potentially harmful? Could there be some sort of leak?
Measure the inside diameter of the pipe. Go to a plumbing supply store (or a Home Depot) and ask for a test plug. It'll be obvious what to do next.
What is the PVC board and KT board, what are the specific role?
PVC is a plastic material, and KT board is a foam material, two kinds of materials are not the same, but all in the billboard outdoor advertising with more. PVC than the KT board expensive
Looking at my exposed ceiling in the basement, I see two copper pipes coming out of the water heater, one marked in blue (assuming cold) and one in red (hot). These each split between supplying the upstairs and downstairs.After the split, there are galvanized steel pipes. I get great water pressure downstairs in the utility sink and clothes washer.Upstairs, pressure to the dishwasher, kitchen sink, and bathroom shower is terrible. It takes about 10 full seconds to fill a pint of water in the kitchen. You can imagine how long it takes to get a sink full of soapy water.Showers are annoying too with lack of pressure. I'm thinking I'll bring a plumber in to replace the piping to the upstairs. With a very amateur eye, I see about 10-15 total feet that'd need replacing.Is replacing it the answer? Or might there be something that could be locally repaired?Any estimates on cost for this?
I would first check the aerators and shower head for debris and clean as necessary. Next, I'd look for any valves that aren't open all the way. And that might be as far as a non-plumber can go. Re-piping costs would be based on difficulty of replacement - time is money. And there are better choices than PVC (you probably meant CPVC) like PEX or copper, depending on where you are and local water quality.
Hard PVC transparent board can do shower door?
Personally think that can not
Such as the thickness is 5MM size is 417 * 512 size is calculated area? We 5mm thickness of the board is 0.25 yuan / cm to help me count Kazakhstan price a lot of hey? How is the calculation formula calculated?
You said the PVC board should be 410 * 510 or 400 * 500 specifications, because the cut will not be so accurate, so more than a few millimeters margin. Thickness of 5 mm, then the volume of 417 * 512 * 5 is about 0.001 cubic meters, depending on the weight of calcium relative to the relative density of 1300 kg per cubic meter, that is, the weight of 1.3 kg. PVC raw material costs plus processing fees and other profits of about 10,000 per ton. Then each piece of the price of about 13 yuan per kilogram. If it is by 400 wide, 0.25 yuan per cent, 50 cm long, 12.5 per block, is reasonable. In turn push, that is, more than 9,000 tons per ton of finished products. It may be poor quality board, 500 wide, each 10 dollars, more than 7 thousand per ton, is the recovery of a lot of calcium carbonate to do.
What is the difference between acrylic and PVC board?
PVC board stability is poor, easy to decompose when processing, generally with the same color of the acrylic than the background will be yellow.
How to bend the pvc board into the desired shape, that is, a plexiglass-like plate. To process the DIY accessories. I want to bend it into the desired curvature or drum shape. How to get. Or burning it, it will turn black. Ugly. Do you use a hair dryer or do you use other methods? Hot water is really useful. Is there any other way? Do not work with a microwave oven?
You are how thick the board ah, the most convenient electric furnace, If there is the best oven, with 120c