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i was thinking of taking a class in real estate transaction and work for a mortgage broker or maybe even as an appraisal, im not sure though i don't know which one would be more money and beneficial!
Did you see the avereage salary of real estate agents its upper 20's to mid 30's. I know there are real estate agents who make a lot of money but that is very rare. I wouldnt suggest going into real estate but go into health care. Almost anything health care related is good money plus very stable. Remember when people have no money they stop spending it on superficial things such as houses and clothes etc... but health people will spend anything on.
I'm 16 and thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I'm not really smart or talented with anything in particular but I've always been really passionate about the way houses look on the outside and inside. Lol will this get me anywhere?WHAT EXACTLY DOES A REAL ESTATE AGENT DO? Explain for a silly 16 year old please? :)
i agree with one of the experts here; an interior designer requires no state school or tests......... and fyi, you can be both!!!
hi~ about 10 years ago i bought a house with my borther in CA, and at that time the house is under me and my brother's name, but about a year ago my bro told me to sign a contract so he can refinanc the house, cus he's always beening nice to me so i didn't actually read the things, but about a month ago one of my friend who is a real estate agent told me that my name is no longer under the house, he is now saying i never gave any money to him to buy the house, and around this month he is selling the house, is there any ways i could get my money back?
What money? Even if you can prove you gave your brother money, IF your name has been removed from the new deed on refinance and unless the 'agreement' you signed gives your an ownership interest in the home, you have nothing. CONTRARY TO THE OTHER POST: Neither the other poster nor I have read this 'agreement' you signed therefore, without such knowledge there can be no claim of fraud on any level that is not irresponsible. If you feel the need, then take this 'agreement' to a local real estate attorney for review. Be forewarned however, if you interfer with the sale and/or closing of the new home without legal grounds, your brother will have a good cause of action against YOU for interference with a business relationship. So tread very carefully and before acting on such advice, have all documents and facts reviewed by a local Real Estate attorney. From your explanation of the events, it seems you signed a quit claim deed which effectively removes your name from the home (you gifted your portion to your brother) and if you are deemed a competent adult of legal capacity, then there is no fraud. The court cannot and will not void a contract simple because you did not read it.
I would like to get into real estate. I live in NJ. Does anyone have any information about the job? I would like to work for a company that I could have a cubical at and do my paper work and set up open houses? Is that how this all works? Anyone who is in real estate and could give me some tips , they would be much appreciated.I am 25 with no bills... so I am not worrying about making 100,000 dollars a year. So don't start bashing this idea already .
Most large brokerages and all the national chains offer real estate training in a classroom setting. Just call one of them and ask to speak to the sales director. You can also go to your community college or adult education center or vocational school for training.
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Your quality guess to discover this know-how is to invite the man or woman corporations. Still those figures usually are off in view that each and every organization has an ego that has a tendency to push their numbers bigger than what they truthfully are. And there may be a different limitation with corporations like Re/Max and Century 21 in view that they don't seem to be singular corporations, however as a substitute are franchises which are owned separately. Such that Re/Max would possibly declare 20%, that 20 % is made of 3000 extraordinary Re/Max franchisees.
Does anyone know a trustworthy real estate firm to use to purchase property in Costa Rica
Carlos okorder he is the owner of this firm and has been living in Costa Rica for the last 10 years. He is very honest and trust worthy.
What do you think is the true future of real estate market in SE florida... i want to sell move closer to workplace in WPB???
in accordance to your link, l. a. is the costliest. San Diego is amazingly costly, yet almost each super city looks costly to me. yet with coastal Southern California, you get what you pay for. seashores, mountains, wasteland, valley, city, suburbia, u . s . residing, lifestyle.... the place else are you able to rouse early on a Saturday to ski in the morning, hit the bike trails in the late afternoon, watch the sundown on the sea in the evening on your tank precise and turn flops, then end your day having a solid time with acquaintances in the hippest evening club? in case you intend properly it is performed. it relatively is rather magnificent and why i like SoCal.
I live in the state of Texas and am working at getting my real estate sales license. I was looking at the TREC website of approve schools and the exam passage rates
There are lots of options for you to consider. One is to enroll in courses at your local community college. The instructors are very good since most are real estate professionals and the cost is low. Also, you are guaranteed to learn the material and can get guidance if you need it. Most colleges also have job placement services so you will be ready to roll. The other option you should consider, is being sponsored by a real estate brokerage firm. You'll not only get the courses under your belt, but you may incur no cost at all if you agree to sign on for a couple of years with the firm after you graduate. And you'll be getting experience and guidance from the best of their experienced brokers. I'd select either of these options rather than an online company with complaints against it.