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Under the situation like now, it sounds that it is a very sad in the real estate field. For a fresh beginer, what do you recommond me to start? any advice would be highly appriciated.
Develope a plan on who you what to do business with. You what to follow the demograpgic trend in your area. Example, if you live in an area with a large age group around the 18-35 year olds, focus on the starter market. You have to research your area to find out what type of market you have. No sense wasting your advertising dollars on a market that is not there. Have a business plan that includes how you plan on staying in the business until you get a pay check. It may take awhile to get established. (at least 6 months). Remember your self employed. You have to set up a daily work schedual and stick to it. If you don't go to work you don't get paid. Find yourself a experienced mentor/partner. Eduucate yourself. Know everything about the real estate market. Your clients deserve the best. So be the best. The word will spread and you will get referral business.
I know brokers get paid on commissions, but how do the actual real estate companies make money?Have always been curious...
There is a fee to list your home for sale with a real estate company
I bought exam prep from a local real estate school in LA, and it has like 1k questions...well it's bit hard to study all that 1k questions since i only have like 2 weeks until the exam date. if anyone have any experices with that site, please leave any inputs..I took the test before and failed once..my 1k questions were similar but it's too many.. :(thanks,
Try okorder . It is well worth it and is easy to use. I tried it for $29 for six months enrollment and passed the first time. I would recommend it. They also have flash cards that helped me alot.
real estate business status in india and should i go for expensive building business or small scale housing
There are courses in real estate, you may have to take ,and the best way is to find a job in a real estate office. Here in Connecticut, you must be Licensed and to get your agent's Lic. you have to be sponsored by a broker, before you can take the test to get your permanent Lic. Your State may be different? Lets face it, to take the test you have got to know what real estate is all about, and working at it is the best way to learn. I think you will have to also hit the books, but even that would be easier, with some practical experience under your belt. Real estate is all about SELLING! If you think you can sell, if you like people, and you can stand being under paid for a while, because any income you make will be based on commissions for anything you actually sell. If you can get through all that, there is a good living to be made for someone who is a hustler and is dedicated to their job. I hope this helps you? The Very Best of Luck to You!
What are your thoughts on a a global real estate fund in the current market conditions? Obviously the US RE market has tanked and we are starting to see the global market slip. I recently invested into a 5 star global real estate fund, but am concerned that the global re market will follow suit to the us markets. Should I withdraw my funds or stick it out?Also, this is a short term investment account that we are aggressivley investing our funds. We are looking to purchase a home in abour 2 years and are trying to build some return.
Global Real Estate is really not that aggressive...if you are going for a brass ring ( big gains, quickly)...you would be much better off to look at ETFs that focus on hot sectors...or even some individual stocks in those sectors. Right now agricultural chemicals, oil services, and financials ( risky) are making moves. MOO...DBA..XME..USO..OIH..XLF You can buy them in smaller amounts than most funds..you can sell off at any time... they may be more what you really want.
I have always was surprised how much money a dwelling costs, but never thought how will REAL ESTATE be in Latin?
Fundus = Real estate Just like English, many Latin words have more than one meaning. 'Fundus' does mean 'bottom' - not anatomical, but more like 'base, foundation'. However, the same word is used to mean 'any landed property, large or small' - a country estate, a farm, whatever. Praedium, on the other hand, has a much narrower meaning. Technically, it means 'an estate in Italia or a province under Ius Italicum'. The meaning was expanded to mean an estate, as a country estate, but still did not cover all types real estate. Actually, 'Verus Praedium' looks like someone with no knowledge of Latin looked up the dictionary headwords for 'real' and 'estate' and assumed that was the translation, especially since 'praedium' is a neuter noun and 'verus' is in masculine. If it were to be used, it would have to be 'veruM praedium'.
Is the real estate business the same as it used to be (1980-90)? I'm 18 and am wondering about future career aspects. Ive considered Database Administration, commerce, or getting a bba, or marketing. I like the idea of you are as successful as you want to be type attitude. I live in Vancouver (Canada) which is like miami, where people come to that have made money to spend money. What is the life style like and how does one succeed in this area. If I started right after highschool, would I be taken seriously, or would someone pass me off as a kid. What is the typical salary, as I understand that it really does depend on how many deals you close but if your successful, the sky must be the limit correct? In the first 6 months, how do you spend your time, meet and greet, office runs? Is there one field in real estate that pays more? Can an Agent become a broker or vica versa. How many agents a year lose their jobs due to saturation. Is there any reading material that can help me?Many thanks.
The quality course to soak up this enterprise is: one million. Read books approximately truly property, exceptionally at the locations you wish to be aware of. two. Try to get an internship, mentor, or paintings at a industrial RE brokerage and achieve palms-on revel in. Just a aspect tip, determine in which they're gambling golfing. Socialize and community. These are the highest 2 priorities for your record if you are significantly short of to gain knowledge of what to do. Getting licenses is handiest step one and school room time is useful handiest to a factor.
im having a hard time understanding (active participation rental real estate taxes )example;; I have a property portfolio making 200,000 a year ....i fall under the 15% tax bracketso i owe uncle sam 30,000 thousand ...but i paid 30,000 in taxes interest repairs ect...does it mean i owe nothingthanks in in advance
rental income is passive income no matter how you do it if you actively participate it means you spend time either in the administration or the maintenance of the property, if you are not an active participant, you have someone else do everything that is needed ie. if you were 500 miles away you likely would not be making regular trips to maintain the property and rental property is not taxed differently that your other income, if you are in the 15% bracket and this net rental income does not put you in the next bracket you are still in the 15% bracket and no the $30000 interest, taxes and repairs do not directly relate to your tax bill the rental is filed on Sch E, and there are limitations to passive income, ie. $25000 so it your taxes, interest and repairs exceeded your income the limitation would apply