aisi Carbon alloy Steel Round Hot Bars

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Item specifice:

Grade: Carbon Steel Length: 6m, 12m or customized Diameter: 16mm-250mm

Product Description:


Grade: Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/                                           

Bearing Steel/Gear Steel/Spring Steel                                                               


Diameter:16mm-250mm  Thickness:


Length: 6m, 12m or customized   


Place of Origin: China      


Brand: CNBM


Technique: Hot Rolled/Cold drawn/Forged  


Special Use:  Cold Drawn/Forged   


Shape: Round Bar/Flat Bar/Square Bar    


Technology: Hot Rolled/Forged/Cold Drawn



Product Name

Typical Grades


Standard Adopted

Carbon Steel

20 (1020/S20C/C22)










40 (1040/S40C/C40)

45 (1045/S45C/C45)

Bearing Steel

GCr9 (51100/SUJ1)



GCr15 (52100/SUJ2/100Gr6)

GCr9SiMn (A485-Gr.1/SUJ3)

Cr-Mo Steel

20Cr (5120/SCr420H/20Cr4)



40Cr (5140/SCr440/41Cr4)


Gear Steel







Carbon Steel

Mold bottom

Plastic mold

Construction machinery parts

Automobile parts

Security grills



Bearing Steel  



Nuclear energy

Chemical industry

Electronic information


Instrument and meter


Cr-Mo Steel  

Mechanism & Fasteners gear   

Stressed components for vehicles

Engines and machines

Parts of larger cross-section

Gear Steel

All kinds of gears

Statically and dynamically stressed component for vehicles

Engines and machine

Larger cross-section parts


aisi Carbon alloy Steel  Round Hot  Bars

aisi Carbon alloy Steel  Round Hot  Bars

ment: Annealing Q+T   


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Q:I had my real estate license in Pennsylvania over 20 years ago...I've since retired, but I'm bored and looking for something to get back into. I'm sure I'd have to retake the test again, but is there anything special I'd be able to do because I had it before?
This article will help anyone looking for information pertaining to a real estate license in the state of Pennsylvania or anyone looking to become a real estate agent or realtor in Pennsylvania. Contents of this article may include information on real estate education, schools, training courses, continuing education, tests and exams, laws, license requirements, renewal information, forms and more.' Hope this solves your problem. Also wishing you a successful application!
Q:I am thinking about becoming a real estate agent and my college says I will need to major in finance. But that doesn't cover everything. Is this enough to pass the exam the state offers to become a real estate agent?
how to be come a real estate agent [or broker as some states did away with agents, dumb!]: attend a RE school; and it is better to attend a PRIVATE, registered RE school than a public community college cause you can get all the classes you need in 1 week. And when you are done with the course, [check your state's dept of real estate or professional licensing for confirmation] the school will give you 1 or 2 tests to see if you have successfully absorbed the material. IF you pass the school's test, then you apply and take the state test which is administered by an outside firm --and the state will tell you who that is. If it is Pearson, pray cause i have factual knowledge that Pearson is a con game. I am suing them for fraud. If anyone else, you attend their office, pay and take their test and when you are done you are told either; YOU passed, got x correct and here are the one's you missed. you need 70% TO PASS. do not take the course on the internet. [you can safely take renewal classes on the net when you have your renewals come up in 2 yrs] can guide you further .
Q:How can i get into the real estate business. I just graduated high school and I want to be a real estate agent. How do I get started?
You should google real estate agent license requirements followed by the state in which you would like to obtain the real estate license from. This site would give you all the local requirements. On this board most do not reside in the state in which you might want to get your license. Therefore you would be getting general information, not state specific for your state. #1 Get the necessary education to get your state license. A. An internet class would do just fine you are only trying to get your license. B. If you like to sit through a class then find a real estate school in your local area. C. Some real estate offices offer career real estate license school in their office D. Some states allow you to take the real estate broker test as long as you have a diploma from a recognized 4 year university or college. Check to see if you reside in one of these states. #2 Obtain the necessary continuing education to maintain and keep your license to sell real estate up to date. #3 Formalize the best marketing plan you can think of to maintain a high degree of referrals and a good customer base. The main thing you want to remember about making real estate your career is that you are working for yourself, so you are the one that have to motivate yourself each and every day. You want to become an expert in real estate not just a person that sell and list houses. There is a big difference. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. FIGHT ON
Q:Im in Turlock, Ca. Im wanting to start a career as a real estate sales person, i need help and pretty much everything. How do i get my real estate license and where do i start; how do i get out and about are there any schools that provide trainings or something. Sorry if im not clear enough but that the best way i could find a way to ask this question so HELP ME OUT PLIZZZ, oh i forgot to say that im 19 years old i don't know if my age does anything on this but just thought to tell you all.
You go on the california real estate commission site and see if you qualify If it checks good follow their guidelines
Q:I want to get into real estate but I dont know my options. Someone told me I need a license and others say I dont whats the truth? I called a school in my town and they said it will be 595 bucks to take the course for 3 weeks, and whats this about finding a broker that will sponser me for a year? It's begining to get confusing. Whats the best advice for me ...please help I really wanna do this
Real estate laws are state regulated - so each state has their own rules you must follow. You will need to work for a Broker, as a broker is the only one who is allowed to be paid commissions on a sale - you will then be paid by your Broker - less the Broker's cut.
Q:Stocks or Real Estate? Why?
It is not easy, but you do not need a degree to become an expert in your local market. You need to do a lot of research, look at a lot of homes and talk to a lot of people, but you can become an expert fairly quickly. What you need to know is the value of homes, the market rents, market conditions and economic conditions that exist in communities. Once you know these indicators it is easy to spot a bargain ZOOBIA.
Q:What is the best way for a new real estate agent to market their selves in texas?
You need to consult with real estate agent for proper information.
Q:Where would you go to college if you were going to be a Real Estate Agent?!
A competitive market requires constant adaptation to stay ahead. For two decades, Boston University's Real Estate Studies Program has led the industry by challenging existing frameworks and introducing thoughtful new ideas. BU's Center for Professional Education offers four comprehensive programs covering an assortment of topics related to the real estate industry. Our faculty—made up of practicing professionals from a wide variety of specialties—bring firsthand knowledge and expertise to the classroom. The Real Estate Studies Program offers certificates in the following topics: Commercial Real Estate Facilities Management Real Estate Finance Sustainability We are affiliated with the Real Estate Finance Association (REFA) of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board (GBREB) and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Program Details Program Dates A variety of courses are offered three times a year: September, January, and April. Most courses run for eight weeks. Requirements There are no specific requirements to enroll in the Real Estate Studies Program. Students may take all of the required courses for a certificate, or opt for a single course. MET Course Waivers for CPE Alumni Get a head start on a Master’s in City Planning or Urban Affairs Students who earn a Center for Professional Education certificate in Commercial Real Estate or Real Estate Finance may apply coursework toward the Master of City Planning or Master of Urban Affairs degree programs at Boston University’s Metropolitan College. Upon admittance to either program, a waiver of three graduate elective courses (12 credits) will be granted. For more information on BU’s City Planning and Urban Affairs programs, or the certificate in Commercial Real Estate or Real Estate Finance, please call the Center for Professional Education at 1–866–633–9370 or 617–353–4497......Property Management Bendigo
Q:Dear Sirs: I am a mexican citizen living in Israel willing to obtain a Florida Real Estate Associate license in order to referr international costumers to Florida real estate brokers.To be able to be paid by these brokers my commissions I must pass the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate examination and obtain my license. When I try to apply for a completed Application I must fill a Social Security number that I don't have because I'm not an american alien.When I search in the website of the Social Security office I have found that in order to apply for exams I DO NOT need a social security number to be able to take the exam.My question: How can I enroll for the examination without a Social Security number if your online application form does not allow me to proceed without a social security number?Thanks for your answer.Arturo Stern
I think you need to contact the Florida Real Estate licensing agency. Also, try asking the broker in Florida under whom you plan on hanging your license. Minimally, you're going to need to talk to the IRS about getting an FIN (Federal Income tax Number). So that your broker knows what number to put on your 1099 at the end of the year. (you will need to pay taxes on this income) Is there a state income tax in Florida also? If so, why don't you try to get a license in a state (like Texas), with no state income tax. You'll keep more of what you earn that way. You can refer clients to any state in the country with a valid real estate license from any state, but keep in mind that the referral commission check will be written to your broker, and you'll get the percentage that you've negotiated with the broker. I guess you could try to find out what's the easiest state to get a broker's license in. Then you get 100% of the referral fee. Just had a last thought - do you have a Mexican real estate license? I think that would work. One more last thought. Have you spoken to the INS about a work permit?? Also, do you have an Israeli Real Estate License?
Q:I am a stay at home mom and I would really like to do a something to earn some extra cash. I am pretty interested in real estate and would like to get my license. I know it's not the best market for that right now but I'm not doing it for a living, I'm doing it for a little something extra. What is the process? What are some good affordable online classes I can take to do this that will help me step by step in accomplishing this?
Best Pre licensing Online School And training Courses Quick Learning School

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