aisi Carbon alloy Steel Round Hot Bars

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China main port
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3 m.t
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100000 m.t/month

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Item specifice:

Grade: Carbon Steel Length: 6m, 12m or customized Diameter: 16mm-250mm

Product Description:


Grade: Carbon Steel/Alloy Steel/                                           

Bearing Steel/Gear Steel/Spring Steel                                                               


Diameter:16mm-250mm  Thickness:


Length: 6m, 12m or customized   


Place of Origin: China      


Brand: CNBM


Technique: Hot Rolled/Cold drawn/Forged  


Special Use:  Cold Drawn/Forged   


Shape: Round Bar/Flat Bar/Square Bar    


Technology: Hot Rolled/Forged/Cold Drawn



Product Name

Typical Grades


Standard Adopted

Carbon Steel

20 (1020/S20C/C22)










40 (1040/S40C/C40)

45 (1045/S45C/C45)

Bearing Steel

GCr9 (51100/SUJ1)



GCr15 (52100/SUJ2/100Gr6)

GCr9SiMn (A485-Gr.1/SUJ3)

Cr-Mo Steel

20Cr (5120/SCr420H/20Cr4)



40Cr (5140/SCr440/41Cr4)


Gear Steel







Carbon Steel

Mold bottom

Plastic mold

Construction machinery parts

Automobile parts

Security grills



Bearing Steel  



Nuclear energy

Chemical industry

Electronic information


Instrument and meter


Cr-Mo Steel  

Mechanism & Fasteners gear   

Stressed components for vehicles

Engines and machines

Parts of larger cross-section

Gear Steel

All kinds of gears

Statically and dynamically stressed component for vehicles

Engines and machine

Larger cross-section parts


aisi Carbon alloy Steel  Round Hot  Bars

aisi Carbon alloy Steel  Round Hot  Bars

ment: Annealing Q+T   


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