• the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16 System 1
  • the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16 System 2
the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16

the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16

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900 m²
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3600 m²/month

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Company Introduction

Our company-Fu Jian JianYuan WPC Science&Technology Co., Ltd, located in Luo Yuan industry park, Nan Pin city, Fu Jian province,with sales department in Xia Men city, is devoted to developing  the third generation of co-extruded wood plastic composite items with the surface of ASA material and internal PVC foam materials.

All of our items have been authorized by ISO9001 quality test system, MA,AL,CNAS,SGS and reached the international standard ,even more than the national standard.In addition,we 

has achieved 14 national invention and utility patents.

Performance of our products

1.using the most advanced double-machine co-extruded technology recently;

2. waterproof,anti-insect,fire prevention, UV and weather resistance,maintenance-free, eco-friendly;

3.natural wood texture and appearance;

4.30 years' lifetime;

5.easy installment;

6.providing relative certification according to customers' requirement.

Items' pictures

the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16  the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16  the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16

the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16




the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16 the third generation of co-extruded ASA wpc wallboard 120*16

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