• construction hot rolled coiled reinforced bar System 1
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construction hot rolled coiled reinforced bar

construction hot rolled coiled reinforced bar

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1000000 m.t/month

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construction hot rolled coiled reinforced bar


1) Mechanical property:















2) Chemical composition :
















3)Application :


Construction industry with all types of reinforced concrete structures and so on. 


 4)Specifications :



Deformed steel bar 



a. GB1499.2-2007, HRB335, HRB400, etc.

b. ASTM A615 Gr.40, Gr.60, etc.

c. BS4449/1997, etc.


6mm-40mm or customer require


customer inquiry


standard export packing, or as per customers' requirement


First quality

Delivery time




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Q:what are some good reasons for becoming an attorney?what are some good reasons for becoming a real estate attorney?
only you can answer this question. my reason may not be your or another persons.
Q:Can a Real Estate Agent's Commission paid based on difference between the property sale price and the actual sale price? Meaning, if the realtor offering a property for sale at $100,000, can the agent offer to find a buyer who can pay $120,000 for the same property and to have the price difference ($20,000) as his/her commission? If yes, what type of commission contracts does the agent need to have with the realtor and the buyers? Thank you,
First off $20k commission on a $100k house- waaaay too much. Second the realtor doesn't set the price the owner does- the realtor can't change it without the owners consent. Finally if a house is worth $100k you can't get a mortgage on it for 120k- lenders do not lend more than the appraised value- EVER.
Q:Hi,I am looking at real estate development as a possible career but need to know how to start out i have 2 years left at high school so are there any subjects i should elect to study ? Also when i graduate high school and go to university/college what should i study ? Thirdly is it a good paying job ? And any other tips and pointers would be greatly appreciated.Thanks heaps in advance :)
First attempt to discover anybody you recognize and believe. Whether they're a dealer, agent or lawyer. Just b/c they're this sort of 3 does now not mechanically avert them from being the correct individual for you. You must think comfy with them. Keep in brain for the period of all of this, that they're running for you. If they don't seem to be running however simply gathering a paycheck, discover anybody else. Everyone of the aforementioned individuals can and can make a enormous sum of money should you decide upon to paintings with them. Further, so much markets within the US have tilted closer to the shoppers part to a point. This manner you're now within the drivers seat. Everyone within the truly property enterprise demands shoppers. Best of good fortune. Joe...
Q:I know nothing about real estate taxes. My husband and I are interested in "flipping" a house. We are trying to figure out if it's worth it after capital gains tax. For example; how much in taxes would we pay if we purchased a house for $100k and sold it for $130k. We make about 100 grand a year combined from our jobs. Thank you
Flipping means as you said an investor would buy a house for cheap and slap on a coat of paint and to a not knowledgeable buyer would sell the home to them higher than what it's worth. If they had a real estate agent then the agent would know more about what homes are selling for in that area. What makes flipping illegal is that you wouldn't as an investor be able to prove all the recent enhancements you added and the cost of them. Plus flipping increases the costs of homes in an area and makes them unaffordable to some people. You on the other hand aren't flipping. You are thinking that maybe over the years your property has gained in value. The 2008 mortgage fiasco the USA and world suffered lowered the value of homes. I'd say your best bet would be to get yourself a realtor or real estate agent familiar with your area who would price it accordingly. Once it's sold you'd talk with your CPA with regard to doing your taxes.
Q:real estate business status in india and should i go for expensive building business or small scale housing
I would take a look at the return on investment. Your time and money you are willing to put into this investment. Try to find people in the business already and see what advice they have for you. Your question right now is very broad and very difficult to answer. Are you purchasing an existing building/house or an existing business? Previous owner are a good place to start. Ask a lot of questions, if the business is good why are they selling.. what are the upside potential? List the Pros and Cons.
Q:i,m 13 and i know it's a long time till it's happening but i live in norway and i have set my mind to be a real estate agent... in us. Is it difficult to become a real estate agent? i'm planning to educate there. what do i have to be good at, at school?
Becoming a real estate agent in the US is not terribly difficult. You must take a test to get your license and you can study for the exam on your own and take the test when you are ready. A license is good for one state only, if you want to practice real estate in another state, you will have to take that state's exam. The most important part of any real estate agent's job is marketing. Learn marketing, sales, and personal relationships. That is how you will make the most money as a real estate agent. Read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Then take classes in marketing and sales. You will be ahead of the game if you do those things.
Q:Hi, I'm currently in the Army and after 1 year in afghanastan I've decided I do not want to re enlist. Not that I ever intended to. But getting out in a few months. So I've decided to get a career started. I'm looking into real estate because although I've heard its not a great market right now. Seems like something id be good at. Meeting people, helping them find a home. I've always wanted a job that I can dress professionaly and present my self well. I don't have any college. Joind the army straight out of high school. Didn't take advantage of schooling unfortunately. But I don't cry over spilt milk. Does that hurt my chances at geting into the field and/or being successsful? what does it take to be successful and do well? Also what are the benifits and negatives of the job? How far up can you get in this feild?Any advice is helpful and welcome.
It's not a job, Kevin. It's your own business. You will need enough money in the bank to live on for the first year or two, plus at least $5000 to get started (classes, advertising, office supplies, MLS dues, etc.) And you will need lots of persistence and the ability to handle lots of rejection. Most people who start as real estate agents do not make it through their second year. Schooling is irrelevant, except that you need very clear communication skills, both written and oral. How far can you go? You can own your own company with agents working under you, you can make plenty of money just selling real estate - commercial is more lucrative but also much more difficult than residential, you can purchase your own investment properties. And there are tons of related jobs in mortgage, title, appraisal, inspection, developing, property management, etc.
Q:Where can I go to learn more about Investing and Real Estate?Do you know of any good websites?Thanks in advanced!
I'm still waiting for my license result though:). Hopefully I passed this week, lol. About investing, do you want to joint something like insurance sales person? I'm still learning and start joint now.
Q:Hello,I am a college student majoring in accounting and I have found that I have a lot of free time. I was wondering if getting a real estate license would be worth the time. I am not exactly sure what I could use it for, but I was just thinking that even if I don't necessarily go into the field, that some of the information could be just useful in general. I was also looking to try and make some money through this venture, but as a full time student, I wouldn't be able to devote too much time to it.Thanks!
If you want the knowledge, many universities and colleges offer real estate courses and diplomas or even night courses. Also, real estate boards (depending on which ones) allow people to audit their courses for members at a fee per course if you're interested in it. Doing this on the side as a student is not worthwhile (being an agent that is). Why? Because licensing alone is very expensive due to all the mandatory courses you have to take. Then there's the actual licensing exam and then the monthly fees you pay a brokerage to park your license there. Even if you're not actually selling but want to say next week or on a whim, you'll need to have your license parked with a brokerage and they don't let you do this for free or at a discount (unless you find a cheap brokerage). Also, you're required to take courses every cycle (for my board it's every 2 years) and update yourself on issues such as condo laws, legal updates, etc. So as a full time student, licensing is most likely not for you especially if you're only going to leave it for a just in case. Auditing courses or even taking night courses might be better and less expensive but still give you a basic understanding of real estate.
Q:real estate investing
Depends. It potentially could be a good investment. They say the market is a buyers market right now, so it would be wise to invest in some form of real estate now and hold on to it until the market changes.

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