construction hot rolled coiled reinforced bar

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Product Description:

construction hot rolled coiled reinforced bar


1) Mechanical property:















2) Chemical composition :
















3)Application :


Construction industry with all types of reinforced concrete structures and so on. 


 4)Specifications :



Deformed steel bar 



a. GB1499.2-2007, HRB335, HRB400, etc.

b. ASTM A615 Gr.40, Gr.60, etc.

c. BS4449/1997, etc.


6mm-40mm or customer require


customer inquiry


standard export packing, or as per customers' requirement


First quality

Delivery time




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Q:My parents own a house in a small subdivision and behind the house is a large area of undeveloped land that hasn't been taken care of for decades. I assume it is owned by a local real estate company, but not entirely sure. My parents cleared out all the kudzu that was creeping into their yard and made a space that goes about five feet out along the length of the fence. They recently started planting some vegetables in this area since its not in use and it seems whoever owns it has no plans to do anything with it but I am concerned they could get into some legal trouble if company who owns it finds out they have this small garden back there. So the question is, can my parents get into serious trouble with this?
No, your parents I'm sure understand the risk. To find out who owns that parcel all you need to do is check with the Property tax appraisal office for that county, it's public information. In most states and counties you will find this information on line.
Q:I want to flip houses full time when I'm older (I'm a teen now). How should I go about it? Do I need to become an independent real estate agent? Do I need a 4 year college degree or just a few business classes? Thanks.
Do TONS of research before a deal. You need very very thorough inspections and you want to be familiar with some local contractors and know how much they will charge to fix each thing. It would be very helpful, although not required if you had a real estate license. The real estate commissions will eat up a big chunk of profits if you have to pay realtors every time. If you can process the transactions yourself, you basically earn commission on your own sales. Plus you can probably work as a realtor for other buyer and sellers in addition to doing your own houses that you are trying to flip. My other advice is to become familiar with general construction practices. If you can do some of the work yourself, you save money by not paying contractors to do it. I recommend some business management classes, some real estate classes, and if you can find them, some construction management classes.
Q:Also, would it be worth gaining a degree in interior design? My goal is to open a real estate/interior design company by 2013-2014. Would that company be profitable? Is it worth the time to gain a degree (A.A) in both? or should I focus only on one trade?
First up - selling real estate. Good real estate agents make money in all housing markets. A slumping housing market thins out the herd of people selling homes. Good agents continue to sell and make a living. Less than good ones move on. Do you think the housing market will remain strong forever once it recovers? If you don't think you have the skill set to develop into a good real estate agent then don't bother. Interior design is very project intensive. As long as you have projects in the pipeline then you can draw a sustainable income. If the projects dry up, then it becomes harder to earn a living. Now...any business is only as profitable as the hard work, talent and effort put into it. Running a business is hard work. The hours are long. Even working hard, smart and long hours does not guarantee success. I do think a real estate/interior design firm could be a good meld. Many people who buy homes are looking to renovate here and there. If you do a good job helping someone to buy a home, then you may have an edge if they want to remodel or simply can't decide how to furnish the place.
Q:i want to get into real estate but' know nothing about it..............can ..anybodytell me about it
If you are interested in selling real estate you have to be licensed. Depending on what state you are in that means about 90 hours of classes and a pretty difficult test. Investment-wise you are looking at roughly $1000 to get licensed. Once licensed my suggestion would be to find an experienced agent that you can work as an assistant to to get a leg up in the business.
Q:Ok is it possiable to get a job then buy a little crappy house and fix it up then sell it for more then its worth then after that keep buying bigger houses fix them up an just keep growing in size and money im 15 i been posting questions on a good career without college is this one and if so can some one teach me how real estate works ...thanks
Flipping houses is common practice in the real estate world.. But it is not as easy as one might think.. I suggest you take some real estate courses and learn the legal considerations that go with it... One feield to consider is real estate appraisal, then move into realtor feild and so on...
Q:I'm interested in how veterans of real estate investing broke into the market. I've read too many books and listened to too many seminars that pin your start on
Investing is long term criteria So whenever you think about investing in real estate you should consider all of the things comes under this. You should learn a lot, books, do some research,do contact with real estate business man who invested before some time. Must know about whole criteria where you can get profit.
Q:What kind of offense can prevent you from getting a texas real estate license?
Each state outlines what licenses in their state is allowed to do. You may not do much of anything unless you are working under the license of a Real Estate Broker from your state. I really don't know what a real estate person with a license is able to do in Texas. You have to check with your broker or find out from the state via the Internet or by making a telephone call to the Department of Real Estate, or what ever they call themselves in Texas. In California a licensed person may work as a property manager with a property management company. Property management company manage both residential properties as well as commercial properties. These property managers are paid a salary. They are assigned various task, so you might inquire as to what services you might be doing. Some inexperienced agents work for other agents called assistants until they have gained a little experience and then go on their own. The real estate agent pays them a small salary. These individuals hold open houses, collect signatures, take listings and other things that are outlined by the person for which they work. I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck. FIGHT ON
Q:Hey I'm New to investing and Real estate . I only have what I've learned from The books I've read and the Videos I've seen on YouTube on the subject of Wholesaling and Buying property seller finance.My question is Do you have any tips or tricks or guidance to help and starting Investor.Back Ground : I live in the suburbs of Detroit MI
There are some situations where you might be able to buy a property for no money down. Read up on double escrows. Since you are new to investing you might find a few low cost projects to work on, selling them successful or renting them. Keep pictures and an account of each property you do as well as the outcome, weather it sold or you kept if for a rental. This becomes your resume. Once you have done several of these, you might now place an ad in your local newspaper or real estate trade papers that you are seeking investors. You might also check for properties that are being sold where the owner is financing the property. If you get this property below market, at times you might be able to negotiate that the owner pay closing cost. Detroit might be a good place to work as there are many foreclosures and other distressed properties there. These are techniques, but you must understand the method in how to do these techniques to be successful as an investor. Because the technique is there you might not want to use the same technique for certain properties that you would buy. One of the things you might consider is finding the local real estate investment group in Detroit, Michigan and joining it. As a new investor you would be given hands on experience about the investment climate in Detroit. You might also find someone that might want to personally mentor you about real estate investing. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. FIGHT ON
Q:I'm interested in applying for a job as a Real Estate Agent. Tell me a summary of what it's all about, and what I could look forward to.
Real estate agents are knowledgeable about their local laws on the buying and selling of property. The geographical area that an agent works in is their area of expertise. They know trends within the local property market as well as what competitive prices are for the various properties their clients want to buy or sell. A real estate agent acts as the middleman, or broker, between two parties seeking to buy or sell a property. Real estate agents have the skill and expertise to either market the property and sell for the best possible price and conditions, or to look for property that suits a client's needs and buy it at the best price possible with the most favourable terms. Negotiation is a key part of the real estate agent's work, as they act as the intermediary between buyer and seller and will often negotiate on their client's behalf. Real estate agents will charge a percentage of the final sale price as their fee.
Q:should I take real estate classes to learn about real estate before I start flipping houses? I would like to buy, sale or rent houses
adequate, that is my PERSONAL opinion. right here is going: i could propose going for the bachelors. the revenue you have got now isn't terrible, however you might do SO MUCH BETTER with a 4 yr measure. and i am not announcing you must preserve schooling with masters or reputable reports- simply the bachelors measure. and you are going to be capable to avoid wasting up a lot more with the money you're making accordingly of your longer schooling. you are going to be capable to find the money for a good greater condo than you're on account that buying now. believe me- getting the bachelors is an high-quality notion.

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